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  1. I was playing around with lighting, what do you think?
  2. i've decided to go back to belleza, but i'm not sure which one, yet.
  3. these are sort of what i meant by k-fashion, i hope the pics help.
  4. i know this might obvious, but i think the op has fled, lol😂
  5. lol this theard is just too funny.
  6. i've changed my look again, this is what i look like now.
  7. ah, did you set the neck of the body to 0?
  8. I'm asking because I don't know and need some help in this, i'm wearing slink hg.
  9. did you watch the genusproject group chat?
  10. that sentence is all nosic to me as i have potato pc, but it copes with sl. and facelights are annoying as i took it while shopping.
  11. hm...i have both (that's me being part of the beta) and love it, but i'm yet to find a skin for it, oh and their's a powder pack coming for the head soon. (that's what i look like right now.)
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