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  1. 1 minute ago, Selene Gregoire said:

    Viewer info will be in the upper left hand corner of the viewer.

    See also: 


    Thanks for the links...  I'm reading what Jeremy says about blocking now.  I was told in the sl newbie destination that the process of blocking people may change according to what viewer I'm on.  I'm trying to figure this out before continuing doing anything on sl further.


  2. I need some help with blocking...

    1.  I have tried right clicking on persons name from a conversation.  And that has not worked.

    2.  I have tried looking at persons profile and searched all options and gears for a BLOCK button, tab or feature and that has not worked.

    3.  I have tried going to the newbie destination several times and talked to several people but we could not figure out why I'm not seeing a BLOCK button.

    The only thing I have been able to figure out is to block the persons IM and text.  But, from what I understand this won't totally block him?  Is this true?

    I'm not sure what viewer I'm on...  I'm using windows 7, 64 bit...  How can I tell what viewer I'm on?


  3. 12 hours ago, Marianne Little said:

    In her earlier posts, Sandra said clearly that she has a classic body, and she was explained the difference. Of course that can have changed.

    I recommend you taking screenshots, maybe Printscreen work fastest for you. You can then upload them here.

    Or else use snaphot in your viewer and save it to your computer. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Taking_snapshots

    It is true that a picture say more than 1000 words. We could stop guessing if you have the classic body or if you have changed.

    I do not have a mesh body.  I've tried to only choose body parts, etc that are from a classic body.  I do still have a classic body.  Yesterday an attachment got added on my avatar I could not get rid of.  So, I created an entire new avatar.  Still with classic body.  The shoes and feet were fine yesterday.  But, now...  no.  I have gone to the newbie destination so many times.  But, my shoes still are not fixed.  I will screenshot a picture of the feet.  I will send a couple examples of shoe issues and see if we can start from there.

  4. 43 minutes ago, Skell Dagger said:

    Sandra, with the kindest of intentions, I advise the following:

    I would strongly suggest that you not try using Firestorm just yet. While it's the viewer of choice for many users in SL, it has a hell of a lot more options and is what you might call a bit more of a "power user's viewer" than the default Linden Lab viewer. Given that you've been asking many questions in this forum about the absolute basics of SL, I don't think that Firestorm is the right viewer for you at the moment. Once you get more to grips with SL and how it works, then that would be the time to make the jump to Firestorm. Right now, I think that Firestorm could possibly only add to the confusion you're experiencing as you understand how SL and avatars within SL work.

    Case in point: you replied to a post about using the Firestorm AO. There's a tutorial on YouTube that explains how to load and use that AO. It's three videos long. Are you truly ready for that?

    thank you for sharing this info.  Many people have suggested I use firestorm because its 'better.'  But, I did not know it was more options for advanced users.  I will wait as you suggest.  Same reason I won't change to a mesh body right now,.  Its just too much right now when I'm trying to get used to the basics.


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  5. 15 minutes ago, Blush Bravin said:

    If you are wearing mesh feet you will need the corresponding shoe size for the body/feet. So if wearing a Maitreya body/feet you will need to use Maitreya size shoes. This holds true for all the mesh feet as far as I know. It is a rare occurrence these days but it's possible that the shoes may not be rigged to the foot, in which case, you should be able to edit the shoes and move them into place. Remember though, it's uncommon to find shoes these days that aren't rigged.

    If you're using a classic body and classic feet then be sure you're wearing the footshaper and alpha that came with the shoes.

    I am using a classic mesh body 'Jenny."  So you need a foot shaper along with the alpha shoe?  Maybe thats where I went wrong.  I was not using both.  I will try it.

  6. 23 hours ago, Marianne Little said:

    The starter avatars have an animation override that is not visible on the screen. It has just the action you describe in #3.

    It is named Animation Overrider - Female and is attached to Center 2.

    You can see in the folder with the classic starter avatar. If you started as Kimberly, it is in the Kimberly folder, or Abigail or what ever the name is. I am sure this is detached because the pants used the same attachment point.

    Locate it and add it.

    It is actually a nice AO. No fuss, but much better than the default walk and stands.

    Thank you so much...  I will keep this info...  Good stuff...  I was frustrated because I knew there was a change.  So, I started with Jenny again and re-created her.  Now her walk and everything seems to be working fine again.  So much to learn.  Its all very interesting.  But, it did surprise me when her walk changed for no apparent reason.  It makes sense the way you explained it.  thanks again as always.

  7. 19 hours ago, Pussycat Catnap said:

    If you have Firestorm instead of buying a dance HUD, just buy the dances you want and put them into a Firestorm AO under the 'standing' category.

    - lag free, and works even in no script areas.


    I am new.  What is the most easy direct way I can get to firestorm?

  8. I was having several issues with my avatar in the newbie room.  I originally went into the newbie room because:

    1.  avatar started walking different.  And I could not figure out why.
    2.  avatar feet were 'floating' on top of her shoes.

    When I went into the newbie room the help person finally went into the fitting room with me.  He said something like, 'Your avatar is all messed up.  You should read everything about your avatar before you mess with the settings.  There is a lot wrong with it.  You have 2 heads on, your avatar is in 'idle' and you have been 'messing' with the outfit colors.  You should never touch anything until you know what your doing.  You should always start off with a 'classic' body.  Next time read before you start pressing all the buttons.'

    For the record:
    1.  I did not and would not press all the buttons.
    2.  I DID start off with a classic body of Jenny even though the 'newbie helper' was accusing me of otherwise.
    3.  I DID NOT change the original color of the clothes the avatar was wearing.  She was wearing a multi colored pants suit that always worked well for me in the past few days.  
    4.  The shoes were a problem which is why I originally entered the 'newbie help destination'.  I never did get the shoes fixed.  The feet continued floating on top of the shoes.  I ended up using a 'shoe shaper' and made a very simple pair of boots.
    5.  I NEVER added  2 heads.  I did use some hair from FREE DOVE which looked fine.  But, because I felt it may be causing a problem I removed it.  Then I added stock classic avatar hair for Jenny.

    In the end my avatar did look and walk normal.  And I did ask several people if they could see my avatar ok and they said the could see her clearly.

    Yes, I was irritated and frustrated at this person and the way he talked to me because I went to the newbie room to get help.  After I got the 'lecture' from the 'guy helping' in the newbie forum I did ask, 'Can you tell me something specific that is wrong that we can work on fixing?'  I never did get an answer.  I was only told  that I should 'not jump into pressing buttons and changing things before reading more about avatars.'

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  9. I changed my avatars pants type and color today.  I'm using a classic body with no mesh.

    Ever since I changed the pants...

    1.  the avatar has stopped walking with as much sway in her hips

    2.  The avatars arms don't sway anymore

    3.  When I press the down arrow she will not turn around and walk toward me

    4.  Now she only walks backward when I press the down arrow.

  10. 1 hour ago, Syo Emerald said:

    This shouldn't affect your ability to open things.

    I'm a little confused by whats actually going on. Your title suggests that you struggle with opening content, then it sounds like you aren't sure, if you see the items you brought and then it reads like you brought ten items, but have only 3 or 4 received.

    None of those issues is concerning the adult rating at all. A little bit more information would be helpful. What did you buy and did you buy it on the marketplace or within SL? Have you checked, if the items went to another folder? Sometimes new brought items are in the object folder, in the section for received items or directly in your main inventory. Try using the search function within your inventory, to look for the names of the items.

    I appreciate you trying to answer my question...  But, I did try to be as clear as possible while still being a new person.  If the 'rating' of the items I'm trying to open can be opened in 'any sandbox' I did not know.  That was the basis for my question.  My title 'suggests' I struggled opening the content because I in fact did.  I'm not 'unsure' if I had a problem opening the boxes.  I know I had a problem.  The items may be located somewhere I'm simply not viewing because I'm still learning the system.  As far as the items I bought...  I did state in the original post, 'clothing items from the adult section.'  I did attempt the search function several times but in my experience it does not seem to be able to locate the items I know I bought.  I'm new and there are many details to the avatar, the inventory specifically and learning how to locate items.  I appreciate your patience.

  11. 27 minutes ago, Marianne Little said:

    Do you have a white dot over your head? That means you have not turned off the voice. Some hosts will greet you in voice when they see that white dot. They think: "Aha, she has voice on, she will be addressed in voice".

    To turn off voice, see this:

    Use what you want, voice or text. But unless you disable voice and get the white dot away, people will be confused if you don't want to use it.

    Thanks...  I do always answer in text.  Usually its a club person saying 'welcome to the club'.  I will check out the white dot thing.  I think I was just surprised when a real person said something to me in real voice.  I was not expecting it.


  12. I went to the destination where newbies can get help.  I can't remember the name if it right now.

    When I went a SL help person helped me find a fitting room to open inventory I bought for free.

    I tried very hard to only buy things that were meant for a classic body.  But, I think out of everything I got only 3-4 items opened.  Everything else I did not see.

    Are there any suggestions for why this may have happened?  I know I bought 10 things.  Is it possible I can't open everything in the newbie destination that are clothing items from the adult section?

  13. In the mist of my strolling in and out of clubs I noticed about 3 club people spoke to me with RL voice when I entered.

    I don't wish to speak in voice at all ever.

    Is it to be understood that if someone speaks to you in voice that I must also speak in voice?

    I have read over the rules at different clubs about this and it seems to me that you only have to speak in voice during sex acts.  So, the way I'm understanding it - it seems it is ok for me on only answer in text when I enter a club and for my entire stay there as long as I do not have sex with anyone... 

    Am I correct in understanding this?  Or, am I totally wrong?

  14. 10 hours ago, Ginger Shostakovich said:

    I am not surprised you got ejected. Dance poles in clubs are usually for hired dancers who get tips for dancing. Imagine walking into a random RL shop, stepping behind the till, and starting to ring up customers - same thing. 

    On the whole, from your posts I see in this forum I would suggest that you learn to walk before you start to run - and I mean that in the friendliest possible way, because I appreciate your enthusiasm. Check out your viewer's settings and play around with them to see what happens (you can't break anything - as far as I know all changes can be re-set to factory settings, and if worst comes to worst you can always uninstall the viewer and reinstall it). Walk / fly / drive around Mainland to get to know the viewer's controls. Go to a few destinations - the destination guide is brilliant for that. Go to a few events (live music for example, great stuff there). Lurk a bit - see how people interact, see if the place you're at has rules, and what they are. If you find a place you like, see if there is a group which you can join - again, lurk a bit and see what the tone of the group is before you join the chat or ask questions. 

    I know you want to jump straight into the pool - and at the adult end too, if I read this correctly - but while the above way may be slower, in the end it is more rewarding and will get you ejected from places a lot less for a start. 

    And above all, have fun! 

    Well...  We can agree to disagree...  Because I am surprised I got ejected.  And I would normally not consider a SL establishment in a game to have the same rules, etc as a RL establishment.  But, now I am aware.  I'm used to other games that are simply not as detailed.  I can tell your advanced where as I am far from and am trying to get a grip on the basics.  There is a lot.  

  15. 2 hours ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

    If you cannot find them in Places, it is entirely possible probable that they are closed and gone.  Many places in SL do not last a long time.  How old were the youtube videos?

    The video was about 1 month old.

    I came across the purple place by accident.  But, I did get ejected because I started dancing on a pole.  I thought it was ok because it was not in the main part of the room and thought the program would block me if it was not ok.

  16. I'm very new...  About 5 days old on SL...

    I saw a video showing these strip clubs.  The youtube video I watched is only a month old so these clubs should be recent.  Can anyone tell me how to get to these?  I've never seen them on the 'destinations' section.  And when I use the 'search' feature its not locating these places either.

    1.  La Maison

    2.  Image 1.png 1a.png the name was not stated and I could not see any names in the club.  Is it called MANAGERS?

    3.  Bishes club

    4.  Plush




  17. I'm very new...

    A few days ago I did see an option somewhere that was a 'slider.'

    And it had to do with if I want the game to upload as high res or low res.

    I wish for  the game to be uploaded LOW res.  But, now I can't find the slider to control this.  

    Can anyone help me with uploading the game in LOW res please?

    Please to help me...  Please explain in a way that someone would understand who knows next to zero about SL.  

  18. 2 minutes ago, Orwar said:

       Dances are animations, and there are various ways to animate your avatar. Most clubs have dance balls; when you click these, they will either rez a poseball in front of you, or ask for permission to animate your avatar - and then offer a menu of dances to select from. Another common method is to have a dance HUD, that you can put whichever dances you want into and play whenever you like. Some venues also have 'dance pads', which you sit on to dance. 

    My avatar did dance one time before at a club.  Would I still have that file somewhere in my history so I can make her dance like that again?  Or, once she stops dancing there is no more?

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