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  1. Stop initiating emails to her, only send her an email if she sends one to you first. In my opinion she simply got bored of him which is very common now days. People always looking for new exciting things.
  2. Its his avi.
  3. What time zone are you in? I can meet you in world over the weekend.
  4. I am one of those people who is frustrated by not being able to find clothes that are fairly modest and creative design. I have money to spend and would love to buy clothes more often but it has been a nightmare since the day I joined SL. I open a search window in my viewer and go to "places" tab, then I type clothes for women and get a long list of stores. So I start teleporting to each one starting at the top of the list. After visiting about 30 of them I end up with one or two items only. Most of them sell T&A clothes which is not my thing. Its hard to find stores that sell modest clothes because they are less popular.
  5. Cool. I have the v4.5 now. And more questions. Is there a tutorial on how to use the new hud? I mean its based on appliers system, right? And BoM doesn't use appliers anymore? I clicked the skins tab and tried to apply one of the skins from the hud and it made my head look weird. Lipstick also looks a bit funky. Am I missing something? A video or some kind of tutorial would be helpful. I searched youtube but the most recent video on catwa heads in there is from six months ago.
  6. Ok thank you very much.
  7. By upgrade to latest version you mean buy a new head? I did a redelivery a few days ago on my old head but it was still v4.0, and it looks like the BoM update starts with heads v4.5. Another quick question. If I use the Omega relays, the skins on the hud that came with old head will not work anymore, right? I can barely understand this BoM.
  8. Is there a BOM relay for Catwa heads that are older than v4.5? I am looking but can't find it. Thanks.
  9. If you get enough people to start let me know and I will join.
  10. At this rate half of the SL will be derendered in a month.
  11. Pardon me, I never heard of the save stick. What is it and how does it work?
  12. Save slots for alphas are gone? You know those things at the bottom of the old hud numbered 1-10?
  13. Actually I have a pretty good understanding of what he is going through because I am in the same situation and have been in it for years now. Have gone to a therapist for help, attempted to force myself to find myself or something to do like a hobby. But NOTHING WORKS. The only thing that helps me is being around people who care and who are there for me whenever I need them. That's why I said these advices on finding yourself or a hobby are totally useless if all you truly want is a human being.
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