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  1. Strange thing is.. fs can do what he wants with a little work put in to it.

    Derender all but friends. Then go back and use the nearby list and choose only the people who you want to see and set them as render normally or render fully..

    Now you only see exactly who you want to see.. gender or species wise.

    Or you can do it by setting complexity to as low as it will go. Then do the same thing above.

    You now only see who or what you want.. everything else is just clouds or jellydoll.


  2. 5 minutes ago, Mollymews said:

    it might be cultural that you think as you do - equating grief as an act of individual selfishness and framing this as a binary choice

    grief is an act of group selfishness. A group is two or more people. When we love a person in our group then we grieve for them

    about the celebratory part of remembering a person. Is not a either or binary choice. We can and we do grieve for them and celebrate them at the same time. Which is what most people do when a person they love passes


    except those that do not learn to move on or continue to hold on to those memories and feelings and refuse to continue on with their life. then it becomes very unhealthy and bad to do.

    grief may be needed, but only for a short time. some people spend their entire life locked in a grief spiral and never get out, that is just sad and unhealthy no matter what is said by anyone else.

    to grieve more than a week is just unhealthy. to refuse to let someone go is unhealthy, to hold on to ever single memory as if in fear it will be disrespectful for them if you don't is unhealthy.

  3. 4 minutes ago, Gatogateau said:

    As Seicher stated.

    No one said the OP "owns" the thread. That's stupid.

    However, the OP absolutely can state what the topic is... and has. In the OP. The community rules are to stay on topic. Whether that is enforced or not is up to the moderators. But anyone can comment whether posts are on topic, and again, the OP has the knowledge of what is or is not on topic. The mods may allow off topic for whatever their reasons or lack thereof, but that doesn't mean off topic remarks aren't off topic just because they are not moderated off.

    The topic of this thread is COVID and anything relating to covid and the posts that show the connection. Not just random anythings. That's just the truth. 


    the topic of this thread is what ever the mods allow it to be.. regardless of what the op posted. threads evolve and de-evolve as needed and change topics from one to another as decided is appropriate by the mods.

  4. 2 minutes ago, Mollymews said:

    in most cases people grieve


    only those that have not learned to let go and still hold on selfishly to things they have no power or control over like death of someone. 

    i seriously doubt the people that died would want anyone sitting there grieving over them and their death.. wasting time and life over something that cannot be changed.

    remember them and the good times, do not grieve for their loss and what was unable to be done.. that is selfish..

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  5. 9 minutes ago, Gatogateau said:

    see above. I've said that myself, when posting as Seicher the OP/author. I certainly CAN say what is and is not on topic, since I wrote the frikkin topic.

    The topic is COVID and things related to COVID, not everything under the sun. Whether the mods act on that is their whim, but it doesn't change the fact that this is the clearly stated topic.

    I get angry when trolls purposefully try to shut down threads that the general forum population find useful... like the old peeve thread, the how are you feeling today thread, and god knows how many other threads too numerous to recall. It has nothing to do with power. Go ahead and scorn laugh... it is so edgy and we all just appreciate the intelligence behind it.

    actually no, because you are not in control of the topic or the thread at all. once you post it, it evolves as is allowed by the mods, not by anyone else. you dont own the thread.

  6. 2 minutes ago, Mollymews said:

    is no such thing as needless grieving

    grieving is a evolutionary response, visible in all social animals, to the threat that the passing of a person has to the survival of the group

    young person passes away, the threat is that the group ages out

    old person passes away, the threat is that the group perishes due to the loss of wisdom

    those are archaic responses in todays age, the group will not die out, infact the world is overpopulated as it is(a thousand people could die ever hour and it would not threaten the population of this world seriously). there is no loss of wisdom with all the sources of what is shared on the internet. if a few recipes are lost it is not the end of the world. if a few personal bits of experience is lost its not the end of the world. maybe long ago in the past this was the case, but not today.

    so yes it is needless and selfish in most cases.

  7. *snickers* hate all you want.. make veiled insults or threats all ya want.. make judgments all ya want. it just shows what sort of person you really are on the inside. thanks for all the fish... yall keep failing.. its quite funny..

    oh and some of you really need to grow up; the use of the laugh is not always scorn. sometimes im really just laughing.. if its at your or not or what you post or not.. now that is the question.. and if it bothers you so much about its use.. too bad.. it just means your not as mature or secure in yourself or opinions or thoughts as you like to think at times.

    you like to dish out sarcasm and scorn to anyone you dont like or agree with, but if anyone ever does it to you heaven forbid.

    personally I don't care if your laughing at me or with me.. im not that childish to worry what some random person on some forum thinks about me so much. unlike some of you seem to be at times.

    oh and the use of troll anywhere near me is a compliment not an insult. if I can push your buttons enough that you use that childish word it proves how immature you really are. even if you try and claim the opposite. your not fooling anyone but yourself.

    i don't really care if you like what I say or how i say it or why I say it. im not here for that sort of inclusion.. i don't let people online control how i chose to act or respond as long as is within the tos and community rules decided by the mods.

    im not going to sugar coat my words because it might make one of you upset or mad or not like me. I am a big enough and old enough to not need to be friends who get so easily bent out of shape because they cannot handle me not agreeing with them or with their friends.

    you might like to think your morals or ethics are so important or special, while their not and neither are mine and I know and accept this. but seems some of you cant. you might think your likes or dislikes are so important.. nope. You might think everyone has to like you or agree with you. nope. you might think everyone has to be nice to you.. nope. you might think that others have to care how you feel at all.. nope.. same goes for me and i accept it without any problems.

    so yall can continue to hate me or insult me or attack me in what ever way floats your boat. your not hurting me at all. your just wasting your time and energy and breath, its not going to effect me or change me ever. its only going to make me laugh at you and all the energy you wasted doing so.

    Tdlr; for those who can't understand. I don't do the childish peer pressure game..of intimidation or bullying to try and get someone to behave how I want. It doesn't work on me and never will.

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  8. 2 minutes ago, Gatogateau said:

    84 pages... not bad. Definitely a record for any OP of mine, usually they die after about 3 pages. :D

    Most of those 84 pages provided a release for many people. There are always a few who just can't seem to keep things in control and have to pummel people with their agendas, political or whatever. The ugliness that is being displayed now is not surprising. It is the norm for some people.

    Usually I say it with a grin on my face, but now it is with a sad, shaking of my head: This is why we can't have nice things.

    It is usually the same handful that spoil everything, and the system seems set up to nurture that.

    of course it does. because that is equality of posting rights. that others can say what they want regardless of what an op or anyone else in the thread really thinks is fair or not. that only the moderators have the final say about it. that is how forums work if you didnt realize it by now.

    you down own the thread, you dont control the thread, you have no right to what others can say in the thread, no one but the mods do. but a lot of people like to think they can or do and get upset or frustrated when they find out they really dont have the power they think they did.

  9. 1 minute ago, Scylla Rhiadra said:

    I doubt that there is anyone on this forum who has not lost at least one loved one whose life they valued. I have lost several. My grandmother, who fought her cancer every step of the way because she, unlike you, loved life, died literally in my arms. It was where she wanted to be. There is still a void there where she once was.

    Don't you DARE tell me that their lives were unimportant, or that their deaths were a "release."

    Don't you DARE tell me that I am selfish to grieve the loss of someone who valued her life, and whose existence meant so much to me.

    Who the hell do you think you are, imposing your own warped nihilistic sense of the value of life on others?

    You're one freaking sad puppy, Drakona, but I desperately hope that there is someone out there who loves you enough to care that you have lived, and are alive. Because even you deserve that much.


    who am i to dare say.. me.. that is all that matters. i never said their lives were unimportant. but to grieve needlessly is. for it wont bring them back, it wont make the pain go away, it wont change anything. your just being selfish at that point its plain and simple. you cannot hold on to them forever. it wont bring them back or ease the pain. you have to learn to let go at some point regardless if you dont want too.

    just because they loved life does not make any difference. they moment they died they were released of any of their pains and problems here and you should be happy for them for that. but no you are vain and selfish and want them back even if they may have still been in pain. it was her time to go and nothing was going to stop it.  we dont get to live on forever no matter how much you might have wanted her too. that is not how the human body works.

    not sad.. realistic.. something many here cannot handle. death is not something to be sad about or feared, its a release from the problems of this world and the allowance to move on to something possibly better. unless you dont believe in souls and the afterlife.. which that in turn makes you a very sad person indeed.

  10. 6 minutes ago, Scylla Rhiadra said:

    Says WHO?

    Why do YOU get to decide that someone else's death is a good thing?


    You really are an ignorant tunnel-visioned piece of work.

    you just proved my point for me about how selfish people get when someone dies. your only upset because now you cant say or do the things with them you wanted too.. regardless if they wanted too as well.

    people who get upset when others die are too emotionally attached to things and have not learned to let go and move on. it also shows a little of their own fear of death as well.

    'omg did I do all my things on my bucket list yet!!!11!!!'

  11. the drama... the drama.. oh the drama in this thread.. its a laugh a minute reading it at times. the fights, the arguments, the 'im better than you' attitudes.. the 'my opinion is more important' attitudes. its all just a giant laugh to read some of the time.

    the constant bickering and back and forth between some people here is just hilarious.. it shows how childish they really can be. because neither side wants to quit in fear that the other side will think they won the argument.. and cant have that now can we children.

    please keep it up, its a good source for a good laugh...

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