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  1. I cant log in is it just me ?
  2. Me too Katya thank you so much for trying and I am happy I was able to talk to you 🙂 Take care of you
  3. I honestly don't know what to believe and it would had been nice if I had been told but sadly i wasn't. I am sad for your stress I don't wish that for anybody. I did text in world to ask what was going on but i never got a reply, I do understand you had your hands full.
  4. Hi Encore i was thinking that also i will replace with xxx. I wll file abuse report now 🙂
  5. Hi I rented with "X" Estate I paid almost 2 months in advance for 1/4 only to log in today and find that my stuff was gone and somebody else is living there. Everything was okay yesterday. I spoke with a former employee and friend who then tells me that what happened was the owner of "X" Estate is pretending not to pay her tiers to "Y" Estates who then reclaim your land because she didn't pay and they then tell you that the only way you can keep your land is to pay for it again and then try and get the owner of "X" Estate to refund you. Trouble is that according to a former emplo
  6. I have had the chat extender and the object on the sim for so long without any problems. I tried taking the chat extender down also all the chat ectenders scattered around but i still get spammed.
  7. I did rezz that chat extender and I did see it at that position. I now tried muting it and also taking it down but the spam continues. I was so hoping that was it. I don't understand what's going on at all. I don't have any object rezzed by that name now.
  8. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sunway Laguna/2/1/20 this is the slurl for the second positon
  9. this is the slurl for the first position http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sunway Laguna/0/126/773
  10. [11:17] :: {JLD BDSM PILLORY1}' <0,-2.126,0.773> <0,0,0> [11:17] :: {JLD BDSM PILLORY1}' position saved successfully [11:17] :: {JLD BDSM PILLORY1}' <0,-2.126,0.773> <0,0,0> [11:17] :: {JLD BDSM PILLORY1}' position saved successfully [11:17] :: {JLD BDSM PILLORY1}' <0,-2.126,0.773> <0,0,0> [11:17] :: {JLD BDSM PILLORY1}' position saved successfully this is what i get looks like two positions i have checked both
  11. the beacons show no scripted objects at that position its just plain air nothing there
  12. the message gives me a postion but i have looked there with beacons and all and i dont see anything at all, the message says jld pillory so i went to that position an search for objects by the creator and for the name but there is nothing also bright finder does not find any objects by that name
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