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  1. I actually did find my friend by using the calling card folder. But, I want to thank everyone for their advise on this matter.
  2. If anyone knows specific locations where I can find Asian inspired full body tattoos please tell me... I've been to around 7 tattoo places and have seen some full body tattoos but none have been Asian inspired. Thanks for any help.
  3. I was on a role deleting stuff. And I deleted one person I did not mean to. Can anyone tell me how to view possible chats from 7 days ago where I may be able to see his full screen name? I can use firestorm or the original viewer. I am using windows 10 on a pc. Thank you ahead of time for any help.
  4. Thank you everyone for the info. I've been looking for demos and the reason I was interested in the empire brand is because they worked. Except the color didn't work from my hud. Im in that learning curve time. And unfortunately not all empire nail sets I've seen have demos which makes me hesitant to buy. But, everyones information is very helpful. Thank you!
  5. i did not notice that. I can look at vista hands i guess. I'm not seeing this shape nail i this length for bento hands unless im missing it
  6. I am using Bento hands with a Maitreya body I have found the nails I want... EMPIRE nails https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/EMPIRE-Nails-DEMO/12026669 These EMPIRE nails are exactly what I want. I would like to know from anyone... Can I use the nail colors on my Maitreya HUD? I'm not seeing how to color them different nail colors?
  7. I've never liked my classic head. Is there such a thing as an EASY head to work with that includes all basics needed? I'm not looking for anything fancy. I'd need a head that is 'easy' to match skin color with on my Lara body. And I'd like to be able to use the hair I've already purchased. It has been stated that LeLutka heads also include Glam Affair appliers that match with those in the Maitreya HUD. Is this true?
  8. I totally saved... 'Mesh AND socks NOT demo will return mesh socks, but not anything with the word "demo" in the name or description.' I've been wondering how to stop 'demos' from showing in mp. ty again!!
  9. Thanks for the info. Still learning to use mp. Your info is useful. ty!
  10. I do my own thing but would be interested in the forum Cartel group. How would I find this group? I'm kinda new... Would I look in sl using the 'search' feature? Or, is there a link u can give me? ty
  11. I'm in the process of looking for a new home. I've looked at a couple different brand homes. Can anyone recommend a designer/ company that makes cool looking detailed homes? I've looked at BAZAR homes which are my favorite so far, I really like BAZAR brand designer/ homes and look. -I like at least 2 - 3 bedrooms - Some examples of what I like is the 'Arizona' style home, beach/ coastal, Frank Lloyd Wright and or cape cod style homes. - Not really looking for a 'castle' style home. Are there home brands anyone would like to recommend are cool and or unique looking? I
  12. I'm dealing with the nails now... Can you tell me if I still need to worry about hiding the 'build in maitreya nails' if I am using 'bento hands? Also... Am I just missing it? Or is there a way to make bento nails extra long which is what I want from somewhere on the hud? Or do i have to buy extra long nails? I'm just wondering before I start buying nails. thanks
  13. Thank you for the comment abut bento hands because I was not sure about that.
  14. I'm attaching a pic of someone elses avi.. I do have a Mara mesh body. Can anyone tell me how/ where to get long fancy finger nails like in the screenshot please?
  15. Thank you... I will try the dragging it down to the ground which i have not done yet. And... Yes I do have one in which the box is empty. Even though I wrote to the creator and stated it was empty nothing was done to fix it. I will try one more time. If nothing is fixed I will flag on mp.
  16. This has happened to me about 5 times with clothing items from market place. When I'm in my home, I press the box of my new purchase. But, the box does not open and there is nothing in inventory. What does this mean? Is there something obvious I'm missing?
  17. I just bought the Xcite! X4 - The Jasmine Bundle (***** & HUD)... Details... I have a Maitreya body, I use windows 7 and I use the classic viewer. I do not use firestorm. By the end of the week I will switch to windows 10 and using firestorm. Hair... I've looked on the 'official' Jasmine help site but can't seem to locate hair. Does the Jasmine include it? If someone knows can they tell me what exactly its listed under on the Jasmine help site? Maybe I'm just missing it. Color... Part of the reason I was asking about hair is I was thinking the 'incorrect' skin col
  18. Hi.. Nice to see you again... Its preferred to use a separate bento head. It seems there were issues matching the skin of the bento head that was created to the rest of the mesh body. Last time I got a mesh body there was not issue with this. But, last time I used a classic head. Don't know if this made a difference in things being 'easier' to match between the head and rest of body or not.
  19. I was looking for some specific suggestion by those who may have first hand experience to share. And yes you are correct, I do have a body and head. And they do work properly. ty
  20. Which mesh body is the most easy to find the greatest amount of clothing for? Thank you
  21. I'm looking for the most easy complete MALE mesh body to get started. It's preferred to not have separate hands and feet. And i'd prefer not too many skins. There has been an issue with skin and getting the skin to match the separate BENTO head to the rest of the body.
  22. Ethan... With all due respect you have replied to a few fashion posts I have but have not given specific helpful info about specific stores. The reason I posted is because I was seeking help. If you can help great. If you can't, don't know or think my question is ignorant then simply don't reply instead of questioning my sanity asking. To be clear I have looked and was not finding a whole lot. If you found 22202 matches that is great, I did not find that many.
  23. I actually searched for the answer for this on google, searched and used the 'search' feature on sl... Are there places beyond MP, free dove and free galaxy where I can locate some free pieces of clothing for a mesh body? I did get a few pieces from MP that are nice and one dress from free dove that is great. Also bought some pieces from mp that are good. But, I'm on the lookout for more.
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