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  1. This place is too dangerous for SLR-SAR to help you. Enter at your own risk and be prepared to rescue yourself. 😜
  2. As a multi-continent Search and Rescue group holder I totally support this and would happily turn my private region back on next to the sea lane and rebuild Cannery Cove there as a tourist attraction, fuel stop, GTFO Hub etc.
  3. Excellent decision and implementation. Now please take it global with a stepped minimum time for parcel size. Like full region 30 seconds etc. Looking forward to an end to what has become a terrible problem for flyers and is even worse now with the GTFO added weight to the roles. Thank you for working to keep Sl fun for everyone. You're the best!
  4. I certainly applaud Linden Labs for this landmark decision and hope you implement it across the whole of SL. This shows you truly do have everyone's enjoyment in mind. Thank you from every pixel in my being.
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