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  1. Do be aware that if you own both your Linden Home and the abandoned property at the same time, even if it is just for a few minutes, you will be charged the tier rate for the total amount of land held for that month.
  2. This is the last blog post and details the new additions to the original list. There is a link in that post to see the names that were taken out, and then a link in THAT post to see the original offerings in their entirety. It might actually be easier to click through the process and be able to see the current list, but maybe there is a list somewhere.
  3. Some of the names offered from the original batch have been replaced once so far. The ones they took out were not good at all and really did need to go. I changed mine when they were first offered and settled on the one that I felt would do me for now as none really grabbed me, but my original name needed to go as it was prone to being misspelled, and had seemed like a good idea for my av at the time, but times change of course. I have to admit, ‘Nova’ has really grown on me and for me to change again seems very unlikely unless one of a handful of dream names were to suddenly be made avai
  4. With object entry set to everyone, providing the vessel is within the prim limit of the parcel then it should be fine until the auto return kicks in. I believe that regional available prims will only work on land deeded to, and thus owned by a group. The parcels have two separate owners even if the group is set the same on both. I’ve never tested this, so am prepared to be proved wrong but I’m pretty sure it’s the owner that’s the unifying agent.
  5. Unfortunately this started pretty much as soon as LL made the announcement that there were no new regions being made available until the cloud migration was complete. It’s bad enough that some are looking to profit from the “But I want a region NOW!!” market, but what I found even more distasteful are the barons that hiked the price for existing tenants
  6. Sorry to hear that things don’t work well for you there. But in the spirit of fairness I have to say I have never experienced a problem there. I’ve had several homes over the period it has been open and have travelled the continent extensively by road, rail, sea and air. I guess the expression ’your mileage may vary’ has to be kept in mind and anyone considering upgrading to a premium account should spend some time there first to see how it plays for them before making the financial commitment.
  7. Rezzing is any time you are taking something from your inventory and placing it in world. Even the act of creating a prim block in build mode involves the block actually rezzing in world.
  8. Even better news Bob... if you calculate using 4 weekly cycles for a year you get 13, so £8.67*13 = £112.71 ... Huzzah!
  9. There are quite a few of us that have numerous premium alts in order to have more than one Linden Home. The fact that these people are doing the same but preferring to be on the same region is really little difference, just more noticeable.
  10. Yes, I’ve also heard of a few cases where this has happened. If filing a ticket doesn’t get the job done, if it’s that important to you I would look to move to a parcel that already has the kind of road access you are looking for. A lot of my parcel purchases/rentals have been based purely on their road access alone.
  11. Very good points made here.... likewise for me the big draw for premium is the ability to own land. Just a small point to amend: On the new Linden Homes, only the campers are 512 m2, the houseboats are all 1024 m2 at the moment.
  12. Something is only ever worth what someone will pay for it, and even then it might only ever be worth it for that one person. If the item is exactly what you’re looking for, is it then worth it to you? Also, at that price you can be fairly sure you’re not going to run into many, if any, others wearing it too. The only thing that would bother me, is to pay the L$1000 and then discover that seller then reduced it to L$300 a short time later
  13. My point was the fact that in abandoning the parcel the permissions changed, and they stay on that setting when they're taken on by a new owner. As a parcel isn't set to group when a person takes it on, in this instance it would be as good as the scripts being blocked. As the person didn't know to look at the permissions, they certainly wouldn't have set up a group in order to be able to take advantage of the group only permission. And the person to which I was originally replying didn't know about the permissions setting. I took another parcel to screen shot the settings when taken by a
  14. Just abandoned my LH trailer... land permissions got changed so that it's now no script.
  15. On the bright side... I hope you have great fun with your new land
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