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  1. In USA they ask all the time but they don't want to hear your honest answer, its just a pleasantry like hello. You are expected to reply "I am good thank you, how are you?" I personally ignore the question and just say hi or hello in reply.
  2. Maybe she thought title means a name or a nickname of some kind.
  3. I am just wondering.... those people who hate to be asked "how are you?" are not Americans? I live in usa, so I am not surprised or irritated when someone asks me how are you. I know this very common greeting is drilled into their heads almost since the day they are born. And since there are a lot of americans in SL then why are people so annoyed by this phrase?
  4. I will be in SL in 5 hours from now, can help with the inworld search.
  5. Why not go to inworld stores? Just make a list of all the major brands of mesh heads then type the names in search in world and go.
  6. What do you mean by you are done? Not going to look for mesh heads anymore?
  7. Yeah, takes a while to get a hang of MP.
  8. Yes realistic arm length and PROPER HIP WIDTH. What is this ridiculous obsession with giant hips now days. The upper body looks disproportionate to lower body. Genetic mutants.
  9. I think you are sexy and I want to date you.
  10. I didn't know partnered people are only suppose to talk to their partners and no one else.
  11. Oh they'll see you logging in and out anyway, even if you are in invisible mode. And it will irritate them because on their list it will show that you are offline, so they will assume you are hiding. Everyone knows about this option unless they are only couple days old in SL.
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