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  1. I'm still kinda new...  I have never used firestorm on my new computer.  My firestorm viewer seems to need to be set up still.  The camera angle, avi movement, etc are very different than what I'm used to from the original viewer.

    QUESTION...  Do you have suggestions on specific utube videos that would help me go through the set up.  Right now to be honest the camera set up on firestorm is so off I can't use it.  The camera angle is so 'off' that I can't control the avi correctly and have no sense of direction.  I'm open to watching any utube videos for help with recommended settings.

  2. Are there any free traditional looking ADULT houses at locations with ADULT furniture open to the public?


    Can anyone recommend ADULT school locations in SL?  I know about the popular university location (can't think if the name now) but my bf and I keep being kicked out because we have too much script.  I'm just looking for any type of school setting that is ADULT.


    thank you

  3. Don't know if I will word this right or not...  I have a CATWA HEAD and a LARA body. .. 

    What I wish to do is save an 'outfit' with the head, eyes and body having a different color head and body skin.  I would even like to change the shape of the face so I have an additional shape to choose from.  Can I do this?  When I try to save the different hue for head, eyes and skin...  That 'new' head, eye and skin color comes up on every outfit. 

    I'm making a different character.  So, I wish to have one additional head, eye and skin hue saved in outfits if possible.  

    Can anyone explain step by step how to do this?  Because I'm obviously doing it wrong.

  4. 1 hour ago, BelindaN said:

    I've replied to you in world Sandra. I'm SL+8, so 11.00SLT is often the latest I'm on. Very occasionally I stay until 12.00SLT

    But I get on early sometimes, so sometimes 02.00SLT onwards. Today was 05.00SLT!

    Good!  I will write u back when I'm on and we will see when we can cross paths.  smile

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  5. I am 40+ in rl... 

    I am obsessed with shopping for clothes/ furniture/ hair/ makeup, ( I'm always looking for new places to shop to an extreme).., dancing formal/ non-formal, looking at houses, going to the beach, chatting with new people and hanging at coffee shops.  Usually evening/ night hours are the only times I'm not free on sl.

  6. There is a coffee place called BURROW COFFEE CO  that has been a nice chat spot.  More and more people are going there it seems. 

    And I've also chatted with a fair amount of people and BLUE COVE BEACH.  It is an adult beach but much more low key than others.

  7. I've been looking and trying demos lately for long blond hair.  I'm making a new character...  Don't care what exact style the hair is in except that I want it extremely long and blond.  

    Problem is I've been having hard time locating hair that flows and avi moves.  I've tried a few from well known hair places but the hair does not flow or move freely as avi moves.  If anyone has any suggestions at all I'm open.  

  8. 14 minutes ago, Aebleskiver Thibedeau said:

    Doux?  Doe?  Is there a prize if I get it right? 😄

    lol...  The prize is my eternal gratitude...

    I liked some hair from a utube video.  The vlogger said the name of the hair store really fast but I could not hear it exactly right.  Thought someone may be familiar.

  9. On 6/9/2019 at 4:51 PM, Skell Dagger said:

    First of all, which Catwa head are you wearing? The shape sliders will only have an effect on the Bento heads (the ones that cost L$5,000). It would be useful to know which one, as there are now 25 female Catwa Bento heads, and they all begin with a slightly different shape. You may be wearing one that has a stronger jaw to begin with.

    Secondly: are you wearing the starter shape that's included in the head's folder? That will set the ideal starting parameters for the head, which you can then begin to edit to get it more to your liking.

    I'm still new...  I figured out it was because I was not using the 'shape' that came with the head.

  10. I also have a Lara body and I just got a CATWA  head yesterday.  The neck skin and body skin below the neck do blend better.  But, I did try other demos heads like AK BENTO heads and the color difference was too much for me to deal with.  The tones available on the head huds never match the body tone hud choices for me.  Some heads have 'tints' to match the body skin to the head but those were not working for me either.

    I read over what you said a few times...  It was brought to my attention by a few people in 'head' chat rooms that I need to purchase a skin.  The skin will help blend the head skin and skin below the neck.  The trick is that u need to find a 'skin' that works with your head and body.  Make sure you demo it.  I myself had to bug a few people until a friend offered to go shopping with me to make sure I get the right skin for my head and body.  The skins have been a difficult learning curve for me.


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  11. I have been trying a lot of head demos.  I'm now leaning toward CATWA for many reasons.  

    However...  I'm still a little new.  This is my first head beyond the classic head...

    I'm still wearing the CATWA demo head.  I like it.  But...  The jaws are very large on the head.  I don't know why.  I have messed around this the sliders a lot.  The head jaws remain very large.  Can anyone tell me if this happens to be a 'demo' thing and this bill be fixed once I pay for the CATWA head?  Or...  Is the large jaw issue something else I should look into?  My only fear being new and still learning is that the large jaw issue will not disappear when I make the purchase and I'll be confused as to how to fix the issue.

    If anyone feels a screenshot would help I can insert one.  The rest of the CATWA demo head looks normal in size, etc.  Only issue sees to be the jaws.


  12. 4 hours ago, Skell Dagger said:

    In addition, right now in the group's notices there is a notecard containing links to some very useful YouTube videos explaining how to use the head and its various HUDs. There is also a free makeup layer clearing HUD for the head currently near the top of group notices, too.

    I wanted to make a special point of saying thank you for the detailed instruction with the pictures.  The pictures help me more because I'm more visual.  I'm probably going with a different head but still from this store and still a bento head.  I'm gong to be looking back on these instructions and trying everything written here with bento head demos.  Thank you again.  These instructions will also help my bf who just got a new head and who has also been having a difficult time with color match between the head and below the neck.  The color match as proven to be the most confusing part.  And thanks for throwing in the part about the neck fitting.  Very helpful.

  13. I've also messed up the 'color/ tint/ definition' of the ORIGINAL CLASSIC head when I tried to fix the hue.  I just realized this.  The original CLASSIC HEAD I used was 'jenny' I think.  I don't mind deleting it totally and starting over with the CLASSIC HEAD   


    I'd prefer to use the new CLEO BENTO HEAD i just got.  In the video I saw...  The person changed the CLEO BENTO HEAD color from 'tan' to the same hue I'm seeking which is a few shades above 'porcelain'...  

    I can add a screenshot.  The avi looks pretty weird right now.  If anyone thinks a screenshot will help let me know.

    Side note...  The body shape is still ok.  And the CLASSIC HEAD shape is still ok.  Its only the color of the body that is wrong from the neck down.  And the face definition is gone now and looks like a flat cartoon.

  14. 6 minutes ago, Orwar said:

       Usually, you'll want to make sure that you're wearing the corresponding appliers for head and body, irregardless of which brand of body or head that you're using. If your skin is darkened, it might be that you've accidentally tinted your skin base tone in the Maitreya HUD.

    Thought I would share this...  It may be helpful for helping me...  

    I have the LARA body...  I just got the BENTO CLEO HEAD and it did come with LARA skin appliers.  I 'assumed' the LARA skin appliers were for the head skin.  But, when I applied one...  It did not change the head skin color at all.  It only changed the skin color from the neck down.  Originally the skin color from the neck down was the ONLY skin tone I was happy with.  But, now from the neck down the skin tone is wrong.  

    As a side note...  The only color choices that seemed to be with the new BENTO CLEO HEAD I just got are 'darker/ tan' hues.  Where as my avi is maybe 2 shades above porcelain.  I will look at the LARA skin hud to see if I can change it?  


  15. I tried to add new head I just bought.  Thought everything was going fine.  But, the skin color changed from the neck down.  I just want to get it back to 'normal' for me.  Any advise on how to change the skin color from neck down.  The old head is back on.  But, the skin color is way too dark from neck down.  I don't know how to find the old skin color I had.  And I don't know exactly what I should be searching for in inventory.  Any advise helpful.  

    I have a Lara body.  And right now I have a classic head.  The classic head skin color is still the correct color.  Only skin from neck down is wrong color.  Thank you.

  16. I'm interested in locating fancy nail designs for the omega applier system.  I have thee EMPIRE ultra long coffin nails.  I'm still very new at the SL thing...  I have searched on MP and done a search inworld using key words 'omega appliers nails' with not a lot of luck.... 

    Does anyone who is more familiar have any suggestions for specific places I can try? 

    I really like the [FORMANAILS] BALLERINA nail design - but - from my understanding they won't work on my EMPIRE ultra long nails.  I'm open to designs though...  Just looking for for cool places I can purchase from.  I appreciate any advise/ help.

  17. I'm very excited...  I finally got my EMPIRE Coffin Nails - Ultra https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/EMPIRE-Coffin-Nails-Ultra/12026556

    I'm wearing them now and everything is all good.  But...  I don't understand how to color them.  I've posted about nails before.  But, the coloring has always confused me.  Can anyone give me specific suggestions on what exactly to buy to color them?  Or what is needed?  I've read all the cards the nails came with and can't figure it out.

    This is a note on the MP post...  'OMEGA is pre-installed, means you can use all your favorite OMEGA Nail polishes on these Nails without having to buy a kit!!'

    Thank you for your help.

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