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  1. You visit our location in world at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sanctuary Of BLISS/156/124/1002 you can either pick up an application off the wall or send me an IM and I will pass it on to you! Ada Snow (adahendrix)
  2. Sanctuary of Bliss is now hiring for all positions! We are a popular Lifestyles club primarily for Femdomme, but we welcome all! We are a close knit community and all who join us are family! We have a full sim that is ever expanding! We offer everything from dancing to community gaming,shopping, and rides! A great place to spend time, getting to know wonderful people and making new friends! L$ range from L$600 on a slow night and up to L$5000 on a busy night! To apply, visit the club in-world and grab an app from the wall or contact Ada Snow (adahendrix) for more information! We look forward to any additions to our family and are willing to train newcomers! Visit our Facebook page for updates and event listings!
  3. This is on an adult sim so all applicants must be at least 18+! Arcade and club has expanded and we need dancers and many more positions filled. Some positions require experience whereas,others,do not. We offer training classes for people that have trouble emoting and we are also offering training for DJ's! Please contact adahendrix resident or lilmarshmello23 resident for more info! Thank you!
  4. I am in need of more hosts for my arcade/nightclub.I have several DJ's and large amounts of traffic pouring in and I am the only host.If anyone is interested please come visit us and contact me! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Amelia/72/64/21 Thank you!
  5. so a friend of mine from RL decided she wanted to start SL as well,but when she tries to run it it crashes and she get's the crash logger.I have read other threads to find answers but they all say try a third party viewer.However,you can't accept the TOS in other viewers (to my knowledge) is there a fix for this?She is really eager to get in world xD Thank you to anyone with any info :)
  6. they mean land in the sky where you can put your own home down.they are more private and a lot cheaper. To OP: If you IM me I will share some of the skyland rental office LM's I have and maybe you will find what you're looking for.
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