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  1. Its about personality and body languages how you carry it not all looks people with beautiful soul and beautiful mind that last forever but looks fade.
  2. I had to wait 3 weeks I followed patch thread but yes had patience I just came back to sl started over. But their where 709 homes the moles and the linden worked very hard. People are getting excited about these homes more people want them they had to have all the staff on to do it they been working night and day. I understand but its two way street its like when you plan for a house in real gotta wait for the people to build it. But maybe they need to make it on weekend I heard many saying they had to work or people could not be online that time they may have to allow people to have reserved
  3. Everyone is on boats and balloons having a party in the water by the bay you can see it on the map.
  4. They will Surprise us when they are ready. They gotta eat and sleep take care them self first before they do anything they will get it done they are human just like we are.
  5. They probably doing more so their is enough for all. Someone told me was going to be today or yesterday I guess cross your fingers. I just came back to sl staying with friends til these houses show up. I know they have to do the magic take the time to make it nice don't want it slopped together they want it just right with the help of the linden and the moles. Those last finishing touches.
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