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  1. thank you sooo much, its all sorted now
  2. But then I would not have the bento hands right? And all the maitreya hud
  3. Once I put it on will I be able to go back to maitreya?
  4. the thing is the head looks funny aswell ill send a photo
  5. I dont think it is the demo because it does not let me see the face propperly
  6. I have a CATWA head demo but when I put it on there are two lines on my face indicating something is no right. I on the floor that it needs bento viewer but I dont know what it is, how to get it or how to install it Please help so I can actually buy a Catwa head
  7. The point is that I get paid, not the other way round
  8. (GMT+01:00) This is my time zone. The times im on varie but we could always find something that suits both. I am mostly available after 6 pm in my timezone
  9. I am a spanish 18 year old fluent in english. I offer any RP wanted be it master slave etc... I can look any certain way if you buy whatever you want for me. I like having nice things, getting nice money, and having a nice time with you +18 content allowed
  10. You can MI me inworld as tontipichulino. I do voice verify that i am a woman.
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