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  1. Creators make cute shapes, and for people who suck at it... well... It helps, a lot. They make pennies for selling those shapes. I think shapes should be more expensive. It's what makes you unique. Heres an example of a face a bought back in the day but tweaked to my liking. Also the other most important thing is a good skin.. Hell it can change your Avi
  2. Hello Macaren. I am hoing to give you an SL prostitution 101. The most important thing is that you need to invest in your avatar. Have a mesh body, head and clothes. Problem? You need Lindens. You can Buy lindens or you can start waiting for clients in sex sims. Offering voice is the best option to earn lindens. Because people tend to care less that you are new to second life. This option is the slowest and you must be patient. If you have a good Avi you can then apply to SL strip clubs, meet clients and receive help in emoting and offering your services. For people to hire you you need to be truthful with yourself.bif you are new to everything 1000L for text and 2000 for voice (15 minutes but be more flexible at the start). Whenever you have mesh and a good escorting level. You have good feedback etc... And then I would up it all 1000L. Prepare a ratecard with all the services you offer, a description of you, what you are into and a professional photo. The professional photo is important for people to hire you
  3. Any active Sims for medieval Roleplay?
  4. I am looking for a way to see my face and not think of all the other people in SL. I don't think i would be able to identify my avi if someone bought diferent clothing and hair and changed the look. I want to see that face and remember that face. That way i can create a persona for myself and not be like any other avi. Does anybody know any accesories that can make your face unique? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I just want different
  5. Hello, I want to edit a face so that it is unique to me. But i want to make it memorable... What is the best option? Piercings? Asymetric face? Skins? Beauty spots? Freckles? Custom makeup? Eyes? Any advice is well received
  6. thank you sooo much, its all sorted now
  7. But then I would not have the bento hands right? And all the maitreya hud
  8. Once I put it on will I be able to go back to maitreya?
  9. the thing is the head looks funny aswell ill send a photo
  10. I dont think it is the demo because it does not let me see the face propperly
  11. I have a CATWA head demo but when I put it on there are two lines on my face indicating something is no right. I on the floor that it needs bento viewer but I dont know what it is, how to get it or how to install it Please help so I can actually buy a Catwa head
  12. The point is that I get paid, not the other way round
  13. (GMT+01:00) This is my time zone. The times im on varie but we could always find something that suits both. I am mostly available after 6 pm in my timezone
  14. I am a spanish 18 year old fluent in english. I offer any RP wanted be it master slave etc... I can look any certain way if you buy whatever you want for me. I like having nice things, getting nice money, and having a nice time with you +18 content allowed
  15. You can MI me inworld as tontipichulino. I do voice verify that i am a woman.
  16. Hi, i am interested but i am new to this world. is there a problem with that?
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