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  1. We will see... I hope it is successful because I bought my bf one also with the promise I'd set it up for him. Wish me luck. fingers crossed
  2. uummmmm... ok... I'm going into the wardrobe system anyway. I really hope it helps me to see what I have.
  3. I'm just wondering are there free photo studios I could use that have a few different backdrops? or... Are free photo studios not a thing in sl? ty
  4. i had no idea you could color code folders on firestorm. I will do that myself! For inventory... I have folders made in a way where I can find things. I have ea folder for BODY, FASHION, FOOD, THINGS I DON'T USE OFTEN... Then I have several sub folders like in fashion I have HAIR, SHOES, FORMAL DRESSES, CASUAL DRESSES, COSTUMES. Then I have many more sub folders in those. That said my inventory is completely out of control because i have too much stuff and I keep buying more. So... I do have the (CTS) Wardrobe which I highly recommend if you have a lot of stuff.
  5. Thank you! I tried the other day checking out HANGARY but they didn't have exactly what I wanted. LOVE the fries!
  6. Does anyone know where I can find large milkshakes, smoothies, coffees that avi can hold beyond what marketplace has? I"m not seeing exactly what I want on mp.
  7. I did not check them... But, I will look now. ty
  8. Ty... I will check into the omega relays now on mp.
  9. Is it possible to get a skin that works for all 3 of these things? I would like a skin to work for my: - Catwa head - AK head - and Maitreya body It is matters... I need a light skin... I've looked all over. I do have a hard time with skins more than anyone else. Can anyone help me with this that knows of a skin that will work with all 3 I have listed? Thank you
  10. There is a shopping event now for CRYSTAL HEART ACADEMY... I was not wanting to know about the shopping event itself. What I would like to know is... Is there a 'magic' type school in sl that kinda has the vibe of the CRYSTAL HEART ACADEMY event? A school kinda like Harry Potter but in sl? If there is one can you give me the name or location please?
  11. I may have passed this one. I will go back and do a demo. ty
  12. Thank you... I have not heard of these. I will for sure go today! I appreciate the specific store name to help me out.
  13. Looking for specific type of ao for female... There was an ao I saw other day i loved. I asked girl what her ao was called. But, she only said VISTA and that was all. The avi looked like she was fidgeting a lot which I like and want. But, the main action I saw that I wish to have is... The avi was grabbing her heel from the back, wrapping her hand around the heel on the shoe and the avi balanced like that for quite a few seconds. Does anyone know of any ao that do this? I've looked at all of the standing poses from Vista Animations, Gaeline creations and TUTY including ch
  14. Thank you SerraWeckerly and Chic Aeon I took notes on what you said.
  15. Is there a way to adjust camera so it does not move up and and with every step the avi takes? The camera is moving a lot and I wish for it to be smoother. I am ultra new to firestorm so any suggestions are helpful
  16. I'm ready to buy... I've only seen the demo for the CATWA naughty lollipop and I do like it. Can anyone recommend any others I should look at? I wish there to be some type of motion like the avi is sucking on the lollipop. I have a Catwa head and lara body.
  17. um... well maybe if you can share what questions specifically you would ask if you were me that would help. Because I did put 2 pictures in the original post. I also stated the dress could be old world style or modern, puffy, over the top and that I was shopping for several colors so color was not an issue. Don't know what else I could add to the information because I did include the images of what I'm seeking.
  18. I have looked for hours with way more than half of those key words. I will try a few more but was hoping for some specific dress store names.
  19. I'm wanting to buy a few short dresses that can be used for fantasy type locations. I'd like some in a few different colors. The images are the basic style I'm looking for which is short, over the top and puffy. Dresses do not have to be a corset dress and can be old world style or modern. I've looked on mp very extensively already. I'm hoping there are some places I can look at inworld. Or maybe there is a specific designer on mp I have not seen?
  20. I'd like help finding these twinkle lights or something simiar. I've already been to the location inword in sl and made several friends help me look. There is no way it seems to pull up the product info. And I can't find this 'style' twinkle lights. I'd like twinkle lights that look non-perfect the way they are hung if possible like the ones in the pic.
  21. I took a snaphot of me and my bf INWORLD. Then I had snapshot sent to my email. How do I get snapshot back in my inventory so I can put it on my apartment wall? ty
  22. I have been on the lookout for different types of costumes for different role plays (nothing specific, I'm into many different things). Do you have a favorite place where you like to shop for costumes.
  23. I'm still kinda new... I have never used firestorm on my new computer. My firestorm viewer seems to need to be set up still. The camera angle, avi movement, etc are very different than what I'm used to from the original viewer. QUESTION... Do you have suggestions on specific utube videos that would help me go through the set up. Right now to be honest the camera set up on firestorm is so off I can't use it. The camera angle is so 'off' that I can't control the avi correctly and have no sense of direction. I'm open to watching any utube videos for help with recommended settings.
  24. Are there any free traditional looking ADULT houses at locations with ADULT furniture open to the public? Also... Can anyone recommend ADULT school locations in SL? I know about the popular university location (can't think if the name now) but my bf and I keep being kicked out because we have too much script. I'm just looking for any type of school setting that is ADULT. thank you
  25. I was wondering about that. Ok... I will try it. thank u for sharing.
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