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  1. Perhaps but it really came up as a poster may have been saying Bagnu was bad for perpetrating the stereotype of the sexed up women or the sexed up sex worker or however it was worded. I do not see SL as the problem that could really hurt women as to me it's just fantasies and, to me, I see aspects of women's attire from the past that make me reflect on things but it can not actually do damage to me to be dressed up "whorish" or "sexed up" or stereotyped or whatever in SL. I said the exploitation of women in real life is what really has done the damage. Second Life is fantasy and dress up an
  2. Not leaving my house. Afraid to order groceries. Made some strange concoction with tuna and peas I doubt my dog would even eat.
  3. I suggest starting a new topic FairreLilette, as this is interesting. Maybe one named Definitions Of Beauty - Oppression And Benefits. We could include men in the discussion too. I'm terribly busy in RL but would check back in most definitely.
  4. 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷 💤💤💤💤💤
  5. U ever hear that old song where at one point the guy sings in a way low johnny cash voice BIG BAD JOHN?? As I read this thread I keep hearing BIG BAD BAGNU. 😂😂🙈 ,,,,puts down the wine
  6. Look, guys, here's my 2 cents. If ya don't like a person then block them. If you don't, and keep arguing, you're just as guilty. You want your enemy, you enjoy the arguing. So stop complaining and making it a them thing cause it's a you thing.
  7. superPeeve: I come back to this place to finish a good discussion with someone and the whole thread is missing!
  8. man is getting bad, and i mean bad, around here. hurry up vaccine
  9. Yep, can only take so much of a gay and sex basher. Tv time.
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