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  1. 34 minutes ago, Orwar said:

       If you have your own region, knock yourself out with putting whatever you want with it. I was lucky to get a Victorian Linden home pretty early and was very happy with the location - until my neighbors began furnishing their homes. I cammed over to derender clutter several times, yet as they kept rearranging stuff, changing stuff, and one neighbour moved out to be replaced by another one doing the exact same thing, I was just done with it. I lived right next to a car rez zone, and about a short walk from a boat rez pier. 

       A lot of people don't live in a private bubble, but next to popular roads or open water routes, or in neighbourhoods with other people in it, whether it's renting a small chunk of land or in Bellissiera or the old Linden home regions. In my current home, the neighbours are largely the same way, this time around I've just popped a skybox high up to get away from it all. 

       I'm on a .. Let's call it 'fairly decent' gaming PC. 

       Oh and I have an average of 150-180 FPS in my home, in ultra settings, with all the bells and whistles. So, no, that's not the issue. I also have basically the bandwidth to download a double feature film in full 1080p in the time it takes me to go brew a cup of tea.

       Yeah, that's possibly true - I wouldn't know as I haven't cared to set foot in that store for ages, nor do I feel enticed to do so at the prospect of there being a horde of people there. 


       New peeve: when you have a perfectly reasonable pet peeve that's based very much on just plain facts, and people try to argue against it because they feel as if their world view is endangered by it. Let me hate that trash heap in peace. Geez. 

    You refuse or fail to understand that no one has to care how their actions affect your play at all. They don't have to care if you think their items are too complex and it is causing any visual lag for you in the slightest. Your not entitled to anything from them ever. You have no rights over how they use their land or items ever even if it affects you at all. your only choice is dont go there or deal with it.

    some of you people are so self absorbed at times that you think others have to care what you like or don't. well here is a clue.. that's not how it works. doesn't matter if you think it makes them rude or selfish or uncaring, they more than likely don't care what you think or feel about them and never will. so complaining about it is pointless for its not going to magically change anything.

    the people you complain about, the creators or neighbors probably don't even read the forums, so they are not even going to see it or care in the slightest they made your fun or enjoyment less by what they did.

    tough if you don't think its right or fair either. deal with it.. or find another place to live that suits your desires.

    'omg my neighbors are rude or uncaring; but im going to stay here and just whine about it in hopes they will change their ways' seriously....

  2. a gentlemen's club is just a classy strip club. and all strip clubs are sex clubs at the end of the day. for that is the entire reason for them existing.

    if you were a furry or didnt mind furries I could have listed a few clubs where most of the people there are chil and just there to enjoy the music of have a good time and respect each others limits.

  3. the cloud keeps changing my avatar and my clothes on my avatar everytime I log in. my collars settings are being reset by the cloud all the time.. my personal sky and water colors have been changed by the cloud. my rlv is not working right because of the cloud. the cloud is making the world a stinky place.

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  4. 10 minutes ago, Gatogateau said:

    Peeve: Asshats who whine and complain about people peeving... in a peeve thread, while having the highest post count in said "annoying" thread. 

    Peeve: Cognitive dissonance

    Peeve: Asshats, because of their asshattedness, use moderation to get perfectly fine threads shut down

    Peeve: A moderation system that allows for that

    Peeve: Someone to stupidly perverse and childish who pretends not to know the difference between short, friendly off topic side threads that are inherent in a friendly community (there's the concept they can't/won't abide) and relentless, multi-thread, agenda driven BS off topic bullies whose sole purpose appears to be to shut down threads and/or cause dumpster fires

    Peeve: A moderation system that allows for that

    off topic is off topic.. period. You want to complain about when things go off topic then it applies to everything and everyone in that topic. side banter is still off topic. 

    its by the graciousness of the mods that its allowed to go as far as it does. they don't even have to allow that if they wanted to be strict as they could be about staying on topic. So be grateful they do allow side banter at times instead of complaining about it, thinking that it has to only go how you want all the time.

    my post count means nothing to me.. sad if you think it does.

    peeve/rant threads are pointless and a waste of space, they do nothing to improve anything but let sad people stroke their ego about what they dont like and think others have to care about it or be nice or agree with them in the thread or else they are just a bully or troll.. pathetic.

    everyone including me is allowed to express their feelings here even if it is in disagreeance with others. I dont have to agree and I dont have to shut up if I dont agree.

  5. 3 minutes ago, Prokofy Neva said:

    Let me point out that Vix Linden is working today, and sent me a polite note explaining that my sim is up and engineers worked on an outage yesterday and it should be good to go now. So while they may have less staff, and may not be as instant as they are when at full strength, and may take 24 hours etc. some do work on the holidays, contrary to your claims and your expectations and your justifications.

    As Linden Lab ages, I find that they are so much better culturally than their geek fan base. Not always, not consistently. But generally there has been a rise in their business culture unlike that of the people on the forums who may be unemployed for all I know.

    just because some are working does not mean anything at all. does not mean your complaints are any more important than anyone else ever. you were gotten to when they had the time to do so. not because you were important or special or entitled as a customer.

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  6. 2 minutes ago, Nalates Urriah said:

    True. But ACI has had an impact. 

    When I first set my ACI limit at 150k there were plenty of Jelly-Dolls to be seen. I had LOTS of outfits in the 100k+ range and had to modify some to get them below 150k.

    Now I am surprised if an outfit comes together above 80k. I only see the occasional Jelly-Doll, unless I am running Black Dragon.

    So I believe the ACI-million avatars are rare. I also believe those people who totally do not care are a minority. I also think many of us are on a sliding scale between looks and efficiency. Some set there ACI limit at 50k and others at unlimited. The rest of us are somewhere in between. I think we are the majority. 

    There are special occasions and photo ops where people consider appearance more important. But I suspect most residents have some personal balance of appearance and ACI.

    I very seldom see designers turning out high ACI products... well the body and head people are exceptions. But even they have been pressured to do better.

    pressured doesn't mean they will change. some creators do not care and wont ever, same as some users. Not everyone here cares how their actions impact on others even if told about it or asked why they do it. they may be the few but they exist and always will.

    to some people this is all about them and they don't care if others are having the same level of fun or enjoyment. and no amount of complaining or explaining to them will change them either.

    and that is what my point is about. Not everyone cares or will or has to because someone else thinks they should. and nothing said or done will change it. even boycotting their store wont change it, for others will still go and buy because of the eye candy.

  7. Just now, Prokofy Neva said:

    Well, if you read my search-strings more closely, comrade, you will see that I pointed out that even web sites that are not open 24/7 -- and secondlife.com is a web site -- still have options that are open 24/7. And if something like their service being down NOT for routine maintenance was going on, they'd get on it.

    I have an idea. Instead of me going to the Taco Bell and asking for a new car, here's a shopping assignment for you: Go to the store and buy a loaf of bread, and if they have eggs, get a dozen.

    I'll wait.

    PS It's "don't" with an apostrophe.


    easily done, because that is what they carry, not because they have to carry them all the time. for there have been times I have been to the store and it had neither eggs or bread that day. did I whine and complain like a entitlement minded brat? NO. I simply waited and came back another day when they did. same goes for this. You dont get to have everything the very moment you want all the time no matter if you think you do or should. You are not nearly as important or special as you might want to think.

    grammar nazi's are hilarious when they get bent out of shape because you didnt add in one silly what ever..

  8. 13 minutes ago, Prokofy Neva said:

    This is the sort of ridiculous, fact-free statement I expect from the forums.

    The Lindens TOS or Service-Level Contract (if they have any with big business, which I doubt) doesn't promise 24/7/365 service. But it is *open* 24/7/365 with all the sims running so you expect that someone looks after them. That's normal. Like in anything in RL or virtual life that is open. Notice that a lot of things on the Internet are open obviously because they are web sites. But banks, the IRS site the Social Security site etc have hours when they are closed, i.e. they won't answer queries. But you can still use the site. Bank sites may be closed for maintenance in the middle of the night when you try to see your balance, but if you go to their ATM terminal in real life, that's not closed.

    The idea that being a customer is somehow a status that requires that you "shut up" and "never protest" and "have normal expectations" is one that only the geeks of the forums have -- it's not the norm in many places. In fact when you hear them yell and scream and carry on like banshees about something wrong with Apple's phones or their app store, you realize what hypocrites they are. They protest over nothing.

    The customer is always right. That has been true since the days of Johnny Wanamaker and the Woolworth's stores because it is meant as a mindset, an attitude, and approach to business, a willingness to provide compensation or due what you can to make it right. Only in our age where the incredibly dense geek who has made his brain like an 0/1 computer and looks for literal search-strings and literalness everywhere and guffaws at it can imagine that this statement isn't right. Really, our world has become so terrible now because of people who made themselves like computers in order to code them, pretending that the computers became like them. They didn't.

    Just now I checked my sim -- I can teleport to it. Who knows why. My tickets are not answered. I've been checking every hour because you never know. If it persists in this "up" state for an hour I'll tell my tenants to come back.

    just because it is open 24/7 does not mean they have to keep support staff on hand 24/7. not all companies do this or ever will, no matter how unfair or unjust or wrong or improper business performance, you might think it to be.

    the customer is NOT always right and never was. Try and go to a bmw store and order a cheeseburger you will be laughed out of the store. Try and go to a fast food store and demand that they offer you a new car, you will be told to leave. Go to a grocery story that doesn't carry or sell a particular item you want and demand that they do, you will be told its not going happen. go to a retail store that doesn't carry xyz item you want and demand that they get it, they will laugh you out of the store. try and go to a car sales place and demand a new car for a used car price. its not going to happen.. why.. because the customer is NOT always right no matter how much they might want to think they are.

    Only arrogant egotistically delusional people think that the customer is always right or always in control. You are nobody special and never was or ever will be. You are a number and that is it. tough if you dont like that.

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  9. 2 hours ago, Orwar said:

       Pet peeve. Creators who become really popular because their stuff looks pretty, when the meshes and textures are unnecessarily complex and high resolution, but people either don't know or don't care. They have teacups that require more VRAM to render, than my entire skybox build. That's impressively poor quality.

    they know, the just dont care how it might affect your performance on your possible potato of a machine. they more than likely made it on a higher end pc that could handle it with little to no problems. so went for as complex and detailed as they could for the better eye candy effect.

    not every creator or avatar wearer cares about arc or complexity and never will either. i have seen avatars with complexities near 1,000,000 before and when told, they didnt care at all. It looks good on their screen and that is all that matters, not if others can see it too.

  10. never assume anything about any company or any service provided by said company as to what level of support will be around 24/7/365. If you do this it only makes you look stupid. just because abc company works or has support on holidays for problems does not mean xyz company will or has too.. even if it provides a 24/7 service such as gaming. People are allowed to have holidays and not work. Just because some companies don't provide for that doesn't mean all companies have to act like that company just to keep its customer base happy. tough for anyone that doesn't like that answer, you don't get to dictate how the company acts and never did.

    You may be a customer but you are not in control and never was or will be. You have no special rights or entitlements or privilege's ever and never did. The customer is not always right in what they want, when or how or why ever.. that is not how real life works. Only egotistical people believe in such manners.

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  11. 22 minutes ago, Tari Landar said:

    My peeves today...

    The mini sips (okay, okay, okay, shots) I took  almost all day long (lmao) gave me heartburn, and I don't like it, it's ruining my food-itis. 

    Also, people that hide behind personal issues (of any kind) and use it as a means to be a-holes, but then get mad when someone calls them out as being an a-hole with some long diatribe about how they don't care, no one matters, no one's opinion matters, blahdy blahdy blahdy blahdy blahdy blahdy, I'm tired of typing blahdy....,

    and also the people that support the original a-hole in any fashion (I typed hoe.....lmao, that was way funnier) as if they get a free pass because....issues.

    I think more sho, err, sips, will fix my heartburn, I'm sure of it. I shall imbibe. 



    You can judge me all you want and guess how much value your opinion has to me 0%. Same as all the rest here that think they have any right to judge me at all and yet think I'm not allowed to judge them in return. Or get bent out of shape if I do. And yes people here do it all the time.

  12. 5 minutes ago, Prokofy Neva said:

    Again: while I realize there are legions of fanboyz who want to say how wonderful the Lindens are and how wonderful their sim is working, I'm posting this notice to see if anyone else has "Routed to wrong region".

    All kinds of companies rotate staff -- they can have staff rest, people can put in to work the holidays because they pay double time, or they give vacation days or other bonuses.

    The idea that it's "about me" is silly, or about me wishing to "control a country". What I'm citing are normal expectations in the industry. Media doesn't take time off; Google isn't closed for two days; etc.

    It doesn't matter what media or Google does or doesn't do..  there are no normal expectations.. every company is different. No two companies have to be how you think they should ever.

  13. 28 minutes ago, Prokofy Neva said:

    I totally get it that the Lindens work hard and are overstretched but then so are a lot of us.

    But...every RL job I've had has always required me to work on Thanksgiving because it's the nature of my jobs.

    So why can't the Lindens? To disappear for 2 days AND leave us with broken sims just isn't right.

    I have an island that no one can teleport to, because it says "Routed to wrong region." It's been like that all day and the bot at customer service can only leave a ticket, like me.

    Gosh, we know what that is about -- the cloud. 

    Things like this often feel deliberate to me, so while I realize there are legions of fanboyz who want to say how wonderful the Lindens are and how wonderful their sim is working, I'm posting this notice to see if anyone else has "Routed to wrong region".

    No, I can't reset the sim obviously because -- wait for it! -- I can't even TP to that sim.

    Just a skeletal staff, you know? For dire emergencies. Or maybe take one day, but be present the other?

    It's great that Walmart's etc now give workers a holiday. But people at TV stations and radio stations don't turn off their media, so something like this should have at least some bare maintenance on holidays.


    Tough if you don't like it. Their company their rules. Not for you or anyone to decide what is fair or not since you're not in control and never will be.

    A lot of companies completely shut down for the holidays. Does not matter if you think is fair or right or not. Just because you had to work the holidays because of the job you chose to work at.

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  14. 1 hour ago, Dafadilia Wayfarer said:

    I don't even know where to begin. For the most part, I have avoided responding for my own well being. This particular poster isn't good for that well being so they get ignored for the most part. 

    Acknowledging all the negative garbage is providing fuel for the little mind game to continue that they find joy in.

    I will just ask that all of you please realize not everyone with DID is like this. For those who have spoken and interacted with me even just here, please just know that. We are not all like this.

    Serious help is sadly needed and they aren't getting it. I know mental illness isn't an excuse for bad behavior. I strongly believe that too. I live and breathe it. I just know this attention is feeding into a very disturbed mind that's out to cause pain through her words. Sometimes silence really is the best thing. 

    All I'm going to say. Please stay safe and take care all of you. 

    You know nothing of me and my reasons for what I do. Judge me how ever you wish and you will fail like all the rest. We do not need the help you think we do. We are fine as we are.

  15. 12 hours ago, noobbot22 said:

    I have more..

    People who feel they are beyond the sim's rules and use side steps to skirt around regulations, perfect example a sim I was RPing in has the tag predator and prey, in their website RP rules it explains if you wear the prey tag, you are open for kidnapping by any one wearing a predator tag. Still, they only want to be kidnapped by someone of their choosing, not taking the role of prey by the rules of the RP. They now want a channel to Discord added to skirt the rule of "you are prey to anyone in the sim if you wear the prey tag." They want a Discord channel that you have to ask the person if they let you capture them but want to wear the prey label all the time but choose who can capture them. The rules state you wear the tag. You are prey, not you wear the title and pick and choose who you are willing to RP with.

    Sorry but that's not how it really works. You still do need consent no matter what tag or title you wear ever. No one has the right to ignore anyone's consent ever. Not even if it's in the sim rules. Those who think they can are not predator or dominant or master.. they are just narcissistic misogynistic abusive manipulative jerks. Who doesn't deserve anything from anyone. And have no right to complain either. They don't deserve anyone's submission or faithfulness or loyalty or respect at all or ever as long as they continue to believe in that bs attitude.

    You sir are what is wrong with the sl bdsm groups in general. People like you who think you can ignore choice or consent or limits or boundaries or safewords or think logging out of rlv is cheating. Or having limits is cheating. Or that limits are meant to be pushed or ignored or broken. People like you are just disgusting.

    Consent and personal preference trump all sim or group rules always. No sim or group owner ever has any say any different ever. 

    It doesn't matter if it's a carp sim or not consent trumps all rules. So if a person refuse to consent it's their choice regardless what anyone likes or not. It's not your right to force anyone against their will ever. No matter your title or tag. The fact you don't understand this is the problem.

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