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  1. I will try that... thank you! and I will try everything other idea for open that menu.
  2. Good morning everyone! Recently I have a problem ... I can not open menus of objects placed directly on a sim. What happens ... I press the object to open it, but it stays with my name engraved in it and without opening the menu that allows me to perform actions with the object; only lights up with my name and ... well it stays stuck without doing absolutely nothing. Has this happened to anyone? What solution did you find to bring up the menu of the object placed in the sim? Greetings and waiting for an answer, I pay attention to your comments.
  3. Buenas a todos! Reciente mente tengo un problema... no puedo abrir menús de objetos puestos directamente en un sim. Qué sucede... presiono el objeto para abrirlo, pero éste se queda con mi nombre grabado en él y sin abrir el menú que me permite realizar acciones con el objeto; solo se ilumina con mi nombre y... bueno se queda pegado sin hacer absolutamente nada. ¿A alguien le ha pasado esto? ¿Qué solución ha encontrado para que aparezca el menú del objeto puesto en el sim? Saludos y esperando respuesta, quedo atento a sus comentarios.
  4. Well the time is past, and now I have an avatar character most close to the fantasy rol..... This is, and my new name is "The Night of the White Moon" centered in the book of Miguel de Cervantes named "Don Quijote de la Mancha". When in the final battle the reality (characterized by The Night of the White Moon) defeat at the Quijote (character what represent the fantasy).
  5. Hello everyone! how are all of your? I really wish to all an excellent time! I like to explore, write, the security vigilance, make reports, photo retouch... and whisper things sweets, tenders and erotics to a woman in the chat . Ok, but seriously... I want get a job with any of these characteristics. Please, contact to me. I hope everyone has a very good time, really!
  6. Thank you for supporting my new photo !, Marianne. Online I had many avatars comments (I come from the war, which is my real name because I look like a demon, who have wanted to f*** me, etc.). I was already thinking of changing my picture again (my picture only, my avatar I keep it, because I'm myself in the game) because it seemed that I was causing problems (it was what I thought) but that word of encouragement of yours encourages me to leave my picture there, thank you very much! I promise to go visit the place and check some things. And don't worry so much for the right position for the camera of Firestorm, unless you are a photographer, because is not a real camera, is just a camera for a game (I think... or not?).
  7. Jajaja... Thank you, Talligurl! I promise I'll be more careful next time in choosing my clothes.
  8. Well, this is my "Me" again, but in the Firestorm. Maybe I don't do it so well, but is because is my first time what I use it. So... "Ok, here I am ".
  9. ¡Muchas gracias, mejiaaz, por tu proyección! Ten por seguro que me adhiero a tus palabras, porque ya estoy comenzando a "reforestar los desiertos".
  10. Actually I really appreciate your help, Madelaine, I'm going to try the Firestorm to see how I have the monster, the fright ... I say the self-portrait Jajaja...
  11. Thank you, Madelaine, really! From what I understand then, Firestorm serves me more when I want to take a self-portrait? And... is that a camera setup, or is it a different viewer than SLViewer? By the way, Great pictures!
  12. Thank you, very much, Bree! I will keep it in mind and I'll make myself another self-portrait when I can. With that information, I think this time it will work out.
  13. Los únicos lugares en donde la humanidad no se enfrenta a sí misma, son el espacio exterior y los juegos en linea. Allí somos todos iguales sin importar nacionalidad, raza, sexo, o condición social que nos divida. Un sueño hecho realidad que lamentablemente no tenemos en nuestra vida común. (Mi pensamiento propio; mediavatar).
  14. Jajaja... Very good comment, Rhonda! Unfortunately for me there is not, or I could have that physical muscle of my avatar, since I'm really just average. jajaja...
  15. I also think so, Talligur. For my SL has a difference also with my life in RL, but that is precisely one of my goals in wanting to look like myself being in another type of life that is not what I have, although I only maintain my appearance and my work doing it that I can not in my RL.
  16. Jajaja.... I'm not Bree, I just try to made my avatar in the body, the most similar to me in the RL. But yes, Madelaine! I closed the camera to take that picture, so... I think is a focal effect of the lens jajaja.... Thank you, Madelaine!
  17. I want to let them a picture taked and save it on my profile about this event... Happy Easter 2017 to Everyone!
  18. Well, this is me in Second Life. Sometimes I change clothes according to the occasion, but never of appearance since I made to my avatar the most similar to myself in the real life (obviously yes there are some "failures" to be a digital model ).
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