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  1. I would not charge Linden for a service you call "counseling." Even if you intend this service to be for fun RP only, the fact you're charging Linden, which represents real money, for this service may give people the impression they are paying for real life mental health care from qualified professionals. Second Life is not a proper platform for mental health care, and as a licensed mental health counselor who provides online therapy on a HIPPA compliant platform in RL, I can tell you even there it can be a hairy situation. Many people in SL struggle with real life mental health challe
  2. I'm a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in RL, and I just wanted to echo what's been offered here already. Anyone, and certainly anyone with any RL counseling experience, would know SL is not an appropriate platform for providing counseling services. That alone leads me to question the OP's claims of RL experience in this area. Like Syo has said, specific professions within the broader mental health field are regulated by law as well as professional ethical standards. This is now particularly true for any mental health professional looking to provide services online. Even when a
  3. I fully support making people more aware of mental health issues too, Serenity. We're in total agreement there, and I'd have no problem at all with the concept if therapy wasn't being offered and people weren't being charged. I'm sorry for your losses, truly.
  4. It's not a double standard because I'm not providing therapy in world that I expect people to pay me for and trust me to provide ethically, all based on my word in SL. I asked more of you because you're the one who is putting yourself and others out there as being perfectly trained and perfectly confident in SL as a legally and technically secure platform to provide counseling. If you were going to be treated by me or work for me, I'd give you my information face to face or via a platform that's designed to handle confidential information.
  5. People who are behaving ethically don't fear the truth being public. What's done right in the dark will still be right when exposed to light. Legitimate therapists who serve clients online post their real names, real country of residence, and real qualifications all the time. Your reluctance to make public what you've shared with me in private - which was not anything personally identifiable or verifiable - just proves that SL and this clinic are not the right forum for this. As I've said to you privately, if you legitimately hold the degrees and training you say, then you should have no
  6. It's not about ego, it's about ethics. Would you allow an uneducated, untrained, and unlicensed doctor treat you just because he really, really, wanted to? The ego you should be worried about is that of the person who wants to do just that without regard for the people she wants to help.
  7. 1. Here is my profile in its entirety: I'm excited to be part of SL's RP community. (See my picks for more information). I have 20 years of paragraph style RP experience outside SL. I'm a therapist in RL and an inquisitive nurturer interested in helping others, whether in medicine, mental health, or some other helping occupation. Always willing to make friends! Nowhere does it state I prescribe medication whatsoever. Nowhere. I say I am INTERESTED in RP and INTERESTED in medicine, mental health, and other helping professions. How you could read that and assume I hand out prescrip
  8. Since I replied to the original post and sparked the discussion that has ensued, I will answer the questions posed to me directly and again explain my position. To Serenityfirefly McMahon: 1. A legitimately qualified therapist would be willing and capable of answering questions about his or her education, training, and certifications, publicly or privately. I am a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Florida. I earned a Master’s degree in Psychology from the University of West Florida in 2007 and have 10 years of experience providing crisi
  9. As has been mentioned more than once by a variety of people every time this particular thread has been posted, it is unethical and fraudulent to present oneself as a therapist/counselor/ coach for hire without offering any actual proof one has the education, training, and licensure to work as a therapist. I'll ask again as I have in other threads and with you in instant messages in world, how do you verify the people you are seeking to hire as therapists/counselors/coaches have the real life training necessary to do this work online?
  10. People can write whatever they want on a form. The issue is, what proof do you have they're qualified? Do you ask for and receive verifiable educational transcripts and licenses? How do you define "experience"? Just because you ask the question and people give you an answer doesn't mean it's the truth. I did check out the application and that's exactly why I'm concerned. If this were a legitimate service being offered, you'd be able to answer these basic questions and your website would clearly define the staff's education and training in tele-mental health.. You would clearly defin
  11. I would hope they wouldn't apply, Fionalein, and I would hope no one looking for legitimate help would go there either, but I felt compelled to point out concerns anyway. As a legitimate RL professional, my ethics tell me to speak out against fraud and advocate for my profession. The owner doesn't scare me, but having read the prior thread, I hear what you're saying and appreciate where you're coming from. ?
  12. I'm definitely not trying to reason with the company (I've been there and done that too), i'm just speaking to potential job seekers, hopefully, as the owner I mentioned in my post, is still a part of the business even though she didn't post this ad this time. In fact, I'm not convinced the staff listed on the website aren't the alts of that very owner. Again, I'd have no problem if this were clearly labeled an opportunity for role-play only, but it seems the staff are intent on claiming they are something they are clearly not qualified to be. I took a peak at the employment applicati
  13. I sincerely hope no one is considering this job opportunity for reasons already raised above. Interestingly enough, I found the link below concerning this clinic in one of its similar versions from a bit ago. https://blogveridical.wordpress.com/2018/05/01/the-truth-about-tranquillity-therapy-clinic/comment-page-1/#comment-303 In addition, if you search this place in the world employment foum, you will find a May 13 thread with a similar title to this employment posting. In the six pages of the May 13 thread, many similar concerns were raised by other members. The owner of the
  14. A very good question. According to the ad, no experience is required and yet, therapists will offer a simplified version of cognitive behavioral therapy, a therapeutic approach that, speaking as a licensed therapist in RL, does require training. Also, if you look at the application for therapists and coaches, all that is required is to be 18 or over and a willingness to commit to a certain # of hours online. I support increasing awareness of mental health issues, but I do not support taking money from people for therapy by unlicensed professionals. If this is meant to be role-play only,
  15. Hi all, Is it permissible, per LL or SL rules, to offer therapy for pay in SL? I ask because I came across an ad for a "health clinic" in the in-world employment forum looking for "therapists" who "aid patient therapy services via CBT and talk therapy, and they may specialize." There is no representation made that applicants must be certified therapists of any sort. I know SL residents come to experience a variety of things and are willing to pay for a lot, but I'm wondering, are there restrictions on this sort of thing on ethical/legal grounds? ~Lori
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