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  1. As a warning this region has a high script use percentage I am not looking to make anymore then what I paid for it so I am only looking for 1024L$. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maklovar/155/71/94
  2. So I think that I have come to the determination that I will need to try and sell and find another quieter residence and use my Paid Membership to find another 1024m Plot elsewhere. At least I know what to look out for next time. Thank you all for the help and advice.
  3. Thanks Callum I will try that, she won't be on again for awhile but when she does I will see if that helps things I am currently in S. Korea and she is In Alaska so its not even 4 AM yet her time and its almost 10:30PM mine so I need to head to bed.
  4. She is set at whatever the basic defaults are for Firestorm (if its browser dependent) I am partially computer literate but she is significantly less so though if I can find the settings I think I can talk her through what to change if you have some recommendations.
  5. Lol just saw your other post. I started it and made then decided to fly around and and check the rest of the region just to make sure.
  6. So I got the little blue dot thing to work and what here is a screen shot of what I think is the culprit. The lot is directly next to mine and whenever my friend brings her avi anywhere close to that parcel which directly abuts my 1024m parcel she freezes as does everything else for 30 seconds then her screen goes grey and the message "You have been logged out of Second Life. This Region May be experiencing trouble. Please Check your connection to the internet." If I TP her in further away she is fine so as Fionalien mentioned it may be something else besides just the scripts that is causing the crash and I would love to solve this problem with out having to sell the land and buy a new plot. Especially since most of the other lots surrounding the parcel are also for sale, so of which have been for quite some time. I guess it is a case of Buyer beware and I did not do enough research before jumping on what I thought was a great deal.
  7. I have learned you are correct in that it is just the size of the scripts not the bandwidth use and I rounded up to Mbps since it was 970000 Kbps and 550000 Kbps in each of the readings. I am now more well informed that those numbers are not active scripts just the size of scripts on the land and that only some are active.
  8. So that is a shot of the Statics menu with the script section you said significantly under 100% was bad? It was hovering between, 45-60% I can't seem to get anything to happen when I try CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+U or at least nothing I can see on my screen. ((I started writing this before I had something come up so about to check what else was posted in between then and now.)
  9. I walked there parcel and clicked about land an then checked the script button. I currently have not found the statistics tab on Firestorm though its probably staring me in the face I just don't know what to look for.
  10. What do you mean by that. We have been to other areas and while she does lag a little this spot was so bad it crashed her Firestorm session. Is there another angle I should look at this I recently got sent over seas so this was planned to be our way to hang out. She is getting a better connection soon but if there is something else we could do to alleviate/reduce the issue that would be great.
  11. Hello this is my first time posting in the forums and while I have done some searches and haven't found a lot of help dealing with a situation. I recently bought a small parcel on the mainland for a very good price, and the reason why became apparent the first time I had a guest over that was not using a 100 Mbps connection, lag was to be honest game breaking. Upon closer inspection my neighbors have a host of little robots and breed able pets. The two offending lots are owned by a group of friends and my preliminary inspection of scripts on their lots were 55 Mbps and 97 Mbps which seems high to me but then again I am new so not really certain if it is or not. I would like to talk with them about it first but not really sure how to broach the subject with out being rude. What would be a good etiquette to talk with them about this. So I guess what I am asking is could some one please give this newbie some tips before she makes a fool of her self.
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