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  1. 1 hour ago, Ziggy Starsmith said:

    Well isn't that special. Hope your home crashes for a week. Nice try trolling me. You get a life!

    You tell me to get a life but obviously you can't read because I have a very busy life and premium is alot of money to pay out just for nothing. 

    I am a front line worker, been working all through this Covid thing and all I ask is when I have a bit of downtown from a busy life that it works and I can go to my own home in SL and issues that prevent that can be fixed in a reasonable time. You? Just a keyboard warrior Mr Tough Guy.

    it would not bother me if the home i go to in sl crashes for a day a week or a month, I have other places I can go to and enjoy my time in world.

    it doesn't matter how busy your life is. you are not important or as special or as entitled as you might want to think you are because your so busy.

    If you have only one hobby and it gets interrupted because of technical problems that is your own fault. as i said before dont put all your eggs in one basket, if you do its your own fault if something goes wrong.

    paying for premium does not entitle you to instant service or support the moment you want it. You are no more important than anyone else. tough if you cant understand that fact. 

    thats the problem with people now days.. "oh I pay so im super special and important, make me happy all at times I say so or else its not fair." where here is a hint life is not always fair nor will it be just because you say so.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Conifer Dada said:

    I watched the video and my first thought was 'Sansar without sunshine". 

    I wonder if some people will get trapped in the miserable apartment game, addicted to the hope that interesting new features will come along one day!

    Yep some people will. Because they are hopelessly and foolishly optimistic about things getting better. 

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  3. 5 hours ago, Ziggy Starsmith said:

    Some residents work shift work and demanding schedules including every holiday (like myself) and we have the one or two days off to enjoy as much of Second Life and their sim/home with friend. When this situation happens it can absolutely destroy your short window of leisure hours. There should be Lindens available at all times to deal with issues. We pay for this and we should get some service. Just because the only time I can log in and play may be 3 am does not mean I have to suffer because it is a holiday or off hours!

    Actually no they don't have to be here just to make you happy.

    Just because you are premium doesn't really make you special or important beyond what they decide.

    Tough if you have limited time. They don't have to cater to your wishes ever. You are not in control and never will be. 

    You don't get to have everything be how you want just because you think or demand it.

    No one owes you anything really.

    Get yourself more than one hobby or leisure activity.. then it won't be so destructive if something goes wrong.

    Never put all your eggs in one basket.

  4. 3 hours ago, Arduenn Schwartzman said:

    I wish people will be able to show compassion and empathy towards the old, the weak, the needy and unfortunate in society and to muster the strength and will power to work together to rid the world of SARS-CoV-2.

    Like that will ever happen.. most people in this world today only care about themselves and how they can take advantage of others.

    Hit them while they are down.. then hit them again and again. If they crumble it is their own fault. They are just garbage or trash anyways.

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  5. 40 minutes ago, Garnet Psaltery said:

    There are few of us who could take someone's grief and turn the focus back on themselves in such a horrid manner.  Your last sentence is beyond belief given what Jordan just told you.  I have not tagged her as I do not want to draw her attention back to it.  You cannot be surprised if no-one cares about you.

    And you should not be surprised I don't care about you or your opinion either then. You can go F off too.

  6. 30 minutes ago, Roxy Couturier said:

    I'm going to take a few minutes to respond here..

    Empathy always matters. Kindness always matters.

    I don't know you well enough to like or dislike you, but I see from your posts that you're hurting. My empathy tells me that. My kindness is to tell you that you matter, that I see your hurt. My advice would be to ask you to weigh how much enjoyment you are getting from a place that seems to be causing you pain. If you're not getting that enjoyment you used to get then maybe, just maybe, it might be time to take a step back and step away for a time.

    You can get burnt out on a forae. It's not giving up, or letting them win.. it's you, taking control of your own happiness.

    And that's my wish, for you.


    I have taken breaks before.. but it doesn't change. People still judge me and are rude or sarcastic or abusive and when called out try to defend their actions as if perfectly acceptable behavior.

    So why care. Why be nice to anyone.

    Perhaps I should just start to report everyone that does. Even the slightest insult or attack or rude or crude joke against me.

    Kill em all and let the mods sort it out.


  7. 4 hours ago, Gatogateau said:

    You've long blown way past anyone caring ... or believing. You have pains and hurt. Ok. Many of us do. No one acts the way you do, and if you think your antics are the way to get caring, well you're wrong. Oh right. You don't care. Except everything, including this post screams you do. This is actually a pretty empathetic bunch. I've seen it, many, many times. But not when all you do is pitch bile. Or as Amina so accurately described it: Using us as your personal punching bag. Repeatedly. Concept.

    You make up these scenes where the whole world is against you. Well, ya know, you pretty well made that happen all on your own sweetie. Boo hoo.

    ETA: It is highly amusing to anyone who knows what the OLD Forums were like, way back when, when they hear anyone complain about how "mean" it is here, what a bunch of cliques there are, yada stupid yada. This is tame. Tamer than tame, for many reasons. There are people who are still posting who have lived through crap storms that were ongoing, followed them throughout the Internet, inworld... you name it. No one here has picked on you, ever. People have responded to you being an asshat. Pure and simple. Suck it up princess.

    How about you suck it up when I respond or post in a manner that you don't approve princess. See I can do the same thing.

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  8. 4 hours ago, Gatogateau said:

    While this goes back to the "always" peeve of "people": Using the laugh reaction to a comment and because "people" abuse that emoticon as a scorn laugh waaaaaay too much, having to wonder if the recipient of *my* laugh realizes it is a genuine laugh.

    This has been brought up before at how eye-rolling annoying that scorn laugh over use is. Has been for quite a while. There was one prolific poster who is no longer posting (much) who trolled people relentlessly with it and it has been used by many since. 

    There's good usage of the rare, perfectly timed scorn laugh. Sadly, we'll not see those days again. This is why we can't have nice, sarcastic things.

    Sarcasm is not nice in any form.

  9. 3 hours ago, RowanMinx said:

    Actually, it's at about this point, it just becomes comical.  I no longer see its original posts, but it's quoted often enough and the blah blah blah is the same as on every dang thread it ends up on.  Pity and laughter.  They go well together.

    ETA:  peeve. When your favorite fuzzy warm socks get a hole in the toe.  😩😭


    You ever think that sometimes the laughter may be to cover up the pains and the hurt.. probably not.. because you don't really care.. so you know what.. F you too.

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  10. 1 hour ago, animats said:

    Someone in Russia made a game that's intended to be boring - "It's Winter"

    It’s nighttime and you find yourself in a small, dark flat in a nondescript suburb in Russia. You look out of the window and see the courtyard covered in snow, illuminated by street lamps and the cold neon glare of store fronts. You turn on the light switch and look around your apartment.

    You can make eggs on toast, turn on the radio, take a bath, and take out the trash. You leave the flat and go for a walk around the deserted courtyard. The corner shop and beauty salon are both closed and the playground is eerily empty. In fact, there are no people to be seen wherever you go. “Nothing awaits you: there is no chance to get out, no room for adventures, nor a breathtaking plot. All you have to do is experience the precisely detailed, pixelated mundanity of the world around you."

    Somehow that feels all too familiar.

    There are several games out there that have sl flavoring.

  11. 2 minutes ago, Rat Luv said:

    @Drakonadrgora Darkfold - I think it's just confusing, you say you don't care about others' opinions and that you're not thin-skinned, but then you spend days lashing out and saying you felt bullied and humiliated? I think you are nice, and I am biased because I like dragons anyway...B|

    You also say it's important to speak your mind and be direct, so I will be, because it goes two ways - IMO, wishing people death at Xmas is nasty and silly. You explained in the other thread that there's not much anyone can really do to guarantee their safety, even if they take precautions...so why call people who died of Covid 'stupid'? It doesn't make sense. I know you said humans are worthless but I bet there is at least someone in your life who you care about, and you would fight back if some random stranger started saying they deserved to die/become infected/whatever. You defended Pearl so I think you cared about her...other people will defend their loved ones too...

    Also, I have been banned from sims for nothing (me and my friend were permabanned from The Blarney Stone for dancing to The Pogues on the table...apparently that was griefing!! O.o) and have had people on SL lie to me, try to put me down, act like hypocrites, etc. Just laugh it off! Don't become bitter and try to get revenge. Why don't you talk about the things that p*$$ you off in the peeves thread...maybe others will join in with advice or tips?

    it doesn't really do any good to care or try to or have feelings or empathy.. laughing it off only goes so far for so long before even that doesn't work anymore. sometimes its better to lash out then just let others keep acting as they do thinking its ok and acceptable behavior.. sometimes someone has the be the troll until the others open their eyes to what they are doing and how wrong it is. sometimes one has to mirror back what is wrong.. in hopes that others will see and stop.. that their jokes are not harmless that their mockery or rudeness or insults can hurt.. what better way for them to learn then to hurt them back by doing the same things they do and not care either..

    taking the high road does not always work.. and waiting for karma to come around takes too long at times.

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  12. 4 minutes ago, Jordan Whitt said:

    1.  Not "everyone" has treated you this way, so for you to treat everyone like crap because of what a few do to you is just pretty much reinforcing what they are saying.  I have not joined in with anything or treated you harshly or like crap, so for you to come after my posts because a few people here hurt your internet feelings is just lame, pathetic and cruel.  

    2.  I am not asking you to be the better person, just stop coming after people who do not deserve your scorn, vitriol and nastiness. 

    3.  You don't have to care that I am sitting here absolutely devastated that the woman I thought of as a mother passed away yesterday and I am barely holding it together and am just trying to find a bit of comfort in bouncing around here, pretending all is right with the world.  But a bit of human decency would be nice.  I asked you politely to back off.  I did not ask to be dragged into your vendetta against the forum board.

    you have made a point.. a small one but one none the less.. you never did really attack me like the rest.. and my treatment of you was unfair. Even if i said sorry I would not expect you to believe me.. or anyone else to either.

    im just fed up with those that do think its ok to act and behave as they do and then if ever called out they get defensive, yet if I ever do the same im just triggered or further  being wrong in how i reply. there are a lot of hypocrites here on these forums and Im just tired they think its ok to be that way.. that they think their sarcasm or jokes are ok at all..

    honestly i am sorry for you loss. I have lost people I cared about too. or had things taken from me.. but oh well.. such is life.. you learn to deal with it and move on eventually. you cant trust anyone.. only yourself.. so I don't have many if any reasons to care or trust or respect most people here. few have showed me any reason too. 

    and my life has not been going well either.. but yet again.. who cares.. im tired of all the fake empathy and sympathy that people act as if having here and elsewhere and think they are fooling those that they do it too.

    yes I have been more snarky lately.. but i have my own reasons for it.. none that I expect anyone to care about either. so why care about them either.. why be decent when other are not.. why not just dish out in triplicate back to them or anyone else what they do to me or others at time..

    there is no internet feelings. all feelings are the same regardless of where they come from. all pain is pain regardless of where it started. but I dont think most people here understand that or even care too. because they are so used to behaving as they do because they are anon behind their nick and do not really have to care what they say or do or how it makes anyone else feel. that its ok to be a jerk.. because its online.. so why not just show them the same in return.. 

    kill em all and lot god sort it out.. no mercy.. no forgiveness.


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  13. 15 minutes ago, Tari Landar said:


    That I'm not allowed to directly tell some vile piece of..(insert whatever you want here, I can't tell you my word of choice) to gather some sharpened and rusty screws, place one in each of their bodily orifices, find some old hand tools, and go screw themselves. 

    At least, not on the forums, and certainly not to someone who deserves it the most. Then again, it's become increasingly apparent that if I (or anyone) did,  the person would use it for bean flicking or sausage fapping fodder and I'm not nice enough to give someone that amount of satisfaction. 


    Some people really do deserve a sweet kiss from a metal chair, right on the lips, at the top of some marble stairs. 



    and some people deserve no respect or care or empathy what they think or feel or like or don't like at all.

  14. 11 minutes ago, Jordan Whitt said:

    Look, I'm not having a very good time of things right now and only bouncing around here to try to feel a little better, so I really do not appreciate being the person you have decided to nitpick at today, especially as I have never had a negative interaction with you (that I can think of) unlike the people you usually harass.

    Please feel free to be a decent person for once and just stop it.

    why should I be decent to anyone. when everyone else likes to be rude or think they are being witty with their little veiled insults and attempts at bullying or humiliating or degrading me or joking about me..  just because they don't like how I post or respond at times. why should I treat anyone here any different. why should I turn the other cheek or care..

    people want to see me as vile or a troll or a monster.. then why not fit that role exactly as described. take the higher ground.. not worth it.. be the better person. not worth it.  might as well be what they call and insinuate i am.

  15. 2 minutes ago, Arielle Popstar said:

    Meh I read a few articles in the past couple days that admitted that the medical authorities are not really sure how the virus is transferring in about 50% of the community as contact tracing has been running them into dead ends in an increasing amount of cases. A lot of the lockdown stuff is them grasping at straws and its starting to be admitted.

    Honestly it is my own opinion that some are being overly melodramatic about it. I am an essential worker who covers a 500 square kilometer area daily, have a very large extended family as well as a good network of friends and acquaintances where I would hear of anyone dying or even being hospitalized for covid or any other reason and yet, nothing, zilch, nada, null. Thank God. Other then "the sky is falling and the world is going to end" media sites, I wouldn't even know there was a problem. So I don't see the need to get too freaked out about it.

    for the most part there is no reason at all to be getting so freaked out like so many are doing. you will or will not catch it, and nothing.. will make it go either way. even being in a full hazmat suit will not 100% protect or prevent you from catching it at some point. Even living in a heppa filtered hospital clean house with hermetic sealing doors and windows and a clean room style entrance and exit will not stop you from possibly getting it. there is no perfect protection or 99% or even 90% effective protection. people are foolish for thinking there is or can be.

    one simple tiny mistake and boom its got you, no matter what you did beforehand. or you might never get it or even if you do it might be nothing more than a simple flu for you, that your over in a few days to a week.

    people are panicking way too much because of media and government..

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