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  1. Having the LL orb set to group does not create ban lines on a parcel. Orb settings and parcel settings are different. You CAN select group only access on an orb, but NOT on the LH parcel setting (which is the selection that creates ban lines for everyone else). Yes, I saw that you had set your LevelGuard to NOT have group only access in Bellisseria, I was just trying to be helpful and point out that that is not an issue, and that the LL orb does allow a group only setting.
  2. The group only access is handy to have, and is much easier to set than entering a load of names on a whitelist. Although land cannot be deeded to group within Bellisseria, a group can be set on the land. The LL Bellisseria orb has a group access setting.
  3. The map can take up to three days to update. But as you rightly say, it’s just the ghost of a region that has been moved.
  4. The fact that you are crashing so much would be a major cause for your problem with your changes not saving. This has always been a problem, not a fault of the uplift. I do understand how frustrating it is, and in order to prevent it, whenever I make a change to any item I detach it, wait a few seconds and then reattach it again. This should then save the change, and in the event of a crash (which prevents the changes updating that occur during a normal logging out process) the save will already have been made. I have followed this practice for many years, and it does seem to work fo
  5. I can still remember the mentor who helped me back in 2006. I think it was a wonderful system.
  6. Initially the Linden Home Orb was a higher LI than the ones that most people use and so Patch stated in the forum* that the others could be used as long as they complied with the covenant. But he also pointed out that that practice would be reviewed if they didn’t comply. The LL orb has for some time now been as low LI as the others, if complaints are still forthcoming maybe that review will be following. *Penultimate paragraph of initial post
  7. Ah yes, I was a regular visitor to her store! Was Gurl6 the store name? I’ll have to raid my original av’s inventory and see if I still have any items from back then.
  8. Trad, Camper, Stilt on Land, Stilt on Water, and Chalet on the page now
  9. I think they would possibly get more applicants with the ‘Daddy’ type names
  10. Bellisseria Houseboats are 1024 sqm, the only 512 sqm are Campers. There's a new community on the east of Sea of Fables, which was still building when I last looked but they were offering rentals, so might be a good place to look @Tony Giffen
  11. I’ve seen this from my own parcels from time to time. Usually they go once the owner has decorated their parcel. 🤞
  12. I shall make sure to at least wave if I see you on my travels
  13. Hi Juliett. When I have managed an estate in the past it was set up pretty much as you have done so. Only tenants received rez rights by being in the group and MOST people had no problem sticking with their prim allowance and on their own parcels. Each parcel should have all the people that are allowed to rez there on the Casper list for that meter, and that will then let them, and you, know how they are doing with regard to their limit. However, you will need to monitor the prims on the parcel by going to each and checking the about land objects tab, and then making sure that the only pe
  14. The chalets are still being rolled out, so until they've all been taken they will appear on the available page. This is the usual situation as each theme is released. Cabin and camper regions are released periodically too (some nice coastal regions still in development).
  15. Sister Nova swoops in for the purchase whilst Sylvia and Ingrid arm wrestle
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