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  1. You visit our location in world at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sanctuary Of BLISS/156/124/1002 you can either pick up an application off the wall or send me an IM and I will pass it on to you! Ada Snow (adahendrix)
  2. Sanctuary of Bliss is now hiring for all positions! We are a popular Lifestyles club primarily for Femdomme, but we welcome all! We are a close knit community and all who join us are family! We have a full sim that is ever expanding! We offer everything from dancing to community gaming,shopping, and rides! A great place to spend time, getting to know wonderful people and making new friends! L$ range from L$600 on a slow night and up to L$5000 on a busy night! To apply, visit the club in-world and grab an app from the wall or contact Ada Snow (adahendrix) for more information! We look forw
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