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  1. I will try that... thank you! and I will try everything other idea for open that menu.
  2. Good morning everyone! Recently I have a problem ... I can not open menus of objects placed directly on a sim. What happens ... I press the object to open it, but it stays with my name engraved in it and without opening the menu that allows me to perform actions with the object; only lights up with my name and ... well it stays stuck without doing absolutely nothing. Has this happened to anyone? What solution did you find to bring up the menu of the object placed in the sim? Greetings and waiting for an answer, I pay attention to your comments.
  3. Buenas a todos! Reciente mente tengo un problema... no puedo abrir menús de objetos puestos directamente en un sim. Qué sucede... presiono el objeto para abrirlo, pero éste se queda con mi nombre grabado en él y sin abrir el menú que me permite realizar acciones con el objeto; solo se ilumina con mi nombre y... bueno se queda pegado sin hacer absolutamente nada. ¿A alguien le ha pasado esto? ¿Qué solución ha encontrado para que aparezca el menú del objeto puesto en el sim? Saludos y esperando respuesta, quedo atento a sus comentarios.
  4. Well the time is past, and now I have an avatar character most close to the fantasy rol..... This is, and my new name is "The Night of the White Moon" centered in the book of Miguel de Cervantes named "Don Quijote de la Mancha". When in the final battle the reality (characterized by The Night of the White Moon) defeat at the Quijote (character what represent the fantasy).
  5. Hello, Callum, sorry for don't answer you before, I can't see the number of the page.... Woowww.... I have now two pages! thats good! Well you are don't so really wrong... becasue like in other post are explain, the people come whit his feeling to play online, and try to involucrate another people in his/her game too. But remember wht my own thought is not for Second Life only, is a feeling what I have about the wish of all humanity in the united in the outher space and the online games. I don't know if I can explain me well, because this topic is about my feeling in any virtual space and the outher space too. Hello Madelaine, good to see you in this topic too! I'm glad. Don't worry, I think Callum want to express his/her own feeling too, thats all (I think) if you want, try to get his/her hand, and put in the line of this topic, only if you really understand what is the line of all this two pages. Thank you for your waiting to my answer to both. But more, thank you for your opinions! I'm really happy whit all participants on this... my own simple thought.
  6. Hello everyone! how are all of your? I really wish to all an excellent time! I like to explore, write, the security vigilance, make reports, photo retouch... and whisper things sweets, tenders and erotics to a woman in the chat . Ok, but seriously... I want get a job with any of these characteristics. Please, contact to me. I hope everyone has a very good time, really!
  7. Hello Bitsy! How are you? I wish you are really good and have an excellent time, ever!. First of all, I want to apologize because in my lasts messages the tired for come to my home after my work without sleep and start to answer this post, was me wrote some errors what I can read it and I will try to correct. You have right, Bitsy when you say "part of your thinking" because is exactly the frase that I have in my thought. But please don't think what I can't find places to be united whit other people... etc. My own though is more general, not individual. Sorry for the confusion before (I need more rest ?).
  8. Thank you for supporting my new photo !, Marianne. Online I had many avatars comments (I come from the war, which is my real name because I look like a demon, who have wanted to f*** me, etc.). I was already thinking of changing my picture again (my picture only, my avatar I keep it, because I'm myself in the game) because it seemed that I was causing problems (it was what I thought) but that word of encouragement of yours encourages me to leave my picture there, thank you very much! I promise to go visit the place and check some things. And don't worry so much for the right position for the camera of Firestorm, unless you are a photographer, because is not a real camera, is just a camera for a game (I think... or not?).
  9. Jajaja... Thank you, Talligurl! I promise I'll be more careful next time in choosing my clothes.
  10. I really like your effort to stay focused on the real theme of this forum, you see that you are a person who wants to contribute, I am eternally grateful to you for that!, Bitsy. Since you propose it to me in that way, I will tell you ... neither. So you can focus well, let me help you a little. The concentration of this conversation is not simply based on online games, but on the constant frustration of all humanity's attempts to find a place where to be united unconditionally and to do things together.
  11. This is Bitsy, I do, that is why forming friendships is a crucial point in this thinking. Maybe I should apologize for not being able to express, are problems of language exchange, what is important is that if we are going to form a common goal is between the union of humanity.
  12. Yes, Talligurl, that is the idea of the Internet, feel free to expose your thinks, when you enter a forum, you follow the idea of the forum (its thematic sense) and in each forum there is always someone who mediates the conversations so that they do not escape their thematic sense, both in the real forums as in the Internet. What I want to achieve is that I do not try to silence your opinion or control it, just to avoid that the theme of this forum is directed towards another objective. I accept your measure of control, I only ask you to return to the sense of the forum, because before I read in your writing a personal fight, and at least here, the idea is to make this conversation as general as possible, even if you put the views Personal, what is accepted in order to arrive at the thematic sense that is being written here. I wholeheartedly wish you a good time and that you are always very good!
  13. Well, this is my "Me" again, but in the Firestorm. Maybe I don't do it so well, but is because is my first time what I use it. So... "Ok, here I am ".
  14. Talligurl, please do not miss, your opinions can be valid if you return to the focus of the conversation. It seems to me that you are letting other types of feelings begin to take the reins and separate you from the original meaning of this subject. Please make sense again and keep talking. Bitsy, thanks for telling me about what you've had in your life experiences and in online games, it's gratifying to meet them and know that you're from people who care about others. But my thinking applies to humanity, in places where their feeling of union is stronger than those of destruction, as in outer space, where by a same standard among the astronauts themselves regardless of the nation, they decided already Several years not to fight, but to unite for a common goal with humanity; And yes, I also agree with you that within them there are people who want to use others to achieve their goals, but when that type of proposal is not accepted, there is no conflict, they just leave you or they go away. Even in online games based on war and fights, you still seek companionship of other avatars to achieve common goals, and no matter if it is a person in some conflict country to the other, you end up forming a friendship with her. In truth, I admire your social position with other people about helping or present you at least to be able to help, and I respect that much about you, but I think that is not the point of this issue. Alwin... is true, today more than before you first get an age, sex? or the f*** around you, rather than saying, "Hello everyone! How are you? I hope that very well" or saying goodbye "I wish you the best! Greetings, I'll see you again, have them an excellent time!", or when it happens to or happens to someone, instead of "F word" just ask or say "Sorry, sorry, can I help you? What do you need? " -- Accept that one has been guilty of something that has frustrated another person, or when you put a group in trouble, is much more valuable and brings you closer to friendship, than to withdraw without comment, or comment with aggression --. I hope (and on a personal level) that we continue our good times to spend some fun time with other people, and not use online games to download personal anger, if I want to do that, I better put an individual game, where my anger do not affect others. Anyway, Please, we continue to maintain the focus of this theme, without falling into personal objectives. Thank you for all your comments!, I wish you will very good, all of yours, ever!.
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