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  1. Yes, the dress does come in standard sizes as well as being fitted for specific bodies. Those coats I tried on also come in standard sizes and have versions for different bodies too. But they're not made to fit with each other, no matter if I wear a Large with a Large or Medium or Small, or I match Maitreya or a version made for another mesh body with Maitreya, or another mesh body like Belleza or Slink. The elusive coat in question just seems to fit my dress without any issues, which is why I'm looking for it. If I can find one that's very similar and it fits, of course I'll be happy to consi
  2. Thank you, blaireberry! Those coats you mentioned are quite similar to the one in the original picture I posted and I spent a bit of time trying on the demos, but I have issues with clipping. Unless I wear it in black with a black dress, or find another very close color match, the clipping is very obvious. I've tried it with my most worn dresses and other favourite outfits, but it clips very noticeably in multiple points. I've tried wearing all the different set sizes for each of those two coats and in different colours, but I haven't found anything that fits without some clipping. I'm no
  3. Okay; I sent a notecard to the creator on two occasions only to find my IMs capped on several occasions. I'm not sure if I even received a message back from the creator but I think it was possible. I'm not sure what to do now, which is why I usually turn to the forums - Someone usually recognizes the item at some point or has a good knowledge of very helpful things to do if nobody does. If anybody can help me out, I would be very grateful.
  4. Hello everyone; I was looking for my favourite dress in more colours and I came across this one in plaid: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MYNX-Cowl-Neck-Tank-Dress-Brown-Plaid/7781264 However, I saw in the other image that it was paired with a gorgeous long coat and I was wondering what it is and where to find it! I may be wrong, but as far as I could tell, MYNX didn't offer this coat in their store. I already have the dress in many other variations - it seemed like the perfectly fitted coat to be able to pair with all of them! If anybody can help me identif
  5. Thank you so much everyone for once again posting some genuinely insightful answers. Let me address some of your answers once more: Thank you, Ceka. I did originally post a thread in the Lifestyles and Relationships section as I was looking for a partner in particular. I still am but now I'm also looking for friends and just people in general to meet. I'm interested in this topic of discussion in general; I want to see where certain people and avatar types tend to gravitate towards and why - it's not necessarily a lifestyle thing anymore or a relationship I'm solely interested in.
  6. Haha, I've never seen or noticed that before; I'll keep an eye out next time 😉 I don't usually go to men's stores just because every time I've been to them, it's full of dominant male types, even some aggressive, unpleasant ones every now and then. At least that's been my experience. As for shopping events, it's mostly women there. The guys can be a little more toned down, not so steroid-filled, but I still see more of them than not. Perhaps there are average looking male avatars there because they are looking to shop for items to improve their look. That does seem logical; I'll kee
  7. Thank you, Garnet 😄 I've never thought of that before; I usually don't have much success meeting people while shopping; I think it's common to mostly ignore people and not disturb them while they shop. Was it just the one guy? It might have just been pure luck that he was there... I don't recall there being people like that at hair shops that much; maybe at body shops like Slink where folks are looking at avatars and parts to try on and purchase? I would also think they would be at those "newcomer friendly" places, but I have hardly seen them at all thus far.
  8. That largely hasn't been my experience. At clubs, ballrooms, parks, towns and cities where I like to hang out especially; usually there's plenty of girls, perhaps some kids depending on the place and the rest are either non-human avatars or the aforementioned tall muscular men. The average-looking avatars are few and far between. Perhaps I still haven't been to enough places, but I get mostly the same thing everywhere I go. If I didn't have this issue, I wouldn't be posting here, looking to find out how I can expand my opportunities and the likelihood of meeting someone who fits my preference
  9. I have also noticed that appearance does (not always, but more often than not) seem to have a correlation with how people tend to behave. It's normal to behave in a way that corresponds to how you look and present yourself; like a billionaire playboy in a suit, a 1950s housewife, a janitor, police officer, escort, lecturer, an Arab prince or a scientist in a lab coat. There's a reason why some men don't like hanging out with males in dresses with makeup on, and some women don't like hanging out with guys whose appearance and profiles are tuned to show off their overt sexuality (think leather/
  10. Hello, As a proudly tall woman who prefers much shorter men, a few months ago I was looking for shorter men in particular and I made a forum post discussing this matter: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/458807-where-to-meet-cute-shorter-men/ It was an antidotal reaction to the widespread presence of the tall, muscular, hyper-masculine, hulking brutes you see seemingly everywhere. In the end, I established that guys with particularly short yet adult avatars (not kids) which served as a reflection of who they were, personality-wise and more or less in reality w
  11. Thank you so much, Skell Dagger; I didn't know about tagging until now. I'll have a look around starting with your suggestions. Any recommendations for BoM system pants? So far, my modern riding breeches and boots have done the trick, save for the shiny look and a thick, short zipper on the toe, which shouldn't be too noticeable unless you were staring around intently. I was mainly looking for boots like yours, they look the part and seem to be à la mode for the era. I especially love the ornate embellishments of your outfit. Hopefully I'll find more coats or outfit sets
  12. Thank you so much! I'll be sure to check out Hotdog; I assume most of their items are available in-world. That Navy Uniform Coat looks absolutely on point! I do hope I'll find more items like that. I'm familiar enough with ContraptioN; I own both those items you posted, Skell Dagger. They're mostly steampunk (obviously inspired by the 19th century) with a few thematic deviations here and there. I absolutely love the elaborate, ornate male outfits you can find and I wish their female counterparts would be far more easier to search for. With the profile tags, what do you su
  13. Hello everyone, I'm looking for military uniforms or suit outfits that are in the style of the 18th Century for roleplay; frock coat, cocked hat, cravat, waistcoat, epaulettes and all; Searching for "18th century" in the marketplace under the women's section only produces mostly large gowns and other primly feminine items. Whereas in the men's section, there are plenty of military and court uniforms to choose from. I understand for historical accuracy this is what is most commonly associated with women of the era; However, I'm looking for a more masculine outfit I
  14. I guess what it comes down to now is how I can increase my chances of meeting somebody like that. I suppose my best bet is to look for people in groups specifically for shorter guys (or short guys and tall women) as I have been doing. I have had some luck thus far, although it's just a matter of time and luck that I find somebody I really like whom I can connect with. Perhaps there's still some chance of finding someone in the forums, although a lot less of a chance. A lot of you have described how short and petite you can make your avatars, but for me it's not just a matter of hooking u
  15. Wow, this post has really taken off in my absence; I had no replies for a while so I stopped checking the post after some time. Thank you all so much for responding; all of these are great answers and gave me some insight into the makeup of SL. Allow me to respond to some of your replies. Thank you, Lewis. I'm not looking for realism in particular; just somebody who is a lot more noticeably smaller in stature than those tall, muscle-bound men you see everywhere. It can be said that to an extent, a hyper-masculine appearance often (but of course not always) correlates to
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