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  1. Never even thought about that possibility- thanks for the suggestion!
  2. Thanks-- appreciate the reply. Sad to say, I gave it a try, but that didn't fix things. Again, thanks very much for the suggestion- it was definitely worth trying.
  3. I have a strange problem which I've never encountered in 10 years in Second Life. (Funny that the forum labels me as a newbie, but whatever!) For the last few days, every time I log onto SL on my main desktop, I lose the computer's Internet connection entirely after two or three minutes. This does not just affect SL, but all my applications on this particular computer. Once SL crashes the connection, my web browser and any other connected software are also useless. I can only get the connection back by rebooting the computer entirely. This is a wired Ethernet connection running thro
  4. Just a quick further response. I am totally blown away by how helpful people can be. Zagnut, you took the time and effort to explain the basis of the problem in a way that made the techincal issues completely understandable to a non-tech type person, and then offered specific, very useful information on where I could find accessories that might overcome the problem. Then meanwhile, inworld, a well-known content creator, whose identity I will not reveal online unless she asks me to, completely out of the blue sent me an animation from one of her products to place into the cuffs I already own.
  5. Not sure if this is the right forum to ask, so please forgive me if my question is out of place. I've been trying to figure out how to prevent walk animations from overriding handcuff animations when wearing various restraints I've purchased. For example, my avatar is handcuffed behind her back, using a typical set of Open Collar-scripted cuffs. As soon as she walks, the arms and hands go into the walk animation as if the cuffs aren't there. Then, once she stops walking, her hands do not always return to the cuffed position. I understand the concept of animation priority at least on a basic th
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