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  1. I'm looking for work, I'm able to work as any position might be available, you can IM me at RavenWinterbottom
  2. Hi, I know this post is very old but I was wondering if it's still active?
  3. I need some work, I'm new to second life and I'm looking for a way to make some lindens. Please let me know if you have any work available, in good with modeling jobs, doctor jobs, dancing job, roleplay. To be honest I'm good with any work as long as I can do it and will give me some lindens. Please let me know.
  4. im interested in this job (as long as it pays okay)
  5. Hi there! I am looking to rent a cheap house, I am new to the game and want my own private space but am unable to buy premium right now. It would be preferable if the house was animations on the furniture (doesn't have to be naughty) please let me know where I could rent a house like this for very cheap.
  6. My name in SL is Raven Winterbottom. In Sl, I am over 18 years old. In SL I am a female, I am a female in real life too. I joined SL a few days ago but I am pretty good at it. I do have experience with medical roleplay, I used to roleplay in a hospital. I am certain that I will work hard and try to bring success to the company. To the team, I will bring my hard work, positive attitude, and experience. I am looking to apply for the role of a doctor. My best shifts would be on Mondays 7-8pm(U.S irl time) Tuesdays 5-7, Wednesdays 8-9, thrusdays5-7 Fridays 3-5 all of them are in irl U.S time zone.
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