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  1. I was trying to look on how to do this as I am unsure. I would just like to stockpile USD on my account to be able to pay tier. However I didn't find a tutorial or instructions on how to do so. I need as much detail as possible as to how to do this if possible. Many thanks, Stakie
  2. I am looking for a small parcel (Prim size around 200 but will take less) must allow breedables. Feel free to send me IM in world or post here. Prefer adult land near water but will look at any.
  3. I figured I would ask, because I can not seem to find any on the marketplace. But, I could be wrong. If you happen to know of any places it would be much appreciated.
  4. Can't seem to find any in Market place and have no idea where any would be in world. Examples on pintrest: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/540572761494631734/ Feel free to post here or IM me in world or even drop a NC. Much appreciated!
  5. Looking for a Mesh creator for long term project. Must have knowledge of other build types such as flexi prim. Please contact Stakie Junibalya in world if interested.
  6. I am looking for a prim counter that can be used on land that is not owner by my. I tend to rent small stalls and most prim counters only work on land that I own. Is there any out there that will just count the prims I have on a sim? Thanks for the help in advance, ~Stakie
  7. Aww, well that is a bummer. Thank you for the info guys. I appreciate it!
  8. Are we able to rent them? I have actually never seen one available. I would guess they are not all too popular.. but never to see one at all? So, since I didn't find much on them.. does anyone know? Are they out there and available just like other rentals? Thanks so much, Stakie
  9. Omg, the one you sent me worked. I am so super happy I can not put into words!
  10. No, sorry. It does not. It gives me an error. I am sorry! I am very horrible at explaining myself.
  11. I got it well after you fixed it. (I was sleeping..heh.) But if there is something that will rebroadcast the notecard reader.. I think that would work perfecty. I mean, it could be totally remade... but I am not at all good at scripting. I don
  12. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you trying to help me. Unfortunately it didn't work. I get an Error (25,19) ERROR : fUNCTION CALL MISMATCHES TYPE OR NUMBER OF ARGUMENTS. Not sure what that means, but it did not rebroudcast the Hud. Though, I am pretty sure that is what I need.
  13. Yep, I need it to shout. It's meant for something very specific. I can drop new scripts into this. It's modifiable in that manner. As well as delete all the old out of it. But, scripting an entire thing is really not my thing. I have contacted the seller, though really... not sure they even are on SL anymore. It has an onscreen HUD and all the buttons are configured so that I may just edit a notecard and it readsit by just clicking a button. =( It's perfect...except it doesn't shout.
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