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  1. A great idea!!....... For the mainland. The Linden Homes, despite the popularity of Bellisseria with folks that have been in SL for many years, ARE considered by the Lindens as starter homes. This is the sort of thing that is a later stage than starter. I know that building components can be bought on MP, would be great to maybe see packs sold so that this sort of thing could be encouraged.... on the mainland.
  2. There really is a very wide time range for abandoned properties to become available, from seconds to hours. I have abandoned a property in the past and it took 16 and a half hours to go back into the system and get a new owner.
  3. Building under the houses would probably never be allowed, it really would have a detrimental effect upon the terrain around the house... and how do you change the area of the hole for each house design? I wouldn't want my garden to be on a prim cover. If you want a basement, best way to do it is to have an 'anywhere' style door that teleports you to a linked door and have your basement room in a skybox.
  4. As I mentioned in my earlier post, they have turned up on my mainland parcel too. Neither parcels are in the centre of the region. Having placed the list of names I have collected on my Bellisseria parcel's ban list they cannot enter at all now, and any that show up on my mainland parcel that aren’t on my list are added on my next login.
  5. I've been having these too... they appear under my staircase. I have an orb that deals with them, and as I always check my orb's log, I enter their names (after checking that they are the 'bots': nonsensical names; 1 of the 3 birth dates I've noticed they all seem to have; empty profile; no pymt info on file) I then add them to my parcel ban list, so they can't even appear there now to trigger the orb. I have a mainland parcel too, and some have been appearing over there. Needless to say, I do the same there.
  6. It would be lovely if the people that get them are into sand and a beachy theme.... Hopefully there'll be no 1024 sqm grass 'carpets' placed 😕 I wonder whether it would be possible for the Lab to have two categories of traditional home that would show up on the dashboard when looking to claim a Linden Home: 'Grass' and 'Sand'.
  7. Could the new mystery be railway tracks side by side?
  8. I think it's great seeing the Mer Folk thriving once again, and especially enjoy seeing them swim by as I boat around Bellisseria. May your shoal prosper!
  9. I’ve noticed a LOT of interest in trailer living in both the forums and the Bellisseria group chats, so I will be very surprised if they’re not all taken. If it turns out that they aren’t all taken, I think there’s a strong possibility that existing Bellisseria residents that have been holding off having a second home will then consider them to be ‘fair game’. I know that I would be tempted to then shed 512sqm of mainland holdings on my alt and have a go if I believed I wasn’t depriving another of a home. As for them being ‘very packed' on the map, I don’t see this as being a problem as I expect that the area will be as beautifully decorated as the other regions in Bellisseria. Also, after the initial uptake, we're very unlikely to see hordes of green dots on the region as you only have to look at the existing regions to see maybe 1 or 2 others being around at the same time (events and 'flash mobs' aside). I actually enjoy small parcel low LI living, and I don’t think I’m unique in this at all.
  10. Limitations of my viewer unfortunately... had it set to max distance. But the clue was in the title, as in 'The Pickle Has Landed' rather than 'A Bit of the Pickle Has Landed'
  11. The Pickle Has Landed Not showing on my world map, but the view east from Light of Aurelia is very pleasing indeed!
  12. There are a few things I always make room for, but ‘The One’ is a clock (preferably a Grandfather type) with a nice tick and a Westminster chime. I find it very soothing and comforting.
  13. It's a spurious system message that I thought I'd seen the end of. I, and a number of others were getting these messages back in April, and Patch looked into it and got them stopped. Unfortunately I too received one last night for the first time since it was fixed. It has nothing to do with your land settings as they cannot be changed anyway, it's just some legacy from when the restrictions to access change were put in place. @Patch Linden can you fix this for us again please?
  14. Yes, that was my initial thinking also, but someone posted that the object was called ‘Community Area placeholder’ in another thread. I am hoping that it is just being used as a spacer, although the idea that it may be boat trailer access from the land is a nice one.
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