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  1. It is. You are my savior -again- Thank you :***
  2. Hii. Does anybody have any idea what these shoes are called or who made them? I've tried looking everywhere but I can't seem to find anything. These are the only shots I have of them so the angle is a bit weird. ^^
  3. I have everything at ultra as it can be seen in the screenshot hehe Running a beast. settings are not a biggie. That's exactly why I wanted the most complex skin. So I can marvel at it all day long
  4. League Sadie pale tone and Izzie's Mole applier. 😍 I love it and the fact that it was even advertised in the Catwa Mainstore helped me decide as well. hehe
  5. 👑Thank you so so much for taking the time to detail everything!! I'll share here the result once I decide on a skin ^^
  6. Hii. This question has been probably asked a lot but I wanted to be very specific on the topic. I am looking for stores with the best Milky/Pale/Light Beige skins with very realistic complexities (skin pores, cleavage shadows, moles etc.) So far I have tried: 7 deadly skins - decent, but not as complex as I have in mind. Pumec - very good faces, not enough pores/moles/shadows on the body Mila - Very good body skins, too much blush on the face *Ys&Ys* - comes closest to what I have in mind. What else is out there? ^^ ~p.s. I am wearing Catya/Maitreya.
  7. Thank you so much everyone for pitching in tho ❤️
  8. It's alright I eventually went Catwa and Maitreya ..
  9. I was blessed that a very patient and knowledgeable man tagged along. all this is his work. xx
  10. Ocacino is basically able to communicate with absolutely any Mitreya clothes with a little alpha adjusting. I honestly did not expect to get that result but after almost 10h we did it and I think it looks amazing. Still have to work on a few things but we're getting there.
  11. The real issue was that both head and body were Omega ready but were unable to comunicate with any layers without the https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Generic-Router-for-Omega-Heads-v21/7337832 as soon as we opened it we added as many layers as we wanted: here I am wearing 2 different makeups non-normie but omega, lashes, eyebrows, lipstick, beauty marks and all at once and i am so thankful for it. ps NO items worn here are Normie yet they fit like a glove.
  12. Okay so after so many hours of hard work with the great great help of a friend I was able to make everything possible. Head and body were missing Generic Omega Routers. Below find the before and after results:
  13. Got it. It is not listed. i wanted to buy a relay except there is no one for Normie or Utilizator. But .. thing is i know a ton of users simply customizing it and saying the relay is like.. in the head, scripted in the head and the same products i used.. worked for them x.x
  14. The HUDs are all so pretty and they have so many options I CAN'T SEE on my face
  15. It is and i have already asked ... basically i did read descriptions and i only bought anything that said (for Omega compatible mesh heads). i go to sandbox land, i unbox them, i click wear poof nothing happens. Now i am prolly a dum dum about all these but those lips should have worked, am i right?
  16. These are two example. Says omega. i don't know why they don't show. these as well https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LIVIA-Enchanted-Lips-Omega-Appliers/13010279 They say (for Omega compatible mesh heads)
  17. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MJN-Illuminati-Lip-fatpack/12474445 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MJN-Smear-Me-Lip-Fatpack-Gift/9912490
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