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  1. One thing I noticed in Mouselook is that you can't see yourself. This is usually not a problem for walking around and stuff, but if I ever wanted to use SL in a virtual reality format, I would like to see my own virtual body when I looked down. Why spend so many Lindens on clothes I never see?
  2. I don't really see the purpose of either so much. Security is provided by the fact that nobody else can rez things on my parcel, nor can they edit any of my stuff. Other than that, why would I care if they visit? And I don't understand the privacy setting so many seem to use either - I can't see any of my neighbours unless I walk on to their property. They don't prevent me from doing that, and when I do I just see avatars standing around. Can't really figure out what they're trying to hide from people not stood on the parcel. Having said that, I only bought my land very recently, so maybe
  3. Didn't you ever watch Star Trek? The damn thing's only going to break down and try to kill you once a month.
  4. The good thing about necrothreadery is that some things are interesting to read from the hindsight of 6 years later: She wasn't completely wrong, but it's far less apocalyptic than predicted.
  5. That would inevitably mean Roxanne the hooker being included in the next batch, though.
  6. That explains the last ten minutes fruitless searching then. I was motivated after reading this thread to go and meet some fresh-faced newcomers and offer welcoming words of encouragement; but tried all sorts of words like 'welcome', 'orientation', 'newbie' without finding the place.
  7. As a fairly recent joiner, I can confirm that you do indeed start off at orientation island - not at any store. You're invited to walk along a path while following a tutorial on learning how to move your avatar; how to use the camera; and how to interact with objects; then at the end there's a bunch of pavilions with more tutorials on things like building and clothing - I forget what else as I didn't stay too long. Never been much of a manual reader. I didn't really find Second Life that difficult to get my head around though. There was some confusion on what to do with my first outfit -
  8. I've heard about an opportunity that might be right up your alley. How's your Dutch?
  9. He's looking for someone who wants to live cut off from civilisation in a forest. If he finds someone who wants that, I can't see the fact that the forest is in France as being a obstacle. Aside from which, they don't have to be Dutch, just speak Dutch; which adds a few million more options. If he's willing to accept Afrikaans speakers without laughing at his future wife's silly accent and quaint vocabulary then there are even more options! I still think the sticking point is finding someone on a technology platform whose up for leaving civilisation.
  10. Sure, there's no guarantee I won't have obnoxious neighbours tomorrow, but that's no reason to buy somewhere that has obnoxious neighbours today! Luckily, a lot of the land in this region seems to belong to the same group; who've had it for a long time, so hopefully it's pretty stable. And thanks for the welcome! Still a lot of exploring to do but my immediate surroundings seem quite nice.
  11. I'm pretty new to Secondlife, and just bought myself a little parcel of land on Heterocera. I checked all my neighbours' plots before hand to make sure there was nothing obnoxious or irritating next door - there's some Linden-owned land, a small abandoned patch and two relative large landowners which, for now at least, have left me an unobstructed path and view to the road and the sea beyond - quite happy with my little spot Once I'd bought the land and was planning my building, however, I suddenly stumbled into a banline. This surprised me since I'd checked for these before purchasing, a
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