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  1. Slenderman may not talk, but his hugs are sweet and warm. ❤️
  2. Oh! Is that someone else in Bellisseria with tentacles?!
  3. Thank you Slenderman for allowing me to be with you. Great picture. Thank you for sharing. I wish the man behind the Slenderman avatar to stay safe and healthy in these scary times of the coronavirus. *Hugs you tight*
  4. Sad, but at least we do have solidarity as you said Slenderman. *Hugs*
  5. Luxe Juliesse, I'm a bit enamoured with Slenderman too. 😉🥰
  6. I knew there was a purpose for those tentacles! 😉
  7. We could ask how he is but he doesn't have a mouth to tell us. 😉
  8. Ignoring the folktales of evil, Slenderman to me represents the fear of being alone is this big scary SL world. His tentacles represent our lonely soul's need for touch and closeness and with many tentacles, that also represents that there are many types of love...love of a partner, a child, a parent, of siblings, of friends, of neighbors. His faceless appearance represents that love has no race, no color, no gender. His slender height represents that with love we can move upward and conquer all. -- Michelle Springfield
  9. Michelle Springfield, "That's my house! Dang it! Awww, I missed you! 😢 I so wanted to spend some time with you again. Next time I can hug you with regular clothes on and not in a microbikini (unless of course you want me in a microbikini 😉), LOL! 😆" Love you Slenderman. Stay safe. p.s. Slenderman you are welcome to my home anytime. Sit (can Slenderman sit?) make yourself comfortable. Have a cup of tea...oh wait, you don't have a mouth. Well, *if* you had a mouth I'd offer you a cup of tea. 😉 I do hope you come back when I'm home.
  10. Oh sorry, I didn't make myself clear. I wasn't meaning that anyone here should list other monsters on Slenderman's thread. I was just saying *if* other monsters are reading the thread, they are welcome to a hug. Sorry again for the mix-up. Peace, love and hugs! 🥰
  11. Thank you Slenderman. Stay safe. Although scary, we all secretly love you. 🥰
  12. Thank you Slenderman. Stay safe Slenderman. Although scary...we all secretly love you. 🥰
  13. Are there other Bellisseria monsters to love? Bring them on! I love to hug monsters (and most anyone) in my microbikini or in regular clothes. I'm just a hugger by nature. 🥰
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