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  1. Hi there I am Kleo chan -inernetbrat1- inworld I've always adored Japanese culture I can't take in real life Japanese classes to learn how to speak Japanese yet due to crovic-19 atm id live to learn some real Japanese so I can become a English teacher in japan in the future I'd be cool to learn Japanese anyone know where I can start I'd be a neat way to make friends to
  2. ellow im internetbrat1 im searching for a place i can get a job but also still be a femboi and i dont half to be a girl avi ... i have one just dont like using her id luv to be dancer or host i have experience in both areas
  3. hi im cameren i will be changing my name soon im looking for family and friends about me im 22 Canadian love art music writing k pop and anime woud love family and friends im adult avi im saving up to be femboy cuz i perfer it if intrested in friendship or i can join your family comment
  4. oi im Cameron i go by he/him on sl :3 im girl irl but came out as guy not long ago if your okay with tht ill gladly be your friend im not raises at all im in a relationship with my tall dark handsome bf hes Filipino along with my other sl family :3 i think its the inside tht count i sing to and love shopping in world i could introduce you to the whole ITE family theyd be more then glad to see u my user is internetbrat1 if youd like to add me <3 i do use a guy avi sometimes just a warning im 22 btw to <3
  5. hi im kitty aka kat id love some new friends while my boyfriend is busy or offline im finding my self lonely having some girl time or friend time would be awesome about me : im loyal love to shop for freebies for my mesh avi taking pics are my fav thing to do then edit them love to dance and listen to music love to sing to and getting into creating clothes im great with kids im outgoing and sweet very understanding lgbt friendly idc what raise ur or what u rp :3 im genderfluid ...so yea ..also part of my boyfriends family <3 oh im 22 pic of my avi below
  6. hi im kitty lets try this im feeling lonely in seocndlife i feel like theirs something missing im shy but i do try to get out their nothing is working so i came to hear read if intrested about me : im shy but can be out going i love anime and sweets eapcaily skittles love to dance and go to clubs im lgbtq im pansexual 21 dont care much about age lol im canadain and im the most excepting loving person you'll meet i have a big kind heart find it hard to express my feelings sometimes i do try my best i love to voice i take my sl relationships sensuously im family oriented im an artist love to sing , write poems , photography and edit pictures one day irl i would like to be a clothes deziner to always been a dream of mine i believe dreams should always be a goal beacuse you can do what ever you can put your mind to im very supprtive and very hoesnt just a warning i can be fun and kiddish atm to but mature when needed waht im looking for in a parneter: be your self around me idc if idfiy as boy girl or femboy doesnt matter just as long as your honest and true to your self id like to get to know you first id like to maybe skype or fb chat age im looking for 21-31 im gonna be 21 soonbtw im genderfluid to but got some boyish charms lol picture of me below if interneted better to reach me irl im on everyday internetbrat1 is my user
  7. hi im kitty id love some sl friends finding it kinda lonely in sl i love to dance and love anime im nerd and im 21
  8. we can always just be friends im open to it feel free to add me
  9. Hi I'm kitty ? I'm single on secondlife and irl ... I play as a femboy in secondlife What's I'm looking for : someone who is serious about relationships and will take it seriously irl and in sl Idc about distance as long as your loyal faith full and acknowledge that I'm yours I'd like you to be loving an down to earth or just be your self around me A bit about me : I'm hoping to date some one around my age or older not any older then 29 I'm 21 genderfluid from Canada I wanna be comic book artist I'm an artist love anime brutally honest fun to be around love to sing and Skype I'm mostly into my art and photography I also write shorts story's and I'm old souled I'm Wiccan I'm bisexual ?‍❤️‍???‍❤️‍?‍?
  10. hi im kitty and im looking for sl partner if we click :3 if you wanna get to knonw me IM in world
  11. hi still looking for a rp gf or bf if you want to know about me im id like it to turn into a real ldr if we get along but id like to get to know you first :3
  12. hi im kitty yea weird name but i go by braty in sl im wiccan i believe in supernatural and tht everyone has their ownw gifts umm i could write so much more im new to secondlife i hope thts okay but id love to get to know you im an earth witch /heller in training i love darkstuff im also casual goth irl feel free to IM im on alot
  13. hi im internetbrat1 aka braty im looking for a role play girlfriend or boyfriend maybe become a serous ldr or something once we get to know each other what i want to do is get to know you like voice clean skype so on about me : im bubbly can be shy but warm up to you easily if i like you im bisexual im tomboy and i do art lots of it i love to take pictures to
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