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  1. I do offer avi makeover services for a fee.  If you wish you can contact me inworld and can schedule a free consult about what u need/ want.  sandra8675

  2. 1 hour ago, norajulian said:

    Vespertine and Dust Bunny both have “small spaces” kitchen sets. However, Hive  has a couple of kitchens that I’m obsessed with that are easily modifiable. Consignment might also be a good option for a great modular kitchen. 

    also, to add: The kitchen in the photo is Trompe’s Finley Kitchen: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Trompe-Loeil-Finley-Kitchenette-PG-V11-mesh/8438099

    Don’t let the blue scare you - there are color options within a menu. 

    that does look like the one in the pic i have!  i don't know why it didn't come up when i was searching for kitchens.  i really wish mp would improve their search.  or maybe its just me.  ty

  3. I really need something neutral colored.  And I'd like a wood top counter.  I've looked at apple falls, nutmeg, Trompe Loeil...  If u have any suggestions please let me know.  This is what i'd like something similar too color wise and design wise. 

    The image in the pic is by Trompe Loeil which i can't find on mp.  And on the Trompe Loeil im only seeing houses.  if anyone knows if there is a different Trompe Loeil sim where there is furniture please let me know.




  4. i do not know how much your interested on spending.  But...  VISTA has a new couple ao coming out this weekend.  It has hand holding, arms around waist when u walk, etc...  Its sale price will be $1500L.  But...  if your looking for a 'friend' hug and kiss i don't know that this would work for u.  u can check it out though.



  5. Thank you both for your comments.  I feel knowing what I know now based on what u stated...  I will control the dance speed if i must in the editing process.  It seems a little easier for me at least to go faster or slower in editing verses firestorm controls.  But...  I wish to thank u both again for clearing this up for me.  Take care

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  6. Is there a way to sync the avi in firestorm to dance to MY choice of song?  I'm trying to make videos which include some dance.  But, I can't figure out how to sync the dance to my choice of music.  So...  I've been adding my choice of music in while in editing process.  It seems to have worked out ok.  But...  is there a better way to sync avi to song I want?

  7. UPDATE ON WHAT WORKED...  I'm not a big computer person at all.  But...  I did find out by accident...  If i go into EDIT...  Again the arrows are not visible for me.  I can see the lines but not the arrows.  So...  If I use the wheel on the mouse in EDIT mode...  And I scroll way way way out...  I will see finally be able to see the arrows.  In the small white outline of a box that IS visible I can then use arrow keys to position the hud.

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  8. Can anyone tell me in the most simple way possible how i can move the LARA BODY hud?  I did something yesterday and the hud position got messed up somehow.  The EDIT and MOVE feature does not work.  I'm not able to view the arrows at all.  2nd...  If i find the HUD in INVENTORY and RIGHT CLICK and ATTACH HUD IN THIS POSITION...  Many times the position is out of my view.  There is one position from that option in center of screen which i obviously don't want.

    Is there a simple way a child can understand how i can move this thing?  ty

  9. 3 minutes ago, Chic Aeon said:

    Something in these videos may help --- there are four in all.  Did you add the item to your Marketplace listings from WITHIN THE VIEWER?   That seems to be what the error message is suggesting. To me anyway. 



    I did add it from the firestorm viewer inventory.  I was following some youtube video directions.  I did get a posting number that appeared in the mp listing box in firestorm which i thought meant it was 'connected' to mp.  Then I went in mp and opened the MERCHANT HOME and MANAGE LISTINGS.  Then i went to EDIT to filling out the info on the listing, add pics, etc.  Again I was following a video for doing it for a 'body shape'.

  10. I have never posted in marketplace before nor do I know anymore who has.  I made a shape I wish to post in MP for $0L.  I've read many things on charges and watched a few videos on posting items. 

    I'm a little confused about 2 things:


    1.  Do I need to create a store before I can post anything for sale for $0L? 

    2.  Does it cost something for a store to be created on MP?


  11. On 4/6/2020 at 11:19 AM, FairreLilette said:

    Look at the original Gacha photograph to see all that it offers.  The Gacha skins I've bought (pre-BOM) included body appliers.

    However, I don't know what you mean by FACE SKIN APPLIERS?  Do you mean a skin for the face?  

    Yet, just because the ones I bought included body appliers doesn't mean one that you buy will...to know for sure, you need to do what Cindy said...ask the creator or the merchant selling the second hand Gacha.  

    This is interesting because it usually does not occur to me the face skin gatcha will include a body applier.  I will for sure be writing to the seller and questioning this in the future.  I've always curious about this.  Because I have seen many gatcha skins I have liked a lot but been scared to buy because the 'brand' is not obvious.  And u know...  i want to avoid that dreaded 'wearing the collar' to cover the line on the neck thing.  smile

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  12. First I wish to ask if there is any free nice GENUS head skin out there.  2nd...  Are there any cheaper type nice GENUS skins I can look for?  GENUS is very new to me so i appreciate the help.

    Please note...  Looking for more info than...  'look on MP.'

  13. I just added this FREE AVI ROBERT today.

    Can anyone tell me if I can still add a static or any type of separate mesh head to the FREE AVI ROBERT body?

    Also, can anyone recommend a male static head from any of the larger stores like LAQ, CATWA, GENUS, etc.?  I would like to stick under $1,000L for a nice static head if possible.

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