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  1. Thank you! I would love that and I'll IM u when i get back on this week
  2. im new to second life and I would like to expand my portfolio. im looking for male and female. this is volunteer work only. all models will get a copy of photo and will be posted on my Instagram along with their Instagram tagged upon approval. https://www.flickr.com/photos/ink-me-photography-by-naidiya/
  3. Join my discord https://discord.gg/r4stpWT
  4. Hey everyone! For those of you who's still interested here's my discord male and female can join its to keep everyone in loop about future projects https://discord.gg/r4stpWT
  5. I have all the models i need now. Anyone after this post i will not be adding until further notice
  6. Good morning dolls! So far i have 2 lovely ladies for this shoot need a few more so we can set a date, also il be hosting a meet and greet so IM me ur availability so we can all get to know each other. can't wait! So far i have the following races: JessieBri kellman- Caucasian NrlHnh- Asian Still need: African Indian Native American Hispanic Middle Eastern Remember these races can be male or female. I would like to add some male models if possible for variety
  7. Im interested i love art and I know about different styles of art as well.
  8. Hey everyone! My first photo will be a group photo the theme will be "Diversity" so ill need the following models Asian, African, Indian, Native American, Caucasians, Hispanic, & Middle Eastern. This will be a nude photo so please use some form of head dress, markings and/or hair to distinguish between these races. Male and female can join if interested say "I"😁
  9. Thank you all for your interest. Please check this topic periodically for updates & feedback. I may add a few themes to this topics and yall can pick which ever one you're interested and possibly give me feedback on what would/wouldn't be great for a photo & what yall want to see made 😊
  10. Im new to second life. I migrated from IMVU. I am a photographer looking to build portfolio. If you have an sl Instagram i will be happy to tag you in your photo i created. You will also get a copy of your pic *this is not a paying job* volunteers only
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