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  1. UPDATE..  Yes, it is SWEET THING.  I've been working so much rl i'm making stupid mistakes...  anyway...  I did contact the owner and waiting for response.  I also contacted the SWEET THING chat room and talked to a few people.  I did get the wings redelivered but never got the delivery.  I'm thinking that was an sl thing...  It happens...  This is the ad in pic attached.  


  2. Does anyone have DEMON WINGS from PRETTY THING?  I have these for my alt.  But when i repurchased them they don't seem to come with a thing in the folder to control the wings flapping.  I want the wings to NOT come all the way forward and wrap around the chest area.  

    Does anything have the new DEMON WINGS from PRETTY THING who knows how to STOP the wings from wrapping around the front  of the body?  If so please tell me exact how you stopped with motion.  Again...  This is for the DEMON WINGS that are 'newer'...  The older version has an extra thing in the folder to stop this motion - the newer one does not.  Something would have to be done to the scripts i assume.

  3. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions about where to hang out at in sl?  

    A couple of my hang out places have gotten closed down over last few months...  I mostly like a place that is as low lag as possible while still having some people walk around while I sit working on my inventory.  And I like the option to change clothes if i feel like it and maybe take a few pics...  So...  Its nice if the place looks interesting.  I'm very very open to what type of hangouts are suggested.  Seems like most of the time I end up on some type of beach or coffee shop...  but again...  I'm ultra open to new places.  ty!

  4. UPDATE...  Thanks to everyone again for the info...  I really like the dog head with the human body.  I think I would go for paws on the feet for a look.  I've never had a desire to create an avi like this before.  But...  I'm really into it now.  My bf in sl did contact the photographer for me.  and...  she was not willing to give info on the dog head which is what I was most interested in.  With everyones suggestions on here though I think I got this!  smile!

  5. I finally found a huge dining table i like so much... 

    I have see dining plate settings at bazaar which look fine.  i was just more focused on holiday themed stuff if its out there.  Or do people decorate tables with plain plates and u can always put pumpkins or whatever on the table?  i'm just wondering how must people make it happen?

    are there places inworld that specialize in stuff to put on dining tables for christmas, thankgiving, etc?

  6. UPDATE...

    I thought I would give update to anyone interested...

    KYRIE is correct in the details.  I did contact FIRESTORM on google and had an official 'fix it' ticket.  And I was assisted by a firestorm rep on the official firestorm site.  I worked through several areas to troubleshoot with the firestorm rep. 

    It turns out it was an issue with the firestorm AO in the latest version of firestorm.  This is the same AO that is promoted by many utubers, etc as easy and free to use.  I had a few bento arm movements I use a lot and some basic poses on the firestorm AO.  It was nothing to exciting.  But, what I had 'stored' on the firestorm ao caused the alt account to 'crash' as it were.  

    Once i deleted every single thing out of the firestorm AO the account started working again immediately.  I will not use the firestorm AO again for any reason.  Apparently there is a connection between the firestorm ao and the newest version of firestorm 'crashing.'

    The account is now working.  

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  7. UPDATE...  I've been working on this firestorm issue for hours.  I've reinstalled my graphic card and I've spoken to a op person on the  FIRESTORM ENGLISH inworld group.  I can seem to log into my main avi account.  And I can log into my alt using the SL VIEWER.  Upon request from the FIRESTORM group i did clear my cache and much of my teleport history.  I also updated all my drivers on my computer and restarted it several times and deleted one empty AO folder in my #firestorm folder.   This  has not helped me log into FIRESTORM using my alt.  

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  8. Its  never given me so many problems ever.  I really don't know what to do.  A  window keeps popping up as shown attached to this post.  I'm using windows 10 64 bit, google chrome, internet signal good.   Again....  same computer I've always used.  

    I was on this account earlier last night.  When I went to log on again this is when the problems started.

    I'm very unsure how to do a 'clean install' of FIRESTORM.  I am specifically unsure how to save chats, history, etc.  And I do NOT want to loose my wardrobe.

    i can really use some help with this issue.  Please only those with experience with this issue.  ty




  9. 1 hour ago, Claireschen Hesten said:

    Have you tried looking up the group "LiveHelp" https://world.secondlife.com/group/8068d711-193b-9ce4-e91e-4caaac454163?lang= the group "The shops" does indeed have chat turned off but "LiveHelp" is the group with group chat turned on for all things Legacy & Classic related you can also find a link to the chat enabled "LiveHelp" group via The Shops account LiveHelp https://my.secondlife.com/livehelp

    Claireschen...  I am not interested in chat at this time with 'the shops.'  This issue is closed for me.  'I did get the free legacy class body..  For me there are no more updates to give on this subject.'

  10. On 7/7/2020 at 10:02 AM, Claireschen Hesten said:

    It's important to know The Shops, Meshbody, TMP, Legacy, Classic, Default, System avatar, whatever does use it's own external server for as much as they can have not on LL servers which is why part of the HUD needs media enabled and these servers and your body can stop working at any time with out warning though if you are in either of the groups for "The Shops" there has been warning. i have one alt that owns the old TMP now using the new "TMP" classic meshbody freebie but only because i got it all the free clobber when that was available. as i only occasionally log it in, if you forget about the glaring gap around the left calf it's an acceptable enough body for an alt

    If you need help or other things related to "The Shops" you need to join the group LiveHelp for the group chat

    ty again...  I posted above I did get the free classic legacy body.  I am aware of the external server.  'The shops' does have a group chat.   However I've stated before their group does not allow 'chat' to happen.  That function is turned off.  If assistance is needed 'chat' is not possible.  This is a brand stance to have this function off.  I assume people can write a NC if they have the motivation.  I did get the free legacy class body..  For me there are no more updates to give on this subject and therefore will not be commenting further.

  11. Soooo...  When I first started trying to learn CTS wardrobe there was a lot of trial and error.  There are people that do seem to use it and like it.  But on utube I still don't find what I call 'a lot' of CTS wardrobe videos to watch.  In back of my mind for some time now I've been wanting to make my own little series on using cts wardrobe with my own little twist and suggestions, etc.  Its still a work in process.  Check it out...



  12. I think...  If I'm not mistaken the OP is asking about a well rounded wardrobe?  It really does depend on what your using it for, etc...  But, I know for myself I need at the very least...

    - beach clothing...  shorts,  swimsuit

    - casual skirt like a denim skirt that will go with any top.

    - several casual tops

    - long hair and pony tail

    - fatpack of heels and boots

    - fatpack of some type of stockings

  13. update ...  I did end up getting the legacy body.  I have gotten it before in the past.  The shops at times has issues like the one I just posted about.  It was not possible to purchase the free body for several days.  And 'the shops' makes it where u can't say anything on their group chat.  I guess someone did finally notice with the company and the issue was fixed.  I did end up getting the body.

  14. 22 hours ago, Claireschen Hesten said:

    You would probably be better off with the free eBody, one of Alatmura's free bodies, Lucy body or pretty much any other free body out there. you can still buy the L$1 version the vendor is working right now there is also a creative edition at L$2500 the body is compatible with 90% of stuff rigged for the older TMP body next to no one is creating new content for that body i don't know about how compatible "Legacy" stuff is

    ty...  but i was only interested in the legacy free body for an alt.   Not interested in the others.  I'm very aware about other bodies prices.  Only thing about legacy free one is it comes with a nice alpha for the body.   still not perfect but good enough.

  15. Hi . ..  Any recommendations for a long rectangle dinning table that has plates, flowers, etc?  I'm very new to buy furniture...  But...  I would like all the fancy stuff on the table or a hud that gives the option?  I'd like it to kinda look like  'NUTMEG' type style.  Seems NUTMEG has higher land impact.  Open to suggestion.

  16. update...  I  went to 'the shops ' again today.  There were about 3 people there.  I talked to all of them.  No one standing around was able to get the free classic body.  I've written to an inside person with Legacy and hopefully they will get back to me  on if this body is still in fact free.  Otherwise its EBODY for free bodies.

  17. Just now, Nick0678 said:

    Well those 30 messages on local chat was their system asking you to join the Legacy Group. I got them too..

    Hi Nick...  No...   it was not messages about 'the shop.'  I'm already a member.  And the messages, etc were about free items that had nothing to do with 'the shops.'  And i was getting 100s of items sent to inventory which i did not accept.

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