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  1. I’m gathering that the 4 accounts were all donating their 1024 sqm allowance. If they have no other held land or contributed sqm to any other groups, three can withdraw their contribution to the group and have their 1024 sqm allocation available once again. The 4th account would need to keep a donation of allowance to the group in order to cover the 400 sqm that the group still owns. In this situation, no fee other than your premium account fee is charged. The fact that you’re asking about being charged a fee, suggests that the 4 accounts have maybe a Linden Home each and the contribution of 1024 sqm to the group requires each account to be paying the extra monthly tier allowance for a further 1024 sqm. In this case you need to remember that you will be charged for that if at any point in the individual’s monthly time period, the account either held land or donated the allowance to a group. Even if the group receiving the donation held no land, the donating account is charged as if land were held. Have a look at each account’s Account Summary and you’ll be able to see the date that each account has to pay for their extra tier. If no land other than the 1024 sqm you get for being premium is held, and there are no contributions to groups, since the last payment was made, you will not incur the charge. Hope this helps
  2. Ah right, my mistake then as I had assumed we were talking about a Linden Home in Bellisseria. Had I remembered that the old homes had them too I would have added the caveat “If you are in one of the new Linden Homes...” to my original reply to the OP.
  3. I’d try changing the house to a different type and then back to your normal choice again.
  4. Patch does mention them as separate items rather than just the 'seasonal aspect of holidays'. The 'scatter of leaves' I take to refer to Autumn/Fall rather than any 'holiday' celebration ("Happy Leafdrop!" ? ).
  5. Hi Emily and welcome to SL. Unfortunately the ONLY way to have land in SL is in having to pay a subscription/rent. I would suggest renting as it gives a great deal of flexibility and no initial purchase price, AND is very low cost with the requirements you’ve outlined. Some landlords already have skyboxes in situ that you can then decorate, and some just have land parcels on both mainland and private regions that you can place your own building. Usually they will have some indication as to what restrictions they have in relation to skybox height etc. You could very easily get a place that would enable you to have a prim allowance of 100 for L$100 per week. One of the oldest rental businesses can provide a parcel/skybox for less than that where the skybox doesn’t count against your allowance and you even get a discount for paying 4 weekly. If you decide to change your account to Premium, you can hold up to 1024 sqm of land (351 prim allowance) without paying anything other than your premium subscription and you’ll get the other premium benefits too. However, you WILL have to pay an initial purchase price for the land from the current owner unless you opt for a Linden Home. The LH building doesn’t count against your allowance in this case, but only the new (and at the moment very scarce due to demand) Linden Home continent Bellisseria allows skyboxes above 2000m. The much more available old areas do not allow skyboxes. Good luck with tour search, and if you have any difficulty in finding rental businesses drop me an IM in world and I’ll send you some details of some I use/have used.
  6. A parcel of land is a piece of land. For example: “These small parcels of land were purchased for the most part by local people.“
  7. There is a tick box in the about land window that if ticked can enable privacy to the extent of restricting contact between avatars on and off the parcel. If you select this, anyone off your parcel won’t be able to see avatars on the parcel or see any local chat if they’re in range. Likewise, you won’t be able to see or ‘hear’ anyone outside your parcel. The parcel permission icon for this that appears at the top of your viewer is an eye symbol.
  8. I logged in at 10:16 SLT and saw there were problems so just stayed at home. So maybe others did the same. The ones that dropped off were people maybe trying to relog not knowing the reason for problems with inventory/rezzing/teleporting etc.
  9. So nice to have visitors, you are very welcome indeed
  10. As much as it would be a pain to move from a settled homestead, I'd be off like a shot if a landlord tried this with me. If your friend doesn't want to be without a homestead I'd suggest she keep an eye on other landlords property and as soon as her rent exceeds an available rent elsewhere, time to jump ship.
  11. I was looking to move one of my mainland properties from Satori to Sansara, so I would be able to travel to and from my land in Bellisseria. I found a parcel that suited me perfectly, and was very pleased to be able to use it exactly as I had hoped. I then bought the parcel next to it, and a day or so later, the rest of the parcels having been taken, I managed to get some abandoned land that one of the other purchasers had discarded having cut the size they wanted, which very conveniently adjoined mine. My initial 560 sqm parcel had now grown to 3360 sqm. My Belli Traditional was let go to make room on my tier, but I still have a camper. The mainland is once again my home though. There are only 5 other land owners on the region: 1 has over a quarter of the region, 2 others a quarter each, myself and 2 others have the remainder. As the region is very hilly (which really was an attraction for me), the other owners are in the sky, and the only other building on the ground is what looks to be a temporary building that the owner has now left having given up trying to landscape, and putting buildings in the sky. As the ground texture is rocky, I shall be able to indulge in some seasonal changes which is something that I enjoy seeing. The bottom group of buildings is a Priory, which was the first parcel. I then decided to get the next parcel and moved another of my builds, which was a remembrance garden, and made it into a proper chapel which seemed appropriate especially as the region name is Rosslyn. My house is then next to that. The neighbour's temp build can be seen at the bottom of the hill. Rosslyn Priory Rosslyn Chapel
  12. I wish you well with your new land! I still have a camper at Belli, though let my traditional house go as I wasn't using it and thought someone else would benefit from it. My main home is in Sansara (my owned land), but I also have rentals in Sansara, Heterocera and Jeogeot as I love having places I can travel to and spend time at. I'll be sure to wave if I see you in Heterocera as I travel around
  13. A very interesting thread, I've greatly enjoyed reading through it.
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