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  1. Sounds like the voice of experience there Abnor
  2. As long as there are sufficient protected waterways and roadways, travelling the grid can be a delight. A lot of mainland regions were just parcelled with no gap in between and made for very congested living spaces. But there are many road and waterways that can be seen and used. The fact that the mainland is no longer as densely populated, and that there is a lot of abandoned land also makes travel easier. Bellisseria was designed from the outset in having protected land between parcels, and its only in the Houseboat areas that you’ll see parcels side by side, but even in those areas at least one side of the parcel (it’s usually two sides) will access the protected areas (with sufficient space for a vehicle). This makes it very appealing to those that wish to be able to leave their home and be able to travel their neighbourhood. The Firestorm viewer has a very handy feature in that you can have parcel borders show on the mini map which enables you the ability to plot your course and keep to the protected areas. In the regions where the protected areas are narrow, it’s advisable to choose your craft and speed accordingly. If you’re wanting to travel fast and far, best to stick to areas with large protected areas, such as the Blake Sea. Travel has always been a major part of my Second Life, and I can still be seen travelling between my properties in Sansara, Bellisseria and Jeogeot, with the occasional trip up into Heterocera. And in all those travels, trying to keep off privately owned parcels reduces encounters with orbs and ban lines, but accident DO happen, but you just have to brush yourself off when it does. The point to remember though, is that everyone is entitled to the privacy of their own parcel, and can protect that with the legal tools available to them (within covenant where applies), and no one has any entitlement to have access to or through another person’s land. If we can travel and live with this in mind, and have tolerance for the occasional mistake, it will make the grid a much happier place.
  3. I'd gone 'all out' on the Apple Fall sale last year, so used all AF furniture when I had my Victorian. Had all rooms decorated and had plenty of LI left in order to have curtains in every room (having the Verne style, it used a lot of curtains!).
  4. Aww I had a honeymoon there a few years ago when the original owners still ran it.
  5. Yes, I do the same. I have two premium alts that held a Victorian and HB respectively, but I recently decided that as I'm spending more time at my mainland home I'd be better off using their 1024 allowances to boost my land group... I now have more garden and water access from my home
  6. I am in total agreement with you! I have had a trad, HB and Victorian, but the one that I’ve kept has been my camper. I do like the other themes but I find the buildings to be too large for me. If I could scale down the buildings slightly I would most likely keep a Vic too, but as it is, the camper is perfect. Also, as my main home is on the mainland, my camper is very much my holiday home. I can actually travel between the two properties too! With good low LI furniture it’s easy to fully furnish the camper and I still have sufficient allowance to keep a vehicle parked there AND be able to park the vehicle I use to get from the mainland. It’s a ‘keeper’ for sure!
  7. Ah Cindy, how I’ve missed these posts
  8. I’m glad to see that you’re back in the group. You had better check that your contribution to land for the group is still in place as I assume that would get cancelled upon leaving the group, but I don’t know for sure as I’ve never been in that situation. If your contribution has been cancelled then your group will be unable to hold the land unless others in the group have donated tier to cover the group’s current land holding. If you look at the land tab in the group profile it will say if tier donation is needed.
  9. Now THAT, I would love to see! I have a large mainland holding that looks on to a parcel that has floating decor in bright garish colours. It has been there for many years, I see the owner occasionally on their parcel so it’s not redundant. It wasn’t a problem for me to the extent that it put me off purchasing the land, and I have indeed derendered some of the items that float quite high on my FS viewer, but logging in last night on my LL viewer I was reminded what was there. A button that could defender en masse though, would be lovely.
  10. Mainland parcels have a purchase price, in going for a Linden Home they don't have to pay. Yes, a very good handy tip for those that don't know . To expand upon it, in rezzing the prim on the ground first, you can make it the full size of your parcel and then edit to the height above 2000m you want it. You can then see exactly where your parcel boundary sits... anything hanging outside the area of the prim is not on your parcel. I always change the texture to blank and then tint it a light blue colour. It's not a perfect match by any means, but it doesn't stick out quite as much as a naked prim.
  11. There is a large arena there that is used by ice hockey teams, and also a ski jump that records your score that I’ve spent some time playing. It’s a lovely area, and there may be more things there that I’ve yet to discover.
  12. The house controls for decorating, opening and closing of windows and doors etc can be set on the in house control panel. Just enter your alt names and finish by selecting the ‘list’ button. Only the owner can ever change the house style from the outside controller.
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