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  1. Thank you very much Josephine; While I have tried hair from Doux before, this is exactly what I'm trying to avoid; the hair being tied too high above the back of the head, with too much hair. I'm going for a conservative look, something a somewhat older woman might wear, while cooking, doing chores, outdoor activities or in a business setting, rather than a more youthful, fashion-forward look. I'm looking for something very neat, and not too fashion-forward; just a very classic, high quality mesh ponytail with no fiddling with hairbases and such, if possible. If you see the pictures I attached, especially the one in the top-left corner, that shape and look is exactly what I'm looking for, with no luck to date. The hair is tied a bit more lower than what you see in many of the most popular hair sold on the marketplace, and quite neat with no strands of hair splaying all over the place in every direction. Rezology seems to have some similar items, and a search for "low ponytail" yields some results, but nothing conclusive. - Charlotte Sinclair
  2. Hello, I'm looking for a very basic ponytail hairstyle for my avatar that is neat, sleek and would work well in a business setting; the kind of hair a little school-aged girl would have, but for adults. However, looking through the marketplace for quite some time, I'm surprised I can't find what seems so simple; nearly all of the hairstyles I've found were messy, extremely long and voluminous types, with lots of hair covering the forehead, tied high above the head and often featured a bouffant style, none of which matches the description of what I'm looking for. 😋 I was also looking for some military style buns some time ago and the community was able to help me tremendously, offering quality suggestions and even helping me in-world to find a particular hair. I'm looking for neat, conservative, professional-style hair in general and I would highly appreciate it if anybody can help me again. - Charlotte Sinclair ❤️
  3. Hello animats, I have tried Clifton Forge; it was the most prominent supernatural and vampire community I could find. But I've found that during the times I'm online, there's hardly anyone there and if there is, they are intensely involved in a para-roleplay scene, which is difficult to get into. You don't want to disturb them. I've found that when I try and weave myself into the scene, they move away and ignore me. There's also usually some lone people who are seemingly AFK; they don't respond when you start a dialogue with them or they walk away when you do. I'm willing to try Clifton Forge again if there's really nothing better. I'm looking for a more active community that is more welcoming, and easier to get into. If anybody knows the names of any communities that I might want to look into, please tell me.
  4. That makes sense; I think spending time in an RP community for a long time, you will start wanting to spend time with yourself. But I haven't even gotten the opportunity to even find, let alone spend even the slightest amount of time in one. So I don't mind if people think it's bad, mediocre or a complete waste of time, I just want to know the names of some communities, bad or good, so I can experience it myself. Instead of people saying it's not worthwhile, I want to make my own mind up about it. I've had people saying something is bad and not worth your time, but I've experienced it for myself and I end up loving it. So far, hardly anybody has even mentioned the name of any community, even if it it doesn't exist anymore. I've had the best experience with other themed roleplay communities; it's easy to jump in and enjoy yourself when everything is there for you to partake in. It's not so easy when you don't have any friends that want to roleplay the same thing with you. It makes it more immersive and real when a world is built around roleplaying a particular thing, instead of calling friends in to meet up and agree on a particular, pre-scripted scene. The spontaneity and variety is key.
  5. Thank you, Orwar. I've tried looking for vampire roleplay sims and groups, all to no avail. The best I've found are "combat and roleplay" sims that have the keyword "vampire" in the description among many others, such as "modern", "elf", "supernatural"... I find in a lot of these places, most people are afk, but have really cool outfits, armor and weapons. It's really difficult getting into this kind of community, that doesn't seem to be active or dedicated to roleplay, or even combat, as it's advertised, with all of the different combat systems listed in the description, many of which are no longer active. No-one responds when you talk to them in these places. Other places that don't necessarily have to do much with vampires have the word "vampire" casually thrown in, but it's difficult just showing up and announcing yourself as a vampire, because vampires are seen negatively, perhaps due to the association with Bloodlines. That's why I'm hoping to see if anybody knows any dedicated vampire communities, at all... much like the active medieval fantasy, or modern family, town or school sims you see. I don't really mind if people think it's a bad community, or it isn't right for them, as long as I know the names of some active groups and communities at all; perhaps I can meet more people who can point me in the right direction and help me go deeper down the rabbit hole to find what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a community where I can just jump in and immerse myself in the role at any time, and build a story around my character over time, as with any other good roleplay. There's a roleplay community for almost every kind of theme and setting; the vampire theme and community has eluded me for so long, but I know it exists and there are people who are into it, otherwise I wouldn't hear about vampires so often.
  6. Hello, I'm looking for ANY vampire-themed roleplay; does anybody know ANY vampire roleplay communities, in any setting or era that focuses on roleplay, particularly vampire-focused roleplay (not Bloodlines) and not live music events?
  7. Hello, I'm involved in some military, police, fire department and flight attendant roleplay; I was wondering if a dedicated lifeguard roleplay exists on Second Life; not so much Search and Rescue, or Coast Guard with patrol boats and helicopters but a lifeguard on a beach, with binoculars, a buggy and a surfboard, going out into the water to save people and such. There are some lifeguard themed items on the marketplace; I was curious if there was much of a community like this, with active beaches or even pool lifeguards... If anyone can point out some groups or communities, I would appreciate it a lot - Charlotte Sinclair
  8. Hello, I'm looking for Chanel-style suits or jackets; the only one I have been able to find (and it comes in multiple colours) is this one - I love it to bits and I wear it nearly every day; https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/EccentriciXi-Suit-Patricia-White/5949568 But I'm wondering if there are any others on the marketplace; I found a picture of another one, but I'm not quite sure who the creator is. I've provided some reference pictures of the kind of thing I'm looking for. If anybody can point me out to some stores or products, I will appreciate it greatly; - Charlotte Sinclair
  9. Thank you, Chic Aeon 😉 I certainly didn't intend to violate the terms of service; merely to give a better idea of what I'm specifically looking for. I understand that you're not supposed to use real brand names and model names when selling your products (although quite a few do it anyway); I thought merely mentioning specific models for specific brands without the intent to advertise, infringe copyright or to deceive others wouldn't be against TOS, since quite a few people mention specific brands and models in chat in-world anyway, as well as in the description section of their product pages, and even in their product image, where they clarify exactly what their vehicle is supposed to represent from their real-world counterpart by mentioning the exact real-world brand and model name, whilst maintaining the fake placeholder name they've given their vehicles. But I guess when posting on the forums it definitely counts as content, subject to trademark infringement rules. I made the title generic just to avoid putting in real-world car names, but I thought I would go into more detail in the actual post. I haven't had any luck finding many vehicles in-world; exploring places and talking to people... just picking up neat things that happen to exist and I like, but nothing I'm looking for specifically. It's not easy finding anything in particular; I always turn to the forums when I haven't had any luck in-world and on the marketplace, and that's usually where I find what I'm looking for. I'll edit my post accordingly.
  10. Hello, I've been dabbling in the automotive community in Second Life for a while, among many other things; mostly classic cars as well as all sorts of nice modern vehicles I can find. I'm looking for luxury convertibles; most of the convertibles I find are either high-end performance supercars like Ferrari or Porsche, or classic cars, which I have plenty of, if not just normal, average vehicles that aren't particularly prestigious. I'm looking for things like a BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi or Lexus; cars that are more about luxury than performance. There seems to be many sedans and other vehicle types, everything except convertibles, which I prefer because my avatar is very tall and often clips through the roof. Also, I know I'm getting into supercar territory again, but where are all the Aston Martin and Bentley convertibles? If anyone can point out to me some vehicles, I would greatly appreciate it... ❤️ - Charlotte Sinclair
  11. Yes, a place where all of that can take place, but not just that; Basically like an adult girls school where anything like that can happen, but for boys instead of girls. Yes, that's why I wanted to find a school where somebody has already gone through that and done everything... although I would love to create my own boys' school and teach boys etiquette, positive values of respect towards women and certain academic subjects... I just don't have the means. Also, why is it mostly girls who can get a proper education? Why can't boys too? Someone needs to cater to their... needs. 😘
  12. Hello, I'm looking for an adult-themed, adult-rated school roleplaying community, be it a college, university or finishing school where I can play the role of a teacher. In particular, I'm looking for a school that focuses especially on discipline, academics and activities, adult-rated, adult-themed or otherwise, but a place where the main focus isn't just sexual activity and little else. I'm also looking for, if possible a community that is mainly or nearly entirely populated with male students, or if not a healthy mix of genders; I'm not looking for a girls school, I just prefer to work with guys over girls. I found a place exactly like what I describe above, but it is almost entirely female students. I was wondering if there was a counterpart with mostly male students. If anybody can point me out to some places or communities, I would greatly appreciate it, - Charlotte Sinclair
  13. Aww! You remind me of myself when I first tried to get into the aviation community in SL as a flight attendant. Back then I would do anything and everything possible just to find an opportunity to fill that role. Wow, it's amazing that you're a real life flight attendant! That's awesome! Anyway, if you want to be a flight attendant in SL, you should first join the Passengers of SL group where nearly all of the flights in SL are announced. Show up and hop on for some flights, talk to the pilots; ask them after the flight if you can ask some questions about their airline and about aviation in SL. Ask them about opportunities about becoming a flight attendant. There are quite a few, from my experience there is always a shortage of flight attendants in SL, so I'm proud to be one; I'm also a pilot and I could always use a flight attendant on my flights. To learn about all the different airlines in SL, I would recommend checking out the SL Aviation Wiki. https://sl-aviation.fandom.com/wiki/Second_Life_Aviation_Wiki If you're really desperate like I was, I would look for Santor's AirFlights SSAF; one of the most active airlines in SL from my experience. https://world.secondlife.com/group/47aa0c6d-5a79-57ed-63ba-854fc5e954bc?lang=en-US Look up Santor's AirFlights Airport under places in the search bar; the Captain is usually around there. Santor's AirFlights (SSAF) is partnered with Unity Airlines; that's how I got into Unity, which is also a great community. https://sl-aviation.fandom.com/wiki/Unity_Airlines After that, Nexus Air is a good airline too. https://sl-aviation.fandom.com/wiki/Nexus_Air But perhaps the most professional and immersive airline is Air Madison. https://sl-aviation.fandom.com/wiki/Air_Madison All of these airlines are the most active in SL from my experience. If you're interested, talk to me in-world, I'm sure I can definitely help you out ❤️
  14. Hey folks, I'm looking for a pistol bandolier for pirate roleplay sims that holds 6, 8 if not 4 flintlock pistols. This is the only one I can find. Are there more? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Pirate-Flintlock-Bandolier/6996185 Also, bonus points if they're functional weapons and you can actually use them. Is there such a system? Let me know... Thank you, - Charlotte "Lotta" Sinclair
  15. I forgot to mention, I use a Catwa head ^^ The Tableau Vivant BoM Hairbase is designed for LeLutka
  16. Thank you, I hadn't considered that, although I could not find any add-on buns at the Tableau Vivant or Doux marketplace and in-world stores or any other store; quite a few hairbases though. I still think a full mesh hair is still a good option, if I can find some. The search continues
  17. Hello, folks! I'm looking for some short, neatly tied hair for women like you see in various military settings. I've been searching for a simple, yet high-quality bun hairstyle in particular, which you can use in various professional settings, but I can't seem to find any; only messy styles. I'm blonde, but I usually wear hair that come in multiple colours, when I want a bit of a change in colour. The hair that I wear all the time is Thea or Melanie from Emo-tions; it has that wonderful colour and texture, but it's very long. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/EMO-tions-THEA-FATPACK/9253306 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/EMO-tions-MELANIEPROMO-OFFER/10225419 If anybody can help me out and point out some good hair that matches the description, I would greatly appreciate it. - Charlotte Sinclair
  18. Thank you, Lillith. That's a good idea... Yes, you're right; it's mostly about the roleplay aspect. when I play Call of Duty, I'm killed so quickly and can't shoot at any players without being taken out in a split-second. I might be ranking up and unlocking new things slowly, but it gets old pretty quickly. So I stick to old shooters which aren't as fast-paced and easier to play, such as Halo and Fallout. Obviously Halo isn't much for roleplay and Fallout 3 and 4 doesn't have multiplayer. At least in SL, you can get cool vehicles, gear and weapons (like mods for Arma 3) and you can do whatever you want with them.
  19. Thank you Dave, I was interested in Search and Rescue and doing a life guard role; I'm a pilot and a flight attendant in SL, and I roleplay as a paramedic in a fire department as well as a occasional police officer. I was introduced by the person who runs the airline group I work for to a person who runs his own military base and group, but it's not as organised and active as some other military groups I've seen. Nonetheless, I was hooked on all the cool stuff I saw and tried out, and the distinct military theme. I'm just wondering where I can go to find and participate in more of this, in a more involved way and on a larger scale. I don't see how a military roleplay is any different to roleplaying as a police officer or a pilot. It's just organised combat and operations as well as another opportunity to meet and chat with enthusiastic people in a community. Although flying a fighter jet alone or driving a tank or jeep alone isn't tantamount to participating in a military group or community.
  20. I'm not fortunate enough to own a computer that can run a relatively recent game like Call of Duty Remastered. The very latest multiplayer first person shooter I own which I can run at a playable frame rate is Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. The campaign had me entertained for a few hours when I first got it, but needless to say, I don't play first person shooters very often and I'm absolutely terrible at playing multiplayer in shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield. I would love to be able to run Arma 2, let alone participate in a MilSim clan or server in Arma 3. I'm not doing too well at the moment financially; they told me to stop working and cut my pay, so I would rather spend my money on things I need and not on expensive games. I can spare a just few pennies on lindens occasionally, but I'm doing everything in Second Life on the cheap now. If there is a market for functional, modern military themed products on the marketplace, then there must be at least a few people interested in partaking in those sorts of roles in Second Life. I spend most of my time in Second Life compared to other titles; most multiplayer games I'm just not into, and there's only so much fun you can have playing through single player games over and over again. The main reason why I stick with Second Life (I think this one of the main reasons why anyone does) is because of the community and the connections you make (no matter how small) with people you meet. Depending on where you go, you don't have salty, idiotic people ruining your experience by repeatedly saying obnoxious and unwelcoming things over the microphone or even spamming the chat like you do in multiplayer shooters. Sure you get rude people very occasionally, but I've met nothing but the nicest, most helpful people. At least that's been my experience. And you can do pretty much anything in Second Life. There is a lot of things I do in SL; meeting people, going to live music events and roleplaying in a variety of settings. What I suggested is just another roleplay or activity, just like any other in Second Life. The last time I asked about roleplay in the forums, I got nothing but helpful and friendly people answering my questions. If you're going to just tell me to move to a better platform or "play a better game" I'll just say, be grateful for what you have and what you can do, you're more fortunate than others and you take it for granted. I would think that the people in the Second Life Forums would like Second Life, be enthusiastic about it and talk positively about it with other members of the community... I guess not.
  21. Hello, I've recently joined some military groups, including WWII New Bastogne and and the Vietnam War US Army group in the Indochina Region. I'm new to military groups and combat sims; the ones I've gotten involved in are relatively niche. I was wondering if there are any active, decently-sized military groups that deal with modern warfare; that utilize things like laser and holographic sights, night vision and thermal imaging, vehicles such as those from The Omega Concern and AMOK Dynamics, weapons from the likes of SSOC and modern military uniforms. I'm particularly looking for those that specialise in urban, desert, arctic wafare and night combat; the variety is key, as I'm looking to experience the whole gamut of military operations. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTbxO9owfks Something like this comes to mind; I know this is just a machinima video, but are there any groups which specialize in operating and training people in a variety of combat situations? Also, it would be preferable if all the different military branches such as the Air Force and the Army were covered in just one or two groups, so that I can avoid having to leave many of the groups in which I'm active in. Thank you, - Charlotte Sinclair
  22. Hello, I'm looking to try out and get involved in some vampire roleplay that does not involve the Bloodlines system. However all I can find are vampire themed communities that don't roleplay at all and prefer to just hang out and host endless live music events. I'm looking for active communities much like the Great Alliance Roleplay group (which is Medieval Fantasy) or the Realm of New Vale (Modern Fantasy) except with a distinct Vampire theme, to encompass a whole range of vampire themed roleplay with plenty of scenarios and experiences, from a more ancient or gothic theme (perhaps from the 17th to 19th century) to a more modern theme. The atmosphere should be dark and sombre, but not just offputtingly demonic all the time, with people actually behaving like you would expect a classic vampire to, biting and thirsting for blood, even if they behave with civility and have differences in personality, instead of just calling yourself a "vampire" and not looking or acting the part like in many of the places I found. Since I'm still a little bit new to roleplaying and not too experienced I'm trying to avoid places that are too cliquish, heavy or involved, with out-of-world registrations on websites, detailed application notecards, interviews, long lists of superfluous rules and forced use of complex, not simple meters. I would also like to avoid para-rp; I want to find a place that allows you to just jump in and become a part of a story; the flexibility and openness is key for me, without too much heavy distinction between in-character and out-of-character that makes it seem too scripted, like a movie. I'd like to roleplay a human who becomes a vampire and gets involved in the world of vampires as a basic starting point, and then experience the whole gamut of life as a vampire. If anyone can help me out and point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it immensely Thank you, - Charlotte Sinclair
  23. Hello, I'm looking to find or put together a Japanese police uniform for roleplay in Japanese town sims. Does anybody know any Japanese police uniforms available on the marketplace, or any accessories that can be used in such a roleplay? Badges, helmets, hats, vests, armbands, that sort of thing? I know there are Japanese police vehicles on the marketplace, so it seems like people want to at least drive or display a Japanese police car, if not roleplay as Japanese police. But I haven't been able to find any uniforms in Second Life; do they exist, and if not, are there any good items I can use to put together a uniform for such roleplays? Can anybody point out any items or otherwise point me in the right direction? I'm looking for a female uniform for myself, but also possibly some male uniforms for colleagues. I know that some people in some Japanese sims prefer to use a more non-standard anime character, but I'm looking for more realistic uniforms if possible. A quick search for Japanese police uniforms revealed quite a diverse range of styles from regular patrol uniforms, highway and traffic police, motorcycle units, riot and public order uniforms and formal dress uniforms. Such a range would be nice, but I'm firstly looking for something basic and versatile, and distinctively Japanese, perhaps with some Japanese writing and Japanese police emblems. Some riot gear and formal dress uniforms are quite difficult to find for police; there seems to be a lack of Japanese emergency uniforms in general. If anybody could help out, I would appreciate it enormously!
  24. Hello everyone, Ever since I joined SL, I've always wanted to play the role of a flight attendant. I've talked to pilots, and some who have been former flight attendants, being involved in the aviation community, looking for leads and opportunities to no avail. Does anybody know of any currently active groups or places I can go to meet flight attendants? What kind of groups or airlines are there? I'm looking for a casual position where I can serve on a casual basis; perhaps with a few different airlines at different times, for quite a long time but without too much heavy commitment. I'm not looking to be paid, but I would love to receive proper training and join a friendly, open and welcoming community. If any of you have any experience, could you tell me what your experience was being a flight attendant and what to look out for. Thank you very much, - Charlotte Sinclair
  25. I'm looking for over-the-knee length boots with stiletto heels and pointed toes like the ones offered by Essent and Domina's Duo; However I can only find knee-length or thigh-high boots, which I have plenty; I can't seem to find any that go up to the knee or come up above the knee without going all the way up the thigh, that aren't platform boots or boots that don't have a pointed toe. Many of them have heels that are too blocky or too short. Can anybody point out any boots that fit the description and stores that sell them? Thank you, - Lotta Sinclair
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