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  1. They're really shooting themselves in the foot in this case.... the item being advertised is all too easily overlooked and all the attention is on how good the skin looks.
  2. “Arf, Arf, he goes, a merry sightOur little hairy friendArf, Arf, upon the lampost brightArfing round the bend.” John Lennon
  3. Oh yes, December 1st is the earliest I’ll even consider putting up decorations in SL... in RL it doesn’t usually happen until Dec 24th!
  4. I'm glad to see that you're enjoying the GoH! Please be aware that Houseboats have historically been VERY sought after and thus hard to find. Seeing them on the LH page is usually a rarity. This may well change once the stilts are released, but at the moment I'd hate for you to reroll a Houseboat only for you not to be able to get another one for some time.
  5. Looks to contain all the known Linden Homes: OL Stilts running top to bottom on the left side; OW Stilts across the top line; Log cabins on the second line; Victorians on the third: Ooo... a gap...watch that space!; Trailers on the next line; Next Trads; and finally Houseboats. There's another handy spot to watch running top to bottom next to the OL Stilts.
  6. Yes they are... the tweet you posted is an update. Nothing is happening at the moment.
  7. Hopefully things will be better for you after the profile maintenance later today. https://secondlife-status.statuspage.io/incidents/ywppbthzs4ds
  8. @Squeaky Mole We seem to have a problem at Hawkesblood station. I have tried a few times to rez a train and travel west to the older part of Bellisseria. The signals are green but if you try to go the train flips and points to the newer area where the lights are flashing amber to indicate it's still being worked on. Travelling to the newer area is no problem despite the signals. I tried another train which didn't flip, but it cut the drive and gave the following message in chat: Infinity Freight Quarry Train v1.0: No track guide detected As I started writing this an Infinity tr
  9. The Linden Homes are starter homes, so if you’re wanting more prims and greater flexibility in building design and location, it’s time to move to the Mainland.
  10. If you are referring to the Dashboard friends list, you will see them in green if they have enabled you to see their location on the world map. If you hover your cursor over the name you'll probably see the region name and co-ordinates for their location in a floating box to the bottom left of the window (depending upon the browser you're using).
  11. If you can attract people to live in your community that want to actually be a part of the community itself, rather than just wanting to stay on their parcel in a pretty neighbourhood, I think you’ll find that they will be happy to take on a job just for the joy of doing so.
  12. Check your L$ transaction history on your dashboard, that’ll show any movement in or out of your balance.
  13. Are you talking about a display name? Account second names (and first names) have only been changeable this year so how could you have changed it over three years ago?
  14. Do be aware that if you own both your Linden Home and the abandoned property at the same time, even if it is just for a few minutes, you will be charged the tier rate for the total amount of land held for that month.
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