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  1. woah.. thanks! (also, the FITTED Kemono T-shirt's bottom is curved into me, looking like a onesie and Idk how to fix it lol)
  2. even the ears ?? and where can I get that shirt c: ?
  3. I'm new to second life and I'm trying to find cheap land for rent where I can place my own home. If possible, maybe even land that you don't have to rent ? Just buy, and that's it. I don't know how any of this works lol
  4. where can I find this head from {mary cakes} design's post ?
  5. There's this ugly seam-line going vertically down my head, it's grey.
  6. My kemono HUDs are not working when I click them (including the HUD for the kemono head)
  7. @MegaRose OHMYGOD, your avi is adorable D: goals..
  8. There's these ugly round patches on my head that I can't get rid of
  9. Where did the Elyn body mesh go ??? I can't find it anywhere
  10. How can you make your kemono avatars REALLY small? like a small kid size shown in the pics below ? (these pics aren't mine btw ^^)
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