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  1. Hi! I'm Dreamy (Sheila Guisse), and I've been around for almost 13 years. I feel old as it sounds but I'm still not grumpy, don't worry! 🙂 Say Hi In World if you'd like 😄
  2. Sorry if I am offtopic. how does this work? You post that you're about to leave the Linden Home. How can someone get it after you post about it? Do you have to go through the page on the website? Can someone ELI5 to me please? Also, do you have full control over the land the LH are on? (Except Terraforming, which I suppose can't be done)
  3. Apparently it can be done, only if the tattoo appliers support it. THere's no option on the HUD to do it
  4. Actually with maitreya you only need one tattoo layer, and you just select where to apply (left arm, right arm) using the hud. And that way you can have asymmetric tattoos. I knew it already, I come from Maitreya; that's why I've been wondering how it's done for Legacy. I can't believe they don't have such a feature, since every body does nowadays
  5. Is it possible to do asymmetric tattoos with TMP Legacy? Also, it seemed that through advanced material editor you could use system tattoos as texture to apply. Am I misunderstanding something?
  6. while I can definitely appreciate the effort LeL has put into their new heads, I'm not really satisfied with the slider response in the head, so I got back to Genus. I have LeL Nova, don't know if the other Evolution heads have the same issue.
  7. New avi, made from scratch following (loosely) a reference on pinterest! A good friend has helped me checking out for mistakes and to try getting proportions right. Really satisfied, as it's the first time I do a look all by myself, so it feels really nice to rock it around ^^ On a side note, I'll go a bit OT and ask: a suggestion on a good AO? I'm tired of VISTA, I'd like to change. I know I could make one myself using Firestorm's AO but I'm concerned about the cohesion of the animations I choose. Some help would be appreciated
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