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  1. I am new. What is the most easy direct way I can get to firestorm?
  2. I was having several issues with my avatar in the newbie room. I originally went into the newbie room because: 1. avatar started walking different. And I could not figure out why. 2. avatar feet were 'floating' on top of her shoes. When I went into the newbie room the help person finally went into the fitting room with me. He said something like, 'Your avatar is all messed up. You should read everything about your avatar before you mess with the settings. There is a lot wrong with it. You have 2 heads on, your avatar is in 'idle' and you have been 'messing' with the outfit
  3. My avatar feet continue floating on top of her shoes. Can anyone advise on how to fix this?
  4. I changed my avatars pants type and color today. I'm using a classic body with no mesh. Ever since I changed the pants... 1. the avatar has stopped walking with as much sway in her hips 2. The avatars arms don't sway anymore 3. When I press the down arrow she will not turn around and walk toward me 4. Now she only walks backward when I press the down arrow.
  5. I appreciate you trying to answer my question... But, I did try to be as clear as possible while still being a new person. If the 'rating' of the items I'm trying to open can be opened in 'any sandbox' I did not know. That was the basis for my question. My title 'suggests' I struggled opening the content because I in fact did. I'm not 'unsure' if I had a problem opening the boxes. I know I had a problem. The items may be located somewhere I'm simply not viewing because I'm still learning the system. As far as the items I bought... I did state in the original post, 'clothing items from
  6. Thanks... I do always answer in text. Usually its a club person saying 'welcome to the club'. I will check out the white dot thing. I think I was just surprised when a real person said something to me in real voice. I was not expecting it.
  7. I've watched so many videos and tried to read several articles on sandboxes and I'm still confused... Is there a sandbox that is easy to get to and will open most things? I'm new... What does it mean to clean up the sandbox? Are there open boxes or something that need to be deleted?
  8. I went to the destination where newbies can get help. I can't remember the name if it right now. When I went a SL help person helped me find a fitting room to open inventory I bought for free. I tried very hard to only buy things that were meant for a classic body. But, I think out of everything I got only 3-4 items opened. Everything else I did not see. Are there any suggestions for why this may have happened? I know I bought 10 things. Is it possible I can't open everything in the newbie destination that are clothing items from the adult section?
  9. In the mist of my strolling in and out of clubs I noticed about 3 club people spoke to me with RL voice when I entered. I don't wish to speak in voice at all ever. Is it to be understood that if someone speaks to you in voice that I must also speak in voice? I have read over the rules at different clubs about this and it seems to me that you only have to speak in voice during sex acts. So, the way I'm understanding it - it seems it is ok for me on only answer in text when I enter a club and for my entire stay there as long as I do not have sex with anyone... Am I correct
  10. Well... We can agree to disagree... Because I am surprised I got ejected. And I would normally not consider a SL establishment in a game to have the same rules, etc as a RL establishment. But, now I am aware. I'm used to other games that are simply not as detailed. I can tell your advanced where as I am far from and am trying to get a grip on the basics. There is a lot.
  11. Such a nice offer... I know next to nothing... Would a have a room? I'm asking because I'm so very new I don't understand the details of how things like this are done. I appreciate your help.
  12. How would I find Chinati, Heterocera? Would I use the 'search' box? Or is there a better way?
  13. The video was about 1 month old. I came across the purple place by accident. But, I did get ejected because I started dancing on a pole. I thought it was ok because it was not in the main part of the room and thought the program would block me if it was not ok.
  14. I'm very new... About 5 days old on SL... I saw a video showing these strip clubs. The youtube video I watched is only a month old so these clubs should be recent. Can anyone tell me how to get to these? I've never seen them on the 'destinations' section. And when I use the 'search' feature its not locating these places either. 1. La Maison 2. Image 1.png 1a.png the name was not stated and I could not see any names in the club. Is it called MANAGERS? 3. Bishes club 4. Plush
  15. Are there any free apartments or free places to live?
  16. I'm very new... A few days ago I did see an option somewhere that was a 'slider.' And it had to do with if I want the game to upload as high res or low res. I wish for the game to be uploaded LOW res. But, now I can't find the slider to control this. Can anyone help me with uploading the game in LOW res please? Please to help me... Please explain in a way that someone would understand who knows next to zero about SL.
  17. My avatar did dance one time before at a club. Would I still have that file somewhere in my history so I can make her dance like that again? Or, once she stops dancing there is no more?
  18. Are there certain jobs I should be looking at more for a classic body? I don't know when I'm going to get to change to a mesh body.
  19. I see some avatars who seem to know many more dance moves than others. Is there a reason for this? Are there dance classes or skill which can be bought?
  20. I have searched for this answer on google, this site and youtube... I'm not finding anything. One club I was at I simple double clicked on the area and she started dancing. That was the last time that worked. I'm largely interested in dancing. Is there an easy way to make my avatar dance? Please explain in a way that a very new beginner person to SL can understand who has little knowledge of SL terms used, etc.
  21. Thanks again for all the information. Its pretty hard to scare me in forums... I'm a member of a notoriously ultra harsh forum on the internet - but - I have to use it for the industry I work in... lol... It will take a bit of time to understand everything involved. I had no idea there was so much to learn before starting. I will take your recommendations. I was leaning toward taking the easy way out and paying to have a base model avatar made. But, I will try to deal with the free ones first. There is a person who contacted me from a club last night. He said he gives a free me
  22. Is there a way to locate sex clubs not listed under 'destinations?" I'm very new. Any information appreciated.
  23. I did not know there was an adult section because I didn't look down far enough. I'm new. If there is a way to delete post let me know please and I'll move it to the adult section.
  24. I know this can be a sensitive subject. But, I do need some help because I'm new. Right now I do have a classic non-mesh body. Changing the body right to a mesh body is a bit confusing for me. I may be able to handle changing it when I'm not so new. Is there a way I can do anything at all with the female genital area to make it look 'better' with a classic body for free? What I tried to do... I did buy genital hair from FREE DOVE. It seems like it would work. But, when I added it the avatar it ended up looking like a pair of underwear. I did not see any controls to contro
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