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  1. I thought I was just remembering incorrectly that the 'original' Wallower seemed to have different decor options than the newer ones. I was wondering why I couldn't get a newer Wallower to look 'right' when I landed one recently, and this must be why. Glad it's not simply me losing my marbles (though still not ruling that out as a possibility!)
  2. It's here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Puffin Head/30/31/23
  3. Well, then. Completely against all my expectations, it looks very much like I will be relocating from Newbrooke to Sakura when it comes out because, good grief, these regions are pretty! I'm quietly 'heart-eyes-ing' at the 512 houses because they look like wonderful living spaces for those of us favouring smaller homes. Loving the soundscapes too. Nicely done, LL!
  4. If I recall correctly (and I might not, brain is getting flakey around the edges these days!), rotation was an option in the Campers and in one of the log-homes. Who knows, maybe they'll consider it for this one too. I will *hope* for a happy surprise, but won't be devastated if it doesn't happen!
  5. So, I've finally visited the display region, and find the 1024 houses all a bit big for my preferences. Of the 512, Ender is my favourite, the perfect size and layout for me but I do wish the tall window at the foot of the stairs was actually a door because, with the house running almost the full width of the middle of the parcel, you pretty much lose access to half your garden otherwise. A door instead of a window here would make so much more sense for the way the house sits on the parcel. Unless, the house can be rotated, maybe?
  6. I remember previous big releases going in alphabetical order of region name, I wonder if this one will be similar
  7. tricksy little Moleses and Lindenses, are we thinking? 😄
  8. For me, my being Gemini says more about my complete inability to stay in one place longer than about six weeks, than my choice of home!
  9. If it is beach houses, and it certainly looks promising for that, then I agree with another poster in another thread that it wouldn't be fitting for there to be landlocked ones, so I'm wondering if the region layouts would be inspired by something like that palm-shaped man-made archipelago in Dubai, maybe?
  10. The wonderful outdoor noises in the camper and Victorian regions are my favourite details! The birdsong, the flowing water, all of it. Love it!
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