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  1. Maybe both? I am still chewing on the idea. These both were extremely helpful and gives me something to think about. I am working on becoming a graphic artists RL, so I know I'm pretty much a no-body and I love to draw in RL, so I just wanted to bring something in that I do fairly often. The idea of picture frames didn't even come to mind, so I'll have to give that some great consideration. Will do!
  2. Hi there! I'm looking into the idea of selling some of my original art that I've drawn in real life. Selling the drawings for maybe 50 to 100L, as I am aware that it seems people buying art, as in hand drawn and inked sketches are kind of a niche area in the virtual world. What I was wondering is, what is the best way to sell these drawings. Should I make them on an object and sell that? Or should I save it as a texture file? I know that I will be setting the object to no copy or transfer, in order to protect the work in limited way (but like anything on the internet, if someone wants to steal work, its hard to stop them), but I was looking for any further advice folks could give that have been doing this for some time, along with maybe their own experiences. So any advice or comments is appreciated! Thank you!
  3. Thanks all for the comments! Yeah, that is my curse. It isn't my script, but I can edit it or rip it out. So, I might hit up the MP, but I will keep this in mind though-- and hey! Also helps those that might be looking into this maybe figure out something as well. Thanks again!
  4. Hi all! So, I am not very LSL savvy and I was wondering if there is a script command line that can tell a Gotcha Machine to "turn off" or "Stop Selling" once it runs out of 0 objects. It bothers me currently that two of the Gotcha machines I've played with, one I'm currently using that I can fully customize the script on, doesn't turn off once it hits 0 objects, as I don't want it to accidentally eat people's money if it hits 0. So, since I can customize it-- anyone know how to tell it to stop asking for money and maybe list how many of the objects left in it? Thanks! Addition: Or if someone can point me to a script that has the gotcha behavior and will turn itself off, that would work as well. I'm searching around as I type this to see what may be out there that I missed, as the script in the object can also be pulled out and replaced. The author of said item was nice
  5. A ton of people have given some great advice and I didn't read everything folks have said, so there may be some overlap to what they have already said as well-- which if there is, I'm sorry! * I'd suggest first figuring how much you do want to spend on Second Life or how much you can make safely. So, if you do decide to do Casinos, Fish Hunt, or Alienum as a profit making, you'll need to determine how much you can make in about 4-5 days, as most places rent on a weekly bases. From there, see if you can find land to rent that will fit in the pocket book of what you can make. Another option is maybe turn to RP communities that have towns/cities and see about joining a 'job'. If you don't mind being social, clubs sometimes are looking for Greeters and such as well. * If your willing to spend real life money from time to time, figure out how much your willing to spend and break that down by 4 weeks, because again renters tend to operate by week, not by month (normally). * If you don't mind spending RL money however, you may want to look at a Premium account. If your new you'll eventually not only get 1k, but you get 300L a week (every Tuesday). This also allows you to get 1024m of land on the Mainland, but again, not exactly a must either. * There are places that sell items for around 50L, I don't know where those places are, but there are places that sell created items for fairly cheap, including on the Market Place as well. * As for art, if your like me, an actual 2d artist-- You'll find it tricky to sell drawings on SL. It is not a popular medium and from what I've been able to tell, not many people are really interested in 2d art. That and to make some type of actual profit off of it, people won't really spend the L, so you'd probably have to sale your work for like 50L at the least, and even then that is pennies for what you could sale it for in RL. Just comes down to how important that profit is to you. Second Life can be as cheap or as expensive as you make it. The road to how you do it, is up to you, as there is no right or wrong way to go about things here. I do wish you best of luck in your journey here in SL!
  6. I like text over voice. One part it is easier to have multiple conversations with text than with voice. With voice you can so easily cut someone off by accident, you can't really do that with text. My other is that text doesn't pick up the random background noises that comes with living in a multiple person household, where with voice if someone speaks up around you at the wrong time-- everyone can hear them in the background. Now, voice does have its uses, but it depends on the place and the what-for, but mostly-- I'm a text person.
  7. I would suggest the same. Look for abandoned land that has no one around, sumbit a ticket to Linden and hope they give it to you, instead of throwing it up for auction. More than likely they will, if no one is around. I'd also suggest getting a sub if you can. You get 1024m with it, plus 300L each week. If you can't afford the sub, some places allow you to rent Mainland, which is also an option.
  8. That is a gorgeous little area they made there. Love the valley design and just the general feel of it. Very nice!
  9. Duly noted. I will admit for myself, I am not 100% on how all the things work. I just know for myself if I cut off view from things,it gets better. So, I am sorry if I just ruffled any feathers.
  10. While I am not going to get heavy into this subject, because I actually know the guy who owns the land in question... ^_^;;; What I can say is that the breedables (aka the robots) are Buildables, which all run at 320 kb/s as script goes. They are probably the lowest running script breedable I'm aware of on SL. Not that it really helps when someone has a troubling connection but-- I do agree with some other statements here on skyboxes. Probably best to build a skybox and you can make your own really easily with some really good textures and doing some masterful linking of the prims by turning them into convex hull and linking them as such. That way when your friend does come over and visit, that data isn't loaded in and it will make it easier for them to rez the area. Also weekends. Weekends are horrible on the mainland. No matter where you are. It gets horrible lol. Added: I also noted near his space was someone with amaretto horses and ABC Horses. Now ABCs can get a bit higher on the script, but they are not hard to load in, but amaretto horses... where-ever i go that has those guys and they get loaded in? It can get a bit of a headache and I have around a 15 mb/s + download speed. You also got a club in the distance by the looks of the lights and the neon signs, and clubs can also cause issues when down on the ground level just cause textures and lighting. So, I can see several sources that would cause a problem if you don't move upward into the sky.
  11. Comics~ <3. I am fairly into comics, but also a bit of manga, but mostly into web comics and graphic novels. Very much graphic novels. It's actually the field my sister and I are working into with a project of ours, though SL may never see it, as I have 0 clue how to show a hand drawn comic in a Virtual world. Beyond maybe giving links to PDF files. As for the RP Sims, I know what you mean. I've been on the hunt for RP Sims that allow for the imagination to flow with no limitations and isn't all about getting the jig on. It's rough, but they are out there. I haven't really found one... That isn't fantasy based and requires an app.. but I am sure they are out there. Somewhere.
  12. While not maybe helpful, but that is a gorgeously done Avi if you can get it in SL. As for how without another program. There is a place in SL, called like Seven Starship?? I know they off to the side of Alienums main HQ. But like, I think it's 3-4k $L they have a complete guide on how to create an avatar with only Blender and make it work with SL. Not sure how helpful that is, but I do hope you manage to find away and keep making Avis once you do.
  13. Even though I am technically in that generation (saveme) cause 1987, I can so agree with this. Most of my peers make me want to strangle them, since they don't get "No pain, no gain" or "Give it 110%" ooor "No guts, No glory". Simply, most of youth wants things handed to them on a silver platter while screaming, "I want it now!!!" .... And how dare they not get it. *rolls eyes* Anyways, to the topic on hand, though that alone is part of the problem. Second Life does have a fairly active population, but your not going to interest most of the 'young bloods', because they don't want to work for it or, you know, actually think for themselves. Second Life is a highly creative platform for dreamers and visionaries. If anything, that is probably where it needs to aimed at and just stay on that target. Long as people have fun building, creating, dreaming, and no matter the medium they use, be it prims, sculpt, or mesh can express themselves and maybe turn them a minor profit, people will stay and bring those like minded folks with them. It's also the fact they have to ask themselves, "What is it I want to do?", Since the sky is the limit and anyone can do about anything in Second Life.
  14. I know I do Alienum, but I haven't done the others, so I'm not sure how well it stacks up in comparison.
  15. Thanks for the reply! It helped me decide what I am going to do currently and its good information to know. Hopefully they get that auction house fixed! Seems to be kinda messing with a ton of people's days here as of late.
  16. So, I'm new to this whole buying land thing and I get the general gist of of Buying, selling, and checking out land. The part I can never find much information on is with Abandoned Land. I know if you are interested in a section, you send a support ticket, you give a link to where it is, you let them know you are interested in this much space--- and then send.. and wait. What I am trying to figure out is, given you don't know if they WILL give you the land (well, to buy anyways) or auction it off, if waiting around is the wise idea. Mostly because like in my case, I did send it a ticket for abandoned land, asking for about 2200 in size, sitting on L, but I did find two plots I can afford that are roughly going to come out the same. Just 200 less in size... I am worried they are going to get bought up-- and their a dang good price. However that spot I am asking Linden to open back up-- is also a really good, quiet location. I guess the long story short of it is... How long does it take Linden to get to land tickets, back with you, and that whole process there in? Does anyone have any history with doing this? Also the land that was left behind goes back to 2016... Its an old, forgotten land!
  17. If you are still looking for someone to draw your furry avatar, I might be willing to do so. Right now, I'm still starting out in Second Life and I don't have much to show for my art, since I kinda left Deviantart. The deal I have going in Second Life is one character, PG to PG-13, no real background (though I will add some splash of color behind them so it isn't just white). My prices range as followed: Bust Cellshading: 2500L Bust Detail Shading: 5000L Full Body Cellshading: 3500L Full Body Detail Shading: 6000L Ex of Bust Detail Shading: https://www.paperdemon.com/art/view/36228 Ex of Full Body Cellshading: https://www.paperdemon.com/art/view/36234 Let me know if your interested by PM here or IM'ing me as foxfirestorm
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