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  1. Walking through a furniture store, and saying out loud "I wonder how much Land Impact that couch has..."
  2. Thank you for listening to feedback and leaving the number of basic groups as they are. Much appreciated. I haven't gone through every page here so I don't know if this has been answered or not, but... My question now is, why wasn't this announcement about the price changes sent via email to all SL users? These are very important changes, and not everyone is on the forum and or reads the official blog. I mean, I got the email from Sansar about their recent "No more transaction fees". Just curious to know why Linden Lab hasn't done the same for Second Life...?
  3. Most of what I want to say has been more eloquently said by so many others here. All I want to say is that after this announcement, I went to my one alt premium account and reverted her account to basic. I could barely afford her on premium before, but made do. Now there's hardly any incentive for me to keep two premium accounts. Ten groups more? More offline IMs? Sorry, I can't afford even that price increase for something I personally don't need. If in the future there are more perks (ie. higher weekly stipend, higher LI limit, free choice of new LL homes), then I'll reconsider upgrading my alt back to premium. As it is now, it's a no from me. Edit to add: I don't think it's necessarily unfair that there's a price increase. But I do think that you should add more incentives for people to want to go premium or at least stay on premium. I don't think it's a good idea to take stuff away from basic account users (like reverting to 35 groups) and expecting them to be okay with it when they contribute just as much or even more than premium members through their purchases. Give more within reason for the price increase, don't take away things that people already have.
  4. I came across this on my travels over Bellisseria, and thought it might be interesting for others to see it too.... Found up the mountains near Fox Chase: A new Linden Homes security system? A sleeping giant stuck in the mountain? Linden Labs trolling us? The Illuminati? Theories? 🕵️‍♀️
  5. I adore your decorating and colour scheme! Very sweet and cozy ❤️
  6. The only sense of "community" I got out of my old Linden home happened once, a few weeks after I got my house. I was just changing my clothes and skin in my house, you know, normal stuff. I suddenly get an IM out of nowhere, asking me to TP them to my location. Mind you, at the time, I didn't know anything about parcel visibility. So in hindsight, I was most likely visibly naked to outsiders camming in. And this random dude just... wanted to TP to me without even a Hello first. Left me with a very, uh, "strong" community feeling 😂....
  7. This is so nice looking, thank you for opening up your home like this
  8. Aww, I wish I had been in the same timezone so I could've been part of it XD Welcome new Bellisserians! ❤️
  9. You can just "claim" the house via the webpage, and you can then click the "Go to your home" button to go to your house inworld. You can log in later if need be
  10. I love it too 😎 I just got it from Moon Rabbit
  11. Any upcoming Bellisseria Welcome party should have this on the playlist
  12. Was looking and camming around a bit earlier. They've done such a gorgeous job! I'm excited for the new homes, even if I'm not going for one of them. And I'm happy for everyone who will be able to get a beautiful home in Bellisseria
  13. Lucky I got to see them before they left. Had a nice chat about the state of the greenery around Bellisseria... 😉
  14. I'm loving these cute designs ❤️ I will have to come by soon
  15. I went there earlier and cammed in. Found a helicopter too: We have ourselves our very own Bermuda Triangle... The Bellisseria Triangle, if you will 😉
  16. Hello everyone This is my first time posting in the forum, but I've been a member of SL since 2010. However, I took a loooong break - from around beginning of 2012 to around mid last year. I came back because I was always left nostalgic about my experiences in SL. When I came back, there was a steep learning curve. But I let myself sign up for a premium account, and had myself one of the original Linden homes in the Radium region. I liked it.... but it was too stuffy, too prim restrictive. So when I saw the Linden Homes preview on the Destinations tab, I looked around and got really excited. When I heard they were released (by perusing the forum here), I jumped on claiming one. And after two weeks of moving bits and pieces and adding and subtracting stuff, I'm ready to share some photos Sorry for all the photos on my first post, but I was too excited and would have included more, but I'll leave it for now (or until I do a major change)
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