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  1. 1 minute ago, Nick0678 said:

    It works fine took a friend there yesterday and she got it so go have a look again.

    Hi Nick...  Maybe if ur going to be inworld u can come with me?  Maybe I'm  doing something wrong?  Cuz I don't grab bodies all the time.

  2. I  went to 'the skins' Legacy location yesterday to look at bodies.  I started getting all these IMs...  Like around 30 IMs from this  person wanting me to join something...  I don't really know.  And I did NOT ACCEPT anything the  person was trying to send me.  I did  write to the person before BLOCKING them and said that I wanted them to stop writing me and to stop sending me stuff.  Again ...  I did not accept anything from this person.  But...  I did write to them which may be the problem.  And I did block them.  


    I  did not matter that I blocked the offender.  I get 100s of spam sent to my inventory.  It was awful.  And I could not use EDIT to  find out who exactly the offender was.  So...  I did block everyone in RECENT.  I don't know what else to do.  Because...  I'm still getting things sent to my inventory.  Can anyone tell me what I may be able to do or who I can write to to tell them whats going on?

  3. I went to Legacy 'the skins' to get the free classic body.  I was not able to get the body however yesterday.  I had my group tag on.  So, I don't know what went wrong.  Does anyone know if there  is a problem with the system which issues the free classic body?  The information on the wall states it is in fact still available free to date.

  4. On 6/28/2020 at 9:54 PM, Lindal Kidd said:

    @Sandra8675, if you don't feel your building talents are up to the task, there is a ton of classroom furniture, display boards, and other gadgets available.  Just open up the Marketplace and do a search on "classroom".

    Yes...  ty...  I did see some stuff on mp for the classroom.  When it comes down to it, all i really need is a few tables and some chairs.  I was more focused on the actual location for the classroom right now.  I do  think it would be best to have it on my own land.  take care

  5. I have heard conversation that one can add rlv script to any type of jewelry?  I'd like to attempt to add the rlv script to a piece of jewelry.   I understand close to zero about scripting.  Can someone explain to me in the most basic terms how to do so and what exactly is needed to make that happen?  Thank you

  6. Lindal Kidd...  I have never heard of GQ before.  I  will check into it.  I do already have my own land.  But...  I was trying to figure out what else was out there for some options.  It has been pointed out to me it would be best to design a classroom on my own land.  I have basic skills in design on sl and my bf has owned a successful sl real estate sim in the past.  I feel like we could make a basic classroom.  The classroom would be beyond basic for my needs.  So, I do feel this is possible.

    I'm really trying to figure out how to make this all happen ...  I've been teaching online over 8 years.   Sl would be a unique twist on supplying a service thats actually in need right now especially since so many cannot attend a physical school setting.

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  7. I'm designing a class I wish to hold...

    This  is for a class I plan to charge a fee for.  My cap will be 4 students in the classroom not including myself.  So there will be no more than 5 people in the class at one time.  I would prefer a traditional classroom set up.  And its important the class set up is non-adult poses.

    -  Do most people set up something on their own sim for this type of thing?

    -  Is there a actual sim I could rent  on a on need basis for this?

  8. Does anyone have any recommendations for interactive desktop or laptop computers inworld?  I really wanted something i could play video games on inworld.  but i have no idea where to get something like that.  Is there anyone that does this who can recommend a specific computer or store i should be looking at?                                                               

  9. I've been fighting with the amara beauty skins since this morning...  After many hours the skins did start covering the head AND body.  But...  that was only after many hours.  I can only come to the conclusion that the lag is extra special today on sl.  Because they did in fact start to cover everything where  as they were not earlier today at all.  I know I'm not crazy.           

  10. I got the AMARA BEAUTY skins a few weeks ago.  I only tried applying them now.  But, the AMARA SKINS are only applying to the body and not the face.  

    I do use a lot of skins.  I use both bom and applier skins.  But, I've never had this happen before in the past.  

    If you use the free AMARA BEAUTY skins can u tell me if the bom skins cover ur body and face?  Or am i missing something very obvious?

  11. 52 minutes ago, Polenth Yue said:

    Second Life YouTubers aren't being mean by not wanting promotional spam in their comments. That's standard for YouTube, because it's promotional spam. I make videos in other areas entirely and it'd still be frowned on if I went around posting "Watch my video! I'm awesome!" on other videos.

    What you can do is watch other videos and make a comment based on what you liked and so on. If people want to click on your name and visit your channel, they will. Also make sure your title, description and keywords are helping people find it in YouTube's search.

    See if you can find relevant communities on Reddit. I'm a big fan of Twitter in general, but I get a lot more video hits from Reddit than Twitter. Some sites just have more of a crowd looking for video content.

    ty for your comment...

    i am aware people don't want other links to videos in their comments.  I'm not new to the youtube world at all.  But I do feel people who work hard on make video content for second life need a place where they can post links, etc so people can watch or not as they wish.  From making youtube videos for sl myself i know first hand...  It takes a huge amount of time, patience and dedication.  I would gladly comment on others videos to help them get a higher ranking in youtube and google, give a thumbs up, etc.  Making videos is not easy.  And I appreciate the work people put into it.  But, I'd really like to see some of the new people out there making SL content.

  12. 1 hour ago, Bree Giffen said:

    I like watching SL YouTube videos while I work at home. Vlogs aren’t machinima at all. It would be nice to have a constantly updating thread of new content links. 

    Bree...  Yes!  That is exactly what I was thinking.  I just was not sure on the rules on here.  As you can tell I have not posted my youtube channel because I don't want to do wrong .   But, I would love to have others post their youtube links to their channels about sl and or specific youtube videos.  I'm literally always searching for them.

    I still don't know if its against the rules to have people post their youtube links here in this forum if the videos are about SL.  But I will send you a private message here with my youtube channel.  One more person watching my stuff would be great.  So far I have 6 subscribers.  Maybe you can be next!  lol

    My link with be in the message i send you.  smile


  13. I'm just asking the hard questions here...

    I myself have started trying to make my own SL content on youtube.  I like it.  But...  Question is..  Is there a place where other SL youtubers can post their channels/ video links so I myself and others can watch SL videos/ content?...  I'm looking for a way we can support each other.  

    Half the time I'm not aware of links to other peoples videos concerning Second Life beyond the most popular SL youtubers.  I know of a few.  But, I'm looking for more.  

    And I have noticed some of the 'larger/ bigger/ more popular' Second Life youtubers don't really like other channels posting links for SL videos in comments, live stream chats, etc.  Its kind of creating this atmosphere where people are making SL videos but don't have a way to communicate with others about their SL videos outside of using TWITTER, FACEBOOK or FLICKER.  I'm in it...  It is competitive.  I've had comments made to me already about 'stealing' ideas from others, etc.  And other SL youtubers have made comments public they don't wish for others to cover certain things in Second Life.  Like I said...  competitive...

    Is it ok for people to post their video links below this post for SL content, blogs and videos?

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  14. On 6/5/2020 at 4:57 AM, Circe Ishtari said:

    Hello everyone,

    I am the creator of the pubic hairs and happy, that you like it :)

    The pubic hairs are reworked and here are the new render weights:

    ▨ Render/Display Weight (various pubic hair styles):

    1 Prim, 284 Display (1PE)
    2 Prim, 304 Display (1PE)
    3 Prim, 324 Display (2PE)

    The RLVa version is now similar to this.

    Look at Marketplace for

    Tokyo.Girl Pubic Hair Mesh /10 Styles /mod.copy.tintable

    Re-Delivery works if you have purchased from Marketplace or Inworld Store.

    Thank you for posting here.  I do like your product and several of your other products inworld.  I'm familiar with your store.  I will have a re-delivery of the one item in question to see if we can get the complexity down a bit.  Thank you again.

  15. 12 minutes ago, Stephanie Misfit said:

    I like one I got from PMS - Pimp My Sh!t (on marketplace) and I have 2 really nice ones from MINA.

    ty...  I have not heard of either of those.  I will read up on the tinting, etc of them on mp.  As long as the hair base is easy and works i'm in.

  16. Does anyone have any favorite hair bases they can throw by me?  

    I'm using one from REVOUL which i like.  but...  the hud is super odd to use.  I have CATWA, GENUS and AK heads.  And i do use bom.  I really need something that can i can match/ tint to my very many hair colors i wear.

    Please...  I have looked on mp already.  I'm hoping for info from users with first hand knowledge of hair bases that have worked well.

  17. does anyone know where i may look to get face tattoos?  I'm open to design.  But i really don't wish for it to be too pretty.  

    I recently got some tattoos that look like face cut words which i really like.  but i have not been able to find more at other stores.  And I'm trying to get away from common words like LOVE and ALWAYS...  

    please...  I'm looking for suggestion beyond 'look on mp'

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