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  1. For future reference, and not necessarily together, but certainly on their own in any part of a post made by me, is indicative of a joke/jest.
  2. I wonder why they're going to do it this way? I can't help but think they're going to get inundated with: "Oh hello Mr Mole...." <insert request here to move your hedge/wall and other landscaping miscellany that is already quite clearly stated in the covenant as NOT being allowed> "OH! A MOLE! Are you really a mole?" "Oy! Moley.... ain't it finished yet?" "MOLE!!!! I wanna bear!!!" "Still not finished? Get the lead out mate!!!" "I've got a suggestion....."
  3. As has been discussed elsewhere, the absence of furniture is not a reliable indicator of whether a parcel is owned or not. By far the best way to see the current state of a parcel (and not 'stumbling' upon a person's porn stash) is to right click on the land itself and look at the 'About Land' window. You'll see the owner quite clearly there.
  4. Are they still around? I know there used to be a good size community, and I loved exploring their regions, but I hardly ever see one now. Some people have made cafes and pubs of their homes. I’ve been to at least 2 of each... the pubs several times
  5. My cat seems to have run off lately... I wonder if they’re running together?
  6. But I guess the warning is sufficient if they see you raising a shotgun and hear you growl “Get off my land!” But seriously, you do make a very good point. I have to admit though, if I ever stumble on a region that has the heart monitor active (the symbol that denotes that safety has been deactivated) I don’t hang around.
  7. I’d not want to see show homes in Bellisseria. It’s a residential area. Nor do I wish to see any vendors. If I want to go shopping, I’ll go to the stores elsewhere. The Parade of Homes is nice, it gives people ideas, and shows the creative flair of residents taking pride in their homes. As there are no vendors, and from what I gather (I’ve not been to any of these places) not even any signage promoting any stores, how are these displays any different from the Parade displays? Why should a creator of furniture be exempt from displaying their home and creativity purely because they have a store elsewhere? And if a home owner favours a particular creator in their choice furniture, and enters their home in the Parade, can that then be deemed to be an advert? I have a car outside my house. I favour the builder, and have mentioned his brand several times in chat when people enquire as to what cars are suitable for the roads in Bellisseria. Is having the car in front of my house advertising? Where does it stop? I believe that commerce as mentioned in the covenant, is the buying and selling of items/services. Therefore... No vendors. No tip jars. No rentals. Nothing that involves the transfer of funds, in these Linden Homes regions, that make up the continent of Bellisseria.
  8. Glad to hear you got one! This latest release of water homes was an extra release in order to try and cater to the overwhelming demand for them as shown in the first release of both types. I would imagine that it was done in the best way possible, to get the most out, in the quickest time, whilst still being 'in theme'. As more releases come around, within the original plan, I'm sure they'll be just as well thought out and designed as the first release. And as more and more become available, so the opportunity to 're roll' and get a home in an area more to your liking increases.
  9. The prim size has been updated in the current covenant:
  10. I keep my privacy off, I like to see people travel by, and I'm certainly happy for them to see me especially if I'm sitting in my garden. But I have no problem with people that keep their privacy on. I have a family that live next door, they seem to meet up at a certain time of the day, but I've never seen any of them. They keep to their parcel, and as it's private I cannot tell if they're in their garden. But should they ever take the privacy off, or come off their parcel, I shall be happy to wave and greet them in a neighbourly fashion. But in the meantime, I respect their privacy and leave them to it.
  11. I guess I lived on the mainland too long... I love to see the pristine landscape here, and would hate to see it spoiled even for a few hours
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