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  1. It's a spurious system message that I thought I'd seen the end of. I, and a number of others were getting these messages back in April, and Patch looked into it and got them stopped. Unfortunately I too received one last night for the first time since it was fixed. It has nothing to do with your land settings as they cannot be changed anyway, it's just some legacy from when the restrictions to access change were put in place. @Patch Linden can you fix this for us again please?
  2. Yes, that was my initial thinking also, but someone posted that the object was called ‘Community Area placeholder’ in another thread. I am hoping that it is just being used as a spacer, although the idea that it may be boat trailer access from the land is a nice one.
  3. I think it’s just a spacer to keep the area clear during building for boats to access that parcel near the land once it’s all finished. I've just seen this on another thread so there goes my theory “The red circle prim is: "Community Area placeholder"“
  4. I like how the moles text is blue! Spooky... someone knew something
  5. *Puffs on his pipe whilst rocking on his porch* (No it's not a euphemism!) $350? Wow... I can remember when they were $1000
  6. I think you're misreading the intention in the price reduction of FULL regions. As the statement by LL said "That’s more savings than ever to build, create and design your own home, business or experience in Second Life." The saving is for the owner of the region, and says nothing about 'passing it on' to anyone, even if the sole reason for having the region is to lease parcels for rentals. The "commitment to improving the overall health of the Second Life economy" relates to their program of changes, they're not saying that the benefit received here HAS to be passed on. You said that you rent 2 homestead regions from this owner... they have not been reduced in price, and so certainly do not warrant any sort of imagined intended benefit of rent reduction. If you think you're being unfairly charged, shop around until you find the price you're happy to pay.
  7. I don’t think that this is as big an issue as is feared. My oldest av falls into the L$400 per week stipend, and I think it’s nice that my account is potentially rewarded for having been here so very long. I say ‘potentially’ as in the last 13 years that av has only been premium occasionally. I have other avs that don’t qualify for the higher stipend that have been premium more often and longer. The choice has been mine, and the decision has never been made in order to make money out of the situation. We’re unlikely to ever know what proportion of the current active premium accounts get the enhanced stipend, and I’m certainly not going to pluck a number out of the air, but I’d be very surprised if it was sizeable. Maybe it would also be surprising to see what the ratio of premium/basic is of these old accounts that are still active. It’s not ALWAYS about the money.... or maybe it IS, and I’m just odd.
  8. I fully agree! Stores are for the Mainland and Private regions - Not for Linden Homes! Now look what it has made me do... two exclamation marks in two sentences.... just resisted a third there I'm getting my placard ready now.....
  9. *Sits with his Monopoly set in front of him, a wad of Monopoly money in one hand, and a wad of L$ in the other* "Wouldn't it be great if like, this money was, like REAL!!" Err ... actually, the L$ CAN be exchanged for RL currency, as Blush said in the post above. This post is just to illustrate the point Blush made in the post quoted here
  10. This was brought up in one of the Bellisseria chats a few days ago, and Patch said 'No' at the moment... and hinted that something was coming at some point along these lines.
  11. When I look back on my 13 years of Second Living, I would say that land, the owning and renting of, has been the main theme for me. Whenever I’ve owned land, I’ve always disposed of it at a loss (apart from the sale of one parcel I acquired last week, and decided to let go in light of the premium rate increase in order to shed one of my premium accounts, and actually sold it for what I paid). The beauty of the Bellisseria build really HAS clipped my wings. I still own some mainland from a second premium account, but I very rarely go there now. I let the last of my rentals go too, as again, I now no longer need them. I greatly enjoy travelling around the new continent, and just looking in the garden of my house you’ll see my various modes of transport: an electric car (Eco man!!); an inflatable boat which will detach from its trailer and let me slide into the river); a Quad-Pro for flight; a bicycle; and a horse. When I’m not travelling I’m more than happy to sit in my Continental house. The whole environment here is exactly what I’ve been looking for over the years, and am so relieved to find what I believe to be my ‘keeper’ of a home. So, yes. I too now consider myself to be living in retirement. Who knows, I may even start ‘talking’ to people in world! Please do wave as you see the old guy with his toys, puttering around...
  12. Goodness I hope not! With boathouses in the mountains, trailers on the water and mountain cabins on the beach..... sounds like mainland!
  13. Bear in mind that it can take a few minutes to several hours (I have seen it take 16 and a half hours on one abandoned parcel) before an abandoned parcel is back in the system to be used again. If a large number of people are wanting to ‘re-roll’ to get a parcel more to their liking, you will get a huge number of parcels that are then taken out of circulation for several hours. That’s not going to go down well with people just wanting to be able to claim their ‘starter home’ regardless of location. It has never been stated as to why it takes various times for land to be available again. Maybe it has to done manually, and to have the number of re-rolls unlimited would just create more and more work for those that have to do it. Frankly, I find the idea that anyone would want to re-roll more than a couple of times disappointing. But people will always be looking to exploit a system to their own advantage as far as they can, and putting a limit upon it is the only way to keep control.
  14. It makes it very easy to know when you are the one abandoning it yourself
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