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  1. So, when Im driving and go through a sim crossing, my keys for driving begin to control my cam instead of my car and its making things really difficult to get done as I have to get out and get back into my car through EVERY sim crossing and this is a nusance on an 11 sim community. Thanks!
  2. Hi! I'm looking for someone who can tech me how to script or tell me of someone who is willing to teach. I've been wanting to learn scripting for a long time, but never knew how to get started. Thanks, Richie
  3. Will check it out! Got an SURL for it?
  4. Hello! Im Richie Underland and I currently have a fire department looking for RP sims! We cover multiple sims and are very active, usually running around 1 call per day at a minimum, depending on RL stuff. If your sim needs a new FD, EMS, or Rescue services, contact us! We're very dedicated to our sims and are easy to work with. If interested, please message яíςнíє undєrlαnd (jrfan98) in world or shoot me a reply here. Thanks! -Richie
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