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  1. Changing the avi body is a very new situation...  Having some issues...

    Hair...  Does the JAKE male body come with body hair?  Or is it sold separate?  Omega appliers have already been purchased with Jake body, thought the appliers would include body hair.  Or, is body hair something that has to be purchased separate?  If so can anyone make any suggestions of what works well with the JAKE body?

    Catwa head...  Can't get the Catwa head color/ tone to match the new JAKE body color/ tone.  No matter what I always see a line on the neck making it obvious the color does not match.  Is there a way to fix this?

    Thank you for any and all help.



  2. Hi...  I'm still kinda new.  I did find the SLINK mainstore last night but it took me forever in the search.  I always have a hard time finding things in search.


    Can you help me by giving me the actual link to where I can find the following male bodies? 

    Or...  Can you tell me the exact name of the store so I can locate where these bodies are for sale it in the search in world?


    Signature Gianni 

    Belleza Jake 

    TMP  (Deluxe Male ) 


    I prefer to go in world because I'd like to look around at other stuff also, get a demo, etc.  thank you

  3. I'm still very very new to furniture.  I do have a house I rent.  When my avi is holding the furniture I can see it.  But, I can't get the furniture to drop.  I also can't drag the furniture down to the ground.  My bf checked our prims on the house and we are doing fine.  So, its not that we are low on prims. 

    Note...  don't know if this makes a difference.  But, furniture is mesh furniture.  And I did just purchase it from store.  I'm using the original viewer.  The window always says the same thing...  CAN'T DROP MESH ATTACHMENTS.  DETACH TO INVENTORY THEN REZ IN WORLD. 

    I appreciate any help.  I've tried to search for answers online and can't seem to figure out what the problem is.

  4. Thank you everyone for the info.  I've been looking for demos and the reason I was interested in the empire brand is because they worked.  Except the color didn't work from my hud.  Im in that learning curve time.  And unfortunately not all empire nail sets I've seen have demos which makes me hesitant to buy.  But, everyones information is very helpful.  Thank you!

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  5. On 5/9/2019 at 7:39 AM, Rhonda Huntress said:

    You can search Market Place for "Maitreya Bento Nails" or similar terms to find some compatible with your current hands.



    Maybe these in the shorter length?


    They have a demo version  you can try first to see if they suit you

    [edited again to add ...]

    I searched for "Maitreya almond bento nails" and it looks more like what you are after.  Hope it helps.



  6. 1 hour ago, Cindy Evanier said:

    that demo says its for vista hands not Maitreya hands do you have vista hands?

    i did not notice that.  I can look at vista hands i guess.  I'm not seeing this shape nail i this length for bento hands unless im missing it

  7. I've never liked my classic head.

    Is there such a thing as an EASY head to work with that includes all basics needed?  I'm not looking for anything fancy.  I'd need a head that is 'easy' to match skin color with on my Lara body.  And I'd like to be able to use the hair I've already purchased.

    It has been stated that LeLutka heads also include Glam Affair appliers that match with those in the Maitreya HUD.  Is this true? 

  8. 3 minutes ago, Rhonda Huntress said:

    You can do an in world search for "The Forum Cartel" and the top two listings should be the group and a LM to the hangout.

    Also, I just sent you a group invite.  You should see it when you log on.

    Welcome to the cartel ;)


    Ty so much!

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  9. 3 minutes ago, Alyona Su said:

    Hey, we all had to learn at one time. I always try to remember the frustrations I had myself, so I am happy to help in any way I can!

    Here are some Market Place search tips: using "boolean" operators: AND, OR, NOT, "" (Quotes)...

    Red AND blue AND socks AND mesh will return only red and blue mesh socks (both red and blue on the same socks).

    Red OR Blue AND socks will return either red or blue socks that may or may not be mesh.

    Mesh AND socks NOT demo will return mesh socks, but not anything with the word "demo" in the name or description.

    "Pink Polka Dot Purple Undies" - will return only items that have the *exact* phrase in the item name or description.

    It always works best to use OR statements before any AND statements and put NOT statements last. For example:

    red OR blue OR pink OR omega AND lipstick AND catwa NOT demo [and then turn on COPY checkbox to remove all Gachas, then sort by Newest First to find the latest stuff] :D

    I totally saved...  'Mesh AND socks NOT demo will return mesh socks, but not anything with the word "demo" in the name or description.'  I've been wondering how to stop 'demos' from showing in mp.  ty again!!

  10. 4 minutes ago, Alyona Su said:

    Your preference for style and design is your own and that will vary wildly among the population. So, therefore, I recommend you search Market Place for "prefab" and you will get thousands of hits. I further recommend to turn on COPY checkbox then sort by NEWEST FIRST. If you specifically want only mesh creations, then search for (without quotes) prefab AND mesh - that will get you only results that include "mesh" in the description.

    Then start flipping through what you see, open a new tab for any thumbnail that looks somewhat interesting. After you've gone to 5 to 10 pages of results and have a list of 10 to 15 homes to preview, that's when you look at each detail page. Don't buy it, yet, though - close the tabs of the ones that don't make the cut for you, and for those that still look interesting hit the "See item in Second Life" link to TP and preview the home in-world.

    If there is no way to preview the home, scratch it off your list (seriously, do this as fast as you can).

    If you do find one you like, look to see if there is a "DEMO FOOTPRINT" that you can get for free. The better home and building designers will create this - a prim floor-plan that you can place on your parcel to be sure it will fit. When you find the home you want to buy, buy it from Market Place if possible. Sure, they may offer a CasperVend redelivery terminal and such, but, Market Place is more reliable as that is the SL system keeping track of it. Not to mention you can leave reviews and so on.

    Good luck and happy house-hunting!

    Thanks for the info.  Still learning to use mp.  Your info is useful.  ty!

  11. On 4/21/2019 at 10:08 AM, Elora Lunasea said:

    Most people I know personally are well over the 40 mark including myself (like, way over it in fact) although I'm not in-world very much and when I am, I'm more into doing my own thing for the most part.

    However, I'll suggest that The Forum Cartel Group is a great place to meet people in general - we have a diverse group of people and there are a lot of older members. I know, because I've been in the group since it's inception and that's like umm, 12 years ago, close to 12 years? Many of us haven't been shy about sharing our ages (more or less lol). The group tries to do get-together events periodically. There is a "hangout" where people pop and and out of. My partner DJ's there and I believe he has another gig lined up sometime in May, or may do it elsewhere for group members. The last one drew a nice crowd, everyone is friendly and chatty and you certainly would be welcomed as we're very "newbie" friendly.

    The in-world group chat is usually quite busy also - and can range from intelligent and useful info to ridiculous silly banter. 

    If you are looking for like-minded friends it may be a good place to start. Nearly every person I'm friendly with in SL came from meeting them through the Cartel, or an off-shoot of it. 

    I do my own thing but would be interested in the forum Cartel group.  How would I find this group?  I'm kinda new...  Would I look in sl using the 'search' feature?  Or, is there a link u can give me?  ty

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  12. I'm in the process of looking for a new home.  I've looked at a couple different brand homes.  Can anyone recommend a designer/ company that makes cool looking detailed homes?  I've looked at BAZAR homes which are my favorite so far, I really like BAZAR brand designer/ homes and look. 

    -I like at least 2 - 3 bedrooms 

    - Some examples of what I like is the 'Arizona' style home, beach/ coastal, Frank Lloyd Wright and or cape cod style homes.

    - Not really looking for a 'castle' style home.

    Are there home brands anyone would like to recommend are cool and or unique looking?  I appreciate any suggestions.  Thank you

  13. 2 hours ago, Sagadin said:

    You are welcome! And if you wear bento nails you also need to hide the built in nails on the maitreya hands -- there is a spot to click somewhere on the body HUD to hide the nails.

    I'm dealing with the nails now...  Can you tell me if I still need to worry about hiding the 'build in maitreya nails' if I am using 'bento hands?  Also...  Am I just missing it?  Or is there a way to make bento nails extra long which is what I want from somewhere on the hud?  Or do i have to buy extra long nails?  I'm just wondering before I start buying nails.  thanks

  14. 11 hours ago, Sagadin said:

    You will most likely want nails that attach to your Matreiya Lara (is that the body you mean?) body's bento hands as opposed to applier nails. SlackGirl used to have some free ones available as gifts if you want to try some out without spending anything.

    Thank you for the comment abut bento hands because I was not sure about that.

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  15. 23 hours ago, Alyona Su said:

    Just for the record: ALL prims, mesh, sculpties, anything that has anything in its content can always be dragged to the floor, right-click to choose OPEN, then click the button that says "Copy to Inventory". *Everything, including those annoying attachable shopping bags, unpacker HUDS, everything.

    The one and only possibility where this will not work is if the creator put an "LLDie" script into the box/bag/hud that prevents rezzing (to which you can just go to any parcel where scripts are turned off) - and that is a real jerk creator I'll likely add to my "avoid" list. :)

    Some creators using HUDs try to be slick about it by putting the contents into a linked part. Easy to find by turn on Edit Linked then checking each prim. in the end though - if you end up with an empty box you should contact the creator first. If that fails a resolution then Flag the listing on market Place (if that's where you got it).

    Thank you...  I will try the dragging it down to the ground which i have not done yet.  And...  Yes I do have one in which the box is empty.  Even though I wrote to the creator and stated it was empty nothing was done to fix it.  I will try one more time.  If nothing is fixed I will flag on mp.

  16. I just bought the Xcite! X4 - The Jasmine Bundle (***** & HUD)...  

    Details...  I have a Maitreya body, I use windows 7 and I use the classic viewer.  I do not use firestorm.  By the end of the week I will switch to windows 10 and using firestorm.

    Hair...  I've looked on the 'official' Jasmine help site but can't seem to locate hair.  Does the Jasmine include it?  If someone knows can they tell me what exactly its listed under on the Jasmine help site?  Maybe I'm just missing it. 

    Color...  Part of the reason I was asking about hair is I was thinking the 'incorrect' skin color could be covered up with it.  I'm curious if there are additional Jasmine xcite X4 help sites that can be recommended that other sl members have created?  I would like to set the skin color.  But, when I move the RGB sliders it does not seem to change the tint on my av at all.  The skin color tends to lean very warm and stays that color regardless of what I do with the sliders.  As a side note...  I am pressing the 'apply' button also.  But, the sliders do slide/ move but the color is not changing. 

    Other than that I'm happy with the way everything looks.  

  17. 3 hours ago, Marianne Little said:

    Oh hi, you are back! ❤️

    Do you want all-in-one with a head too?

    And how much clothing should he have? I see you ask in a separate thread, too.

    Should he have as many looks as @Skell Dagger, or a standard 2 jeans or trackpants, 3 sweaters with or without hood, 4 t-shirts, one pair of bathing shorts, boots, sneakers, formal shoes, one suit?

    Hi..  Nice to see you again...  Its preferred to use a separate bento head.  It seems there were issues matching the skin of the bento head that was created to the rest of the mesh body.  Last time I got a mesh body there was not issue with this.  But, last time I used a classic head.  Don't know if this made a difference in things being 'easier' to match between the head and rest of body or not.

  18. 9 minutes ago, Ethan Paslong said:

    issues as you describe isn't to blame to the body and/or the head, just  read what you buy and what skin you need to match, than it's just two clicks and you'r done.

    And a bit wondering.. you clearly already have a body and head, wouldn't it be a lot cheaper to get some help to get that working.


    I was looking for some specific suggestion by those who may have first hand experience to share.  And yes you are correct, I do have a body and head.  And they do work properly.  ty

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