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  1. 3 minutes ago, Jordan Whitt said:

    You do realise I am completely aware of this and didn't really need you to decide my comment was the "pick on one" of the day, right?  I was simply joining in the "people suck" fun with CatCake.

    But thanks for proving my point.

    your welcome..

    people suck, life sucks, the world sucks, reality sucks.. if it didn't you wouldn't be here trying to escape it all.

  2. 1 minute ago, Gatogateau said:

    That's the problem. This is not true. The stupid, by being stupid, have let loose so much virus everyone is at risk.

    My friend's relatives, the ones that got and one died of COVID, that you laughed about... did everything right and were NOT stupid people. It took one lapse with an infected delivery person.

    The stupid are killing us all.

    they must not have done everything right.. or else they would not have got covid. they made a mistake even if just a small one and it cost them.

    never assume anyone else is doing everything right.. even delivery people. you get food or anything delivered.. don't answer the door until they leave, clean everything the moment you bring it inside. then clean yourself after doing so. gown up and mask up if needed.. fail any possible precautions you have no one but yourself to blame at that point.

    covid... the great balancer.. it cares not who you are or what you think of yourself or others. no one is safe or above its risk of catching it.

    and toward that delivery person they may not have been aware they had it. you can be exposed and contagious and have little to no symptoms showing at all. not everyone shows the same symptoms upon catching it in the beginning. Not everyone gets the same symptons even after having it for several days or weeks. peoples bodies are different in how it responds to virus attacks.

    blame it on the company they worked for for not requiring weekly tests of workers to make sure none have caught it and just do not know yet.

  3. 17 minutes ago, Luna Bliss said:

    Thank you, Drakon, for entering the thread with your cheery Holiday message   :)

    your very welcome. its the truth. humans like to think they are so superior to everything and then something comes along and proves they are not on top of the world like they want to claim or think all the time. and of course humans then go into fits over it because they cant stand to be proven not as great as they want to think all the time.

    having freedoms curtailed is a humbling experience that not many can handle. having to suddenly think and worry what you do on a more visceral level day to day is something most humans don't like doing.

    humanity has become to complacent in its place on the world. only fitting that things get shaken up sometimes to make everyone realize just how lucky they are to be living. that they are not as entitled to things as they might want to think. that life itself can be taken from them at a moments notice because of their arrogance and ignorance of things around them.

    that all their little toys and funs and freedoms can come crashing down and be taken away by the smallest of things in the world. that they should be more grateful for the little things in life instead of worrying so much about what someone else has or does or what they dont have or what others think about them online or offline so much.

    covid.. the great humbler of humanity.

  4. 1 minute ago, Alwin Alcott said:

    if you had read my other posts in these two holiday threads.. music and wish, you had read, or known my view on the holidays.
    My life isn't fair for many years, but have to deal with it, i don't need excuses for overeating or family matters, for me not during the holidays, i spend time with my family 8 to 10 hours a day, while i don't even live with them.
    I dó love this holidays, for me they dó give some light and warmth. It doesn't have to be real, proven or thruth to provide comfort and support .

    you can get the same support and comfort without the need of the holidays if you know where to look and do so. to me holidays are just an excuse and nothing more. all holidays could be done away with and it would not bother me in the slightest.

  5. 2 hours ago, Sassy Kenin said:

    this is more true then ever..and yes they should be much more considerate of residents not in the USA because they are just as important if not more in some regards to the well being of having a diverse community.


    its an american based company do you really think they are going to care too much of what other countries do or dont do? as long as people pay tier, as long as they make profit, they dont really care if anyone gets in a frenzy because they had a little bit of problems for a day or two. they will get to the problem when it suits them and not before.


  6. 4 minutes ago, Alwin Alcott said:

    you'r right in that :)  but doesn't really matter when we celebrate his birthday, although it's most likely miscalculated some years and a season to late. The shephards wouldn't be in the fields at end of december, in winter time, from october on they would be in the villages. ... also we'r about 6 years wrong about the year... funny he's born around 6 years before year 0  :)  The story is "borrowed" from Egyptical and/or Hellenistic legends..,.

    but don't we need some warm stories in this time?

    you want warmth, turn up the heat on the heater. or go stand by a fire.

    life is life. its not always fair or nice or pretty. either way you still have to deal with it and move on. holidays are just an excuse to overeat and then whine later about needing to loose the weight. they are also just ways for people to get extra days off from work if working.

    you want to spend time with family, you schedule it in to your normal life routine instead of needing a holiday as an excuse of when you can spend time with them.

  7. 58 minutes ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

    I'm pretty picky about sofas & chairs; I don't really like too many styles.  Thus I get ticked when I find something I like and it is fairly low LI -- 7 LI for the couch -- but then I find that it has zillions of triangles and textures.  How in the hell does someone even justify making something like this couch?  


    because they can and chose too because they don't care if others don't like it, because they did after they were done with it.

  8. 1 hour ago, Annabella Atheria said:

    I have noticed some store creators use 3D type models in their clothing ads.  I am not sure if im allowed to mention any of the ones I have seen..But if so two I can think of are LSR and Scandalize.  Even Ricielli has very realistic models in their ads.  Does anyone know if its just an external program they use like photoshop or are those avatar skins real.  If anyone knows please let me know.

    usually its been photoshopped to make it look more realistic to try and entice you to buy it. It normally wont look that good on a normal pc. It would require running on ultra to even come close to the looks in the add.

  9. 16 minutes ago, RangiUtu said:

    Anger issues much or are you a Linden? I've been a first responder and know what it's like to work every holiday away from family. She/ he could be too. Why the 'tude mate? Chill.

    no attitude at all, just simple truth. not all companies do or have to require their employees to work the holidays even if they provide a 24/7 service. just because secondlife itself and the forums does not shut down, doesn't mean they have to have a full support staff available on the holidays. because a normal person will wait until the next day instead of panic or complain like an entitlement minded child.

  10. 2 hours ago, RowanMinx said:

    I do see your point if you have more than one avatar.  However, unless you're expecting the slex 24/7, take the dang things off.  Make a folder that is at the very top of your inventory and store it all in there.  I'm sure your partner of the day can wait a moment while you get it attached.  That's what foreplay is for, right?

    no, not all can or will wait, they want instant slexual gratification the moment they start the rp, it better be in sight or it ruins the immersion to some.

  11. 2 hours ago, Drake1 Nightfire said:

    How do i check my level?  I never got a loot crate.. Nor is there plot or a storyline. What you are describing is ROLEPLAY within Second Life. That's like saying my house is a game because a bunch of friends gather on saturdays and we play D&D.. No, you can play games within it, doesn't make the platform a game. 

    My PC isnt a gaming platform, simply because i can play games on it. My father has NEVER played a game on his PC. The platform is simply that, a platform. What you do on it is up to the user. 

    to some that is the same as playing a game. there is no difference to gamers. table top, pc, console its all a game to them. so they will call it a game regardless what kind of platform its on or what others want it to be called.

    if you can play games on it or in it its gaming platform to a gamer.

  12. 35 minutes ago, Drake1 Nightfire said:

    I can play games on my TV, does that make my TV a game? We played Monopoly on the porch yesterday, is my porch a game? Just because you can play games within a platform does not make that platform a game. You can play games on Facebook, which is most assuredly not a game. 

    For SL to be considered a "Game" in the popular sense, it must have rules all must abide by set forth by the creators of said "game." "Games" have goals, what is the goal of SL? How do i level up? Where are the loot crates?

    Second Life is a social media platform with pixel dolls. The sooner we stop calling it a game, the faster the Steam gamerkidz will stop coming here and whining about the lack of content and how badly optimized it all is. 

    its still a game to some people.. yes you can level up.. yes you can get loot.. yes it has a plot and story line and a goal in some cases.  just depends upon the rp, or the combat hud you are using.

    if you can play games on it or in it, it a gaming platform. so yes even facebook could be considered more than a social media platform. for there are some that go on facebook and only place the facebook games and do nothing else.

  13. 22 minutes ago, Prokofy Neva said:

    It's worth mentioning that Oz Linden tore himself away from his sweet potato pie with bourbon (!) to TP into Ravenglass Realm and Belarus to see if they were working -- they are now because it got fixed about an hour or so again.

    Vix Linden answered my ticket.

    As I said, the Lindens are often nicer and more thoughtful than the forums geeks, although they are brothers from another mother.

    Now, is this because I put a post on the forums, sent two tickets, and raised Cain? Yes, that's likely, because both of these Lindens know that I complain a lot and blog and everything else and I realize they barely tolerate me but that's ok. Oz, for example, whom I have met in RL in 2010 has stayed the distance and is a grown man, unlike that scripter I hired once in SL named "Meatwad" who told me he was late with the job because his mother hadn't picked him up from school yet, and no, he couldn't finish it tonight because he had math homework to do. AFAIK Oz's math homework has been finished for decades, and he has worked for real companies in the past. 

    Sir Vix I don't know at all. I think he's in charge of customer relations maybe? But then he's at those tech office hours. So who knows. Recently, I sent Sir Vix a painting by Earl Dinkins, no. c21, the one titled:

    A Lake Cottage Built Exactly to Shoreline Edge and Questionably too matched to Water Level

    Because I felt it had his name on it...If you don't know Earl Dinkins you must hurry on down to his gallery in Saimaa and elsewhere. 

    So I am grateful to the Lindens who fixed my sims, and those who came online to see if I had stopped complaining yet and everything was good.

    To be sure, it took more than 24 hours, and during that time I had one person come back and refund because they blame it on me. Two others haven't paid rent yet because they feel, why hurry with the rent when the sim is down?  Two took up my offer to go to my other rentals cheerfully. One is still screaming. But all in all, I feel blessed : )

    Just because x y or z happened doesn't make you any more special or important than anyone else. It's simply your ticket came up in the que and they finally looked at it. That's all.. nothing else.

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  14. 5 minutes ago, Paul Hexem said:

    Still incorrect. You even say so yourself, paying full price for half done product.

    Further, I can demand whatever I want, however I want it. If they don't meet those demands, they lose a customer. If they lose enough customers, they go out of business. They have to balance those demands with what they can deliver. It's called "free trade".

    you can demand all you want and threaten to leave all you want but that does not mean they are going to care now or ever, because you are not nearly as important to them as you like to think. go ahead and leave, I doubt they will say anything about but the customary we are sorry to see you go..  which is sent to everyone that leaves.

    no they do not have to balance anything out because you or anyone else says so ever.

    they will never loose enough customers because new ones join all the time. so the fear of loosing you is nothing to them.

    full time 24/7/365 support is not part of the product and never was even if you want to think it is or should be.

    they never said you will have 24/7/365 support at the very moment you want it ever..

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  15. 15 minutes ago, Gatogateau said:


    Btw, regarding this photo? Taken at my own (rented) home. Guess what? I don't have a clue as to the complexity count of anything you see in this photo... or out of the photo. It rezzes fine for me. I like the way it looks/acts and my rental LI use is based on LI not complexity so... yeah. Zero effs given for whether the items could be made with more efficient design.

    As someone with an education in design (industrial/graphic) and mechanical engineering, elegance of design is appreciated. I get the low complexity ideal. I just... nope... not in SL... not if I don't have to.

    If, on the other hand, someone likes to derez everything that isn't up to snuff, won't purchase anything not ideally constructed, etc. etc. I tip my virtual hat to that, too. I get it. I'm just not doing it because, gee, I dunno, I'd rather shop and explore and dance and perv and chat and take photos and...

    stop making me agree with you.. this is not allowed..

  16. 10 minutes ago, Paul Hexem said:

    Incorrect, in so many ways.

    But, clearly enough people like paying full price for half products, behavior like this has become common. I blame millennials that like abuse, personally.

    not incorrect in any way at all. You are not nearly as important as you like to think you are. You have no special rights or entitlements or anything about how the company has to act in what ever manner you like or want.

    the fact you cannot understand this, means you lack full grounding in reality and like to live in a fantasy world of your own making at times. where you think you are special or important and deserve to be treated in special ways.. your not.

    anyone that pays full price for a half done product has no right to complain about their own stupidity ever. as said before the customer is not always right and never was or will be. no matter how many arrogant or delusional people want to constantly profess this to be true. its not and never was.. so take a reality check.. your not in control over the company and how it has to make you happy at all. you are a number to them nothing more.

    they done owe you anything but what you agreed to, nothing more.

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  17. 13 minutes ago, Paul Hexem said:

    I haven't seen anyone in this thread ask for 100% uptime.

    I work in a 24/7, 365 industry myself. We have someone there, 2 AM on Thanksgiving morning (up until recently, that was me), to make sure if something does go wrong, we can handle it. Because we're charging for the whole year- not the whole year except days we want to take off.


    Attitudes like yours are why software companies got into the habit of releasing unfinished, broken stuff for full price.

    If they can't staff holidays, they should be giving us discounts during the months that include holidays. Since they don't, then that puts this squarely on them, not us.


    your not entitled to any discount just because they are not there 24/7/365 just because you think they should be.

    no it puts it on you and your complaining that the company wont act or behave how you think they should, when they don't ever have to no matter what you think is right or fair or not.

    just because you work in a 365/24/7 company that does not give holidays is your own choice. Other companies do not ever have to be how your company is, no matter what sort of service they provide.

    if your dumb enough to buy an item at full price when its not finished that is your fault and no one elses. wait for the reviews, dont just jump the gun and buy just because you want it nowz and cant wait a few extra days or weeks until the reviews come out about it. people who do that have no right to complain at all for their own stupid mistake of buying early or not doing proper research before buying something not finished.

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