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  1. just got home to see the grid down any news on when the grid is up
  2. that happened to me with clothes when I first tried maitreya I learned very quickly there are things that cause ghosting I actually went to the maitreya store and the person taught me about ghosting and how it effects the alpha though I am not sure if the same applies to objects you sit in I guess I should have asked and considering its belleza I should also have asked if ghosting applies to all mesh and not just maitreya hmmm now I am wondering myself
  3. yeah sorry Love oh Love your alt is hot by the way forgot to say that I think the shine reminds me of oil idk why lolol
  4. I would be glad to help may I IM you
  5. scroll back to the 4th page when I told Callum nothing fell off the head it was the first time I tried telling people that did not say it to that detail but guess I needed to say it in better detail to get it through
  6. I have loved getting help I always ask for help all the time its how people learn
  7. I don't mind getting help its that no one is listening to what I am saying
  8. its solved my new head doesn't do it at all and is not a catwa at all it has not done it once ever since I put it on once since I owned it yet the catwa did and did not disapear when I relogged it was there when I relogged cause like I said in previous comments that no one seems to be listening to the head was never detached from my body nothing came off when I relogged everything apeared as is and did not have to put anything back on at all my new head does not have that issue i don't have to relog just so people can see it
  9. I was done with this topic last night when skell spoke on it and everyone keeps commenting so I am asking people to stop commenting on the head this is a thread towards love's alt and her lovelyness so all comments be made about LoveX from now on in this thread please and thank you as it should be and please forgive me Love for derailing your thread seems people don't know when enough is enough
  10. I am that sure of myself why cause I know how to read and make code I know what coding is I know how to design not only a website but I can pretty much do anything I wanted to if I so desired to yes it is true I am only 3 months on SL but within that 3 months I have already figured out what takes most alot longer to figure out when dealing with mesh I see things differently in terms of virtual world cause it processes in my brain differently than the average person what everyone else sees as neat colors and shapes I see codes nothing but codes and how it is all put together cause I know how it is done to do it
  11. i am happy you like your new alt Love glad to see you loving it is she going to stay human or she going to be neko or what?
  12. wonder if this could be Catwa's new logo I think its adorable js
  13. I am not some girly girl who gonna add all kinds of girly crap to my body I don't like jewelry or makeup I don't own any piercings yet though thought about it my avi is still very basic compared to people who been here years have to consider I only been here months so only just getting acclimated to SL yes I just learned about attaching things to body parts however I still stand by what I say cause if things were falling off I would have seen it the same as everyone else the fact I did not tells me there is a glitch in the design of that particular head I got
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