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  1. Fake Traffic?

    It's in LL's interest to maintain the appearance of many users of the platform. No online service wants methods that eliminate duplicates or multiple accounts or bots. MMO's started being cagey years ago about their subscriber/account numbers unless they could report success. People shy away from services with low user numbers.
  2. Would you live in a fancy hotel focused on RP?

    Hmmmm.. this is an interesting concept. Are you thinking of something upscale and European, or more of resort-style complex? I can definitely see this being a fun place to live. Oh! I'd like a piano bar.
  3. Kemono/Utilizator Good Base For Femboi?

    I was just in curious kitties and they have some cute anime boy style avatars if that works for you.
  4. Mesh is what got me back into Second Life after an absence of many years. Computer graphics moved on and left SL behind, and I could no longer stand the ugly avatars. Mesh somewhat bridges the gap. I agree with whoever mentioned Open Sim - it may a solution to your problem. Because mesh is now everywhere, always.
  5. Search for Survivors

    Freshly registered and present. So far the new format looks good. I'm off to explore further.