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  1. As Lillith says both the Normie head and the Tonic body respond to the sliders for your shape, well most of them (I think there are a few exceptions - foot size might be one of them). The system body is underneath but rendered invisible.
  2. Wouldn't that wreck huds, where you want to look at detail close up so you can tell where to click to navigate the menus?
  3. The mouth doesn't open very much, you are only going to get the most dainty slithers of cake in there.
  4. To be fair to Prok, not speaking out and letting people know what is going would be more work for them as they would have to explain the situation to more people individually, it would be acting out of fear and allowing the griefers to disrupt their business more. When ignoring them causes you more problems it is no solution or help. They may be damned if they do and damned if they don't, but speaking out in this case is a matter of damage limitation. I for one, because of reading this, will understand what is going on if I see one of these griefer events or bot spammers and report it.
  5. To tell if something is sculpty or not, edit it and look in the object tab (if it is part of a linkset, tick edit linked first), it will show as sculpty (where a regular prim would show box, or sphere or similar) and will have a sculpt texture displayed. Mesh can be linked to either prims or sculpties. If you are using convex hull trick you may as well add them in with the linkset that has the prims in.
  6. The pictures for the home told me enough, but there weren't that many clear pictures. It was hard to tell from their advert photos how good the textures were, but retexturing prims is much easier than mesh, What was important to me was the shape of the building, and how I could see how it would fit on the parcel. The size of the rooms themselves aren't so important to me, and the limitation if you are modifying a building is really more the parcel than the building itself.. Also what goes on in my bedroom is probably left private so I bought a 5 land impact mesh skybox for 15 Linden dollars wh
  7. If it is made of prims then even if there isn't an inworld demo the marketplace images and reviews can be enough to warrant buying something. I just bought a home advertised as 24x25m and 70 Land impact. After a bit of modification it fits my parcel (16m wide), and with the convex hull trick is now 30 land impact, it has docking for a boat (I have a cute little tugboat for it) and looks, imho stunning. 88 Linden dollars well spent. For mesh an inworld demo is maybe needed, but for something you can modify and the cost is not high, I wouldn't be put off by not being able to see inworl
  8. It is always a good time for some cupcakes Location: the 512 parcel I replaced my linden home with that has Nautilus water access and cost 600L$
  9. Since it is copy can you not just rezz another version of it?
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