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  1. I guess what it comes down to now is how I can increase my chances of meeting somebody like that. I suppose my best bet is to look for people in groups specifically for shorter guys (or short guys and tall women) as I have been doing. I have had some luck thus far, although it's just a matter of time and luck that I find somebody I really like whom I can connect with. Perhaps there's still some chance of finding someone in the forums, although a lot less of a chance. A lot of you have described how short and petite you can make your avatars, but for me it's not just a matter of hooking u
  2. Wow, this post has really taken off in my absence; I had no replies for a while so I stopped checking the post after some time. Thank you all so much for responding; all of these are great answers and gave me some insight into the makeup of SL. Allow me to respond to some of your replies. Thank you, Lewis. I'm not looking for realism in particular; just somebody who is a lot more noticeably smaller in stature than those tall, muscle-bound men you see everywhere. It can be said that to an extent, a hyper-masculine appearance often (but of course not always) correlates to
  3. Hi folks, I'm looking for high quality vintage style hair that would be suitable for a 1930s roleplay setting; my long modern hair just doesn't cut it. I've seen others wear hair like Truth Hair Labyrinth and Doux Zoe which work quite well, but I don't want to be seen wearing what's obviously the same hair as someone else; I'd like to find something different, does anybody have any suggestions on hair that could work? Thank you very much, - Charlotte Sinclair
  4. Thank you shiviex, I was looking for something more particular, but I had a look; it's not bad, I had hoped somebody would point out some more particular items that would fit the description I gave.
  5. I knew somebody would mention that ;) Does anybody know of any other bags like these? Perhaps something slightly larger? There aren't many of this style in SL, it seems.
  6. Thank you very much, RowanMinx. I'm so happy you found something like what I was looking for, for so long... I hope I can find more bags like these.
  7. Hello, everyone! 😘 I'm looking for a particular kind of bag in SL; not angular and rigid like many bags, but unstructured, puffy, trapezoid or rounded rectangle shaped and can be worn on the shoulder - I used to wear one all the time when I was using IMVU years back and it was my absolute favourite. I can't seem to find any like this in SL. Please excuse the lack of quality description; I'm not sure what this type of bag is called, but I see ladies wear this kind of bag all the time. I had a hard time finding any good pictures depicting exactly what kind of thing I'm looking fo
  8. Hello everyone, As a tall woman, I have always had a preference towards shorter men; guys who are noticeably shorter than me and those who aren't so dominant and extremely masculine; However, everywhere I go within the mainstream sphere of SL; in the most popular and most populated places, it's full of men with confident, hyper-masculine personalities with avatars on the taller side, with exaggerated muscular bodies, who like to chat up the always shorter women around them. For someone like me, who prefers a more cute and gentle kind of person, this is a turn-off that gets old
  9. Thank you so much Laurel; It's good to have some options; I'll certainly consider this one. I'm getting some Lara Croft vibes from some of these 😙
  10. Thank you, norajulian for your suggestion; That looks to be a very good option; I'll put it on my wishlist for next time. I've pretty much found what I was looking for, on page 20 or so after searching "ponytail" under the Hair section. It's short and sweet; I don't think I'll get any closer than this - I'm quite happy I finally found what I'm looking for.
  11. Very interesting; Thank you, norajulian. So far, this is the closest I've gotten: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/TuTys-JUICY-Wet-look-ponytail-Dark-brown/3384493 TuTy's has some simple, neat hair; no bouffant, wavy ponytail or anything extra, save for a few strands of hair on the side... they also have a headscarf with a ponytail underneath it which I have. I'm looking for something that's not that long... I already have some super long ponytails.
  12. Thank you very much Josephine; While I have tried hair from Doux before, this is exactly what I'm trying to avoid; the hair being tied too high above the back of the head, with too much hair. I'm going for a conservative look, something a somewhat older woman might wear, while cooking, doing chores, outdoor activities or in a business setting, rather than a more youthful, fashion-forward look. I'm looking for something very neat, and not too fashion-forward; just a very classic, high quality mesh ponytail with no fiddling with hairbases and such, if possible. If you see the pic
  13. Hello, I'm looking for a very basic ponytail hairstyle for my avatar that is neat, sleek and would work well in a business setting; the kind of hair a little school-aged girl would have, but for adults. However, looking through the marketplace for quite some time, I'm surprised I can't find what seems so simple; nearly all of the hairstyles I've found were messy, extremely long and voluminous types, with lots of hair covering the forehead, tied high above the head and often featured a bouffant style, none of which matches the description of what I'm looking for. 😋 I was also loo
  14. Hello animats, I have tried Clifton Forge; it was the most prominent supernatural and vampire community I could find. But I've found that during the times I'm online, there's hardly anyone there and if there is, they are intensely involved in a para-roleplay scene, which is difficult to get into. You don't want to disturb them. I've found that when I try and weave myself into the scene, they move away and ignore me. There's also usually some lone people who are seemingly AFK; they don't respond when you start a dialogue with them or they walk away when you do. I'm willing to tr
  15. That makes sense; I think spending time in an RP community for a long time, you will start wanting to spend time with yourself. But I haven't even gotten the opportunity to even find, let alone spend even the slightest amount of time in one. So I don't mind if people think it's bad, mediocre or a complete waste of time, I just want to know the names of some communities, bad or good, so I can experience it myself. Instead of people saying it's not worthwhile, I want to make my own mind up about it. I've had people saying something is bad and not worth your time, but I've experienced it for myse
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