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  1. No, the landmass has deliberately been kept unattached to the rest of the continent so far, and so camming in is not possible.
  2. I like to think it’s more ‘Bellisseria continues’ than ‘2’.
  3. Or clapping on the doorstep which seems to be a new version
  4. Well you’re certainly ‘Having fun in Bellisseria’! Don’t apologise for sharing Take care and may your fun continue
  5. I resize all my furniture that can actually be modded in this way. I don’t mess with the animations other than to adjust the positions of each pose within the menu itself. After having adjusted them, I take the item back into inventory and can then place the item any time being both resized and position tweaked already.
  6. It was built June 2008 according to the wiki. (My silly iPad wont allow me to post a link ) I lived there VERY briefly a few years ago.
  7. Maybe whoever buys it will also want my brother’s 3D TV he’s selling
  8. It must be a new procedure, all I’ve ever done is to set up payment on each occasion I’ve made an account premium.
  9. It's all a question of timing. I've always just hit the refresh button occasionally whilst doing other things in between and have caught houses after just a handful of 'no shows'. This is the best thread to watch in terms of seeing when Victorian regions are released. You'll get no advance notice, you just have to be quick when someone points out that one has released. Again... timing. Good luck in your hunt and enjoy what has become known as 'The Game of Homes'.
  10. Don't let them run you out of SL RaeLee. AR, mute, block and just enjoy doing the things that please you here.
  11. GEMC is my first choice for vehicles. They have a facility to enable ‘bad roads fix’ and I find that driving in Bellisseria benefits greatly from having this switched on. (Please note: I am not saying that the roads in Bellisseria are ‘bad’, mesh has a history of not being as smooth to drive on as the old prims, this setting goes a long way to alleviate that).
  12. I like the split as it is now. The decor of the environment for the Victorians is different to the Traditionals, and I think that should continue. Trads and Houseboats work well together, and I think Campers and HBs on a sandy area would also work. Where Trads and Campers share a region currently, I like the separation of area just as it is.
  13. I still have my camper, it is perfect as my holiday home. Rachel (my alt), was very encouraged by some of the homes seen in this and the abandons thread and withdrew her 1024 donation to my land group to have a dabble in The Game of Homes. She landed a very nicely located trad late Saturday night in Deermoor. I took a leisurely balloon flight from the camper in Wiggle to view it yesterday. I loved the street view, and the fact that it has a railway platform nearby, but cannot see myself utilising it to the extent it deserves so it went back into the pool. Late last night Rachel landed a superbly located 32x32 region edge (west view) houseboat in Hunky Dory. I CAN see that getting some use, so the Loonetta is placed for some sailing, and I may even decorate the place too!
  14. Welcome to ‘The Game of Homes’! There is nothing you can do to influence what you receive other than being able to choose the theme of the house itself. Be encouraged that houses now become available much more frequently. Good luck with your search
  15. So glad to hear you were able to do it! Must be very nerve-wracking if you really like the parcel.
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