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  1. Yeah exactly like it should be in the SL engine. It would be a pain to script the movement, AND try to get the aim centered. In addition it would require a scripting language for it like mouselook. For example, they're LLMouselook commands in the SL viewer that people can manage for weapon scripts, and other SL products. However, if you were to try scripting something for TPS it would be too difficult with out LSL languages supporting TPS mode.
  2. Not sure, why computer specs would matter on second life. You should explain abit more, are you a coder, graphics designer or gamer? Then there would be suggestions people could throw out. However if you just need a laptop that can play second life just visit your local pawn shop.
  3. Just because a game is rated M overall, doesn't mean you can't experience the minor things. For example, yes GTA had sex, prostitutes, heists, and other naughty things for a rated M game. However, GTA also has taxi service. Just because you can also be a professional Taxi driver in GTA and keep your game on GTA a general rated experience does not earn the rating of E for everyone. Second life, cannot expect the same with their General or even Moderate regions. It just doesn't work. It all needs to be rated M for mature. So in short what I'm saying is in M rated games you as a player can make the experience the way you want it to be. Yes you can keep the content clean, but the game has the potential of being something far more mature then you're playing it as.
  4. I doubt it, alot of video games have sex in it. Witcher, Assassins creed, GTA, and other rated M products. Second life just needs to just need to quit branching out as a "Open world game", and just have rated Mature. That's all they would have to do to quit all this nonsense they deal with. Edit: As in, start treating Second Life as a Video game. Meaning Second life must have a Rating for an appropriate audience. Second life already advertise the rest of their game pretty good, open world genre and job simulator. And before I get hit with the excuse, second life offers "General", "Moderate", or "Adult" regions. This is not the same as a video game ratings. Some families will not let their children at the ages 13-17 years old even on a G rated region. Second life's way to pretend to be "PG-13" which isn't the same when you can see sex in that region. It just does not work, this is also probably why twitched banned them. No video game rating. For example, imagine on Twitch or Facebook streaming this game that's supposeably advertised for 13-30 year olds. It's just too big of a gap, you can have one stream doing football games which would be rated PG-13. Then you'd have another stream about strip clubs. It's just to ambiguous for one category. Just make it all rated M.
  5. I don't believe this until I see the bill on market shares for it. It's cheaper or they would've never bothered moving too the cloud if there was no money to be made.
  6. Aye I'm talking about something like you'd see in PUBG, Warframe, and MANY third person games. You simply hold right mouse click and you go into side camera/crosshair mode when aiming at something.
  7. I can imagine anyone being able to code it, but for it to work properly would need to be implemented in the SL engine.
  8. Mouse-look is one of my most used features in Second life. So I'm kind of curious will second life ever expand on this with a TPS camera angle with crosshair?
  9. Those are hitboxes. However, what about an option for just the avatar's hitbox. I've also noticed the social window for the second life window is splitted off into two windows.. A chat box and friendslist. Been ttrying to figure out how to get that into the chat window as well, so I don't have to deal with two social windows.
  10. I saw SL viewer has finally added a custom keybind option for people to change their keybinds for crouch, jump and other features. ((It's about time!)). However, I was curious is there a way to turn on avatar Hitboxes in developer tools? Like you can in firestorm.
  11. Honestly this is a step towards the right direction. They wouldn't want to be getting sued by other states/countries because loot boxes are banned in certain areas & regions.
  12. You could always add gacha's back in skill gaming regions.
  13. Honestly, they shoould of done more
  14. I'm curious if they're doing this for fathers day. Or is this only a mothers day thing.
  15. Only way I can see SL improving at this point is building up more of a Community by joining a Launcher. For example, it could be epic games, or Steam. Linden Labs just needs to pick one for more advertisement.
  16. Pretty much this, and with GTA roleplay sims becoming a thing. I fail to understand the same thing on SL can't be implanted on steam.
  17. You know, I was thinking about this. Until Tilia comes around with their 5 dollar cashing out over nothing. I really think if they went with steam if anything would help their company at this point.
  18. I was wondering since Sansar was released on Steam. Would there be any chance, on second life making this swap to as well? I think it'd be better for both advertisement on this old game seeing it on steams main mage, and would perhaps give Second life greater feedback on how to improve SL. I guess there would be other perks to, Benefits - Advertisement on Steams Homepage for SL events & sales. - Show friends on Steam that you play Second life. - Shows on Discord as well, being a game registered through steam. - More diverse feedback. Meaning you can prioritize what to fix on SL to attract more players. . - Automatic Updates. Negatives - Steams % cut, for all sales being sold through Steam. Though I'd say Steam is more fair then Tilia. -
  19. Oh woah, so the main viewer finally supports key bind change options awesome.
  20. I've been trying Black Dragon for a bit now, and I LOVE how you can change the default Short_cut keys to whatever you want. For example, Instead of double-tap W to sprint, I can just set it to shift to sprint like any normal UI interface. Black Dragon is far from perfect though, you could tell it's made for photo's and drains your computer usage. I was wondering are there any other viewers that have a keybind change option? So you don't gotta use E to jump, can set that to your space bar. Or most viewers still only support arrow key movement still?
  21. Deadwool http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fingal/52/147/35
  22. Actually, many people over the age of 20 still use Facebook more than just saying happy birthday. Facebook is used to check the weather, news, & heck streaming video games now. Heck, I recall a meeting of Amazon, Apple, Google, & Facebook quite recently by the USA. Because all four companies are developing too much power & creating a monopoly. Second life could compete with Facebook in a way for social media and using their 3D viewer as something on the side. And yes do something similar to Instagram, and maybe blog on your profile about RL & SL, However, this would all be quite a long shot, not sure if it'd be worth the investment.
  23. it's actually not a bad idea. Seeing how second life is marketed as a social video game product. Re-developing their website into something similar to Facebook, or myspace wouldn't be a bad idea. to increase social features & interactions.
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