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  1. Auto return can be set to return items after a specified amount of time or left at zero in order that nothing is returned. The parcels default to zero so you should be fine. You can keep track of the people that have items rezzed on your parcel and the count of their land impact by using the ‘about land’ window. Get to know the various tabs of that window and it will help you immensely
  2. I’ve noticed that this has happened whenever I’ve requested to purchase a piece of abandoned land. When the parcel is prepared for sale the landscape is reverted by the Linden setting it up. In the last region I bought some, the original landscape differed quite a bit to the rest of the parcels resulting in a pit. It was no effort to blend it in again once I purchased it, but it was encouraging to realise that the evolution of the region over the years was actually a good one.
  3. Stick to the public land and you'll have no problem
  4. The horror story I related in the link you posted above was the parcel I had before coming to the one you show in the picture. I loved this parcel as I had always wanted to have land near to your town where I have had MANY rentals I'm so sorry to see the end of Greater Coniston, and my rented brown house in the top picture.
  5. Unfortunately, it happened to me. I had a beautiful location in a rocky, hilly area of Sansara, and my immediate neighbours all had sizeable parcels but preferred to live up in the sky. I placed some lovely old houses with a church and considered that I had contributed something to the area that would be pleasing for anyone to see that might come across this pretty much isolated location. One parcel adjoining one side of my own went up for sale and the new owner placed a huge skybox on the ground. It loomed over the cottage that was my home and completely ruined my outlook. Why do people do th
  6. The neighbourhood does look especially magical in the night time setting. If that is to be the default for the theme once released it is easy to set the environment to your preference on your own parcel. I have one of my homes set to mimic my RL time zone with a 24 hour day and GMT. It’s lovely to mirror my sitting after dark with subdued lighting with the addition of a ticking grandfather clock that soothes me whilst reading.
  7. It is a pun on the name of the prog rock band Emerson, Lake and Palmer
  8. The campers were revealed at SL16B but according to Patch's release thread they weren't available until 17th September that year. Hard to know for sure what sort of run in time is needed, especially with the comment that the houses are unfinished as yet.
  9. Don’t forget the large airport at the southern end of Sansara too! The airstrips are perfect for Bellisseria, and with all the water around you can land a seaplane or a helicopter with floats pretty much anywhere.
  10. Looks fairly dark... no windows shown... underground perhaps?
  11. SSPE1187A looks like it may be the build for the region that is now Altberg.
  12. Yes, non residents and also residents that use all their LI allowance for furnishings a decorations. The rez zone is also handy for larger vehicles.
  13. It’s an alt of the OP. They push this subject in various places
  14. Profile picks are a good place to check, especially if the person is wanting to get their 'RP sim out there'.
  15. It gives the contact in the Get The Freight Out group charter.
  16. When Bellisseria was first created the original build was still in the SSP area. The pickle was evident there as part of the layout to come and the squishy pickle was made from that and was placed to the south west of the SSP landmass. I remember laughing when Patch threw us a curve ball with the squishy pickle actually being placed to the top right of the actual continent as it was then. The rest of the pickle build was eventually copied across afterwards as the continent then grew to the limit of the SSP layout.
  17. Most of the AO huds have a specific button that turns on and off the sit override. Some will always be switched on whenever you log in (part of the loading process) and others will remember your last setting. I always turn the sit override off whenever I log in. I then don't have to think about it anymore until I log in again, or decide to switch it on in order to use it. It was particularly handy when a lot of furniture didn't have animations already installed. If you're going to sail your boat or fly or drive in vehicles I would always suggest that you detach your AO hud if you are goin
  18. Most people that travel will have come across map boards that give out textures of continental maps in various places. This is the most famous by Carl Metropolitan.
  19. The teleport co-ordinates that the map gives when obtaining a Linden Home only state the X and Y part, the Z (altitude) seems to default to 0 or 2. If you have a land house this isn't a problem as it will put you on the ground level, although depending on the house that is already selected on the parcel I have ended up under the staircase on a few occasions. With water houses, the ground level is of course under the water, so that is where you'll end up. If you use the world map instead of the website link and copy the co-ordinates onto that and input the Z co-ordinate as 22 you should end up
  20. The whole of the continental landmass that is situated beneath Sansara, above Jeogeot, and reaching north eastward up to the southern tip of Satori is all Bellisseria, and with more themes yet to be added it will be growing even more.
  21. POST have a couple that I don't believe are covered in your list. I initially went to get this link for you being one that I have used myself on numerous occasions.... https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/POST-Gnesen-Farm-Sheds/4251552 ... and then discovered that they do this one too that may be more what you have in mind (though I haven't ever actually used it myself). https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/POST-Holopaw-Shack/6660107
  22. Wind power!! Something has to supply the energy for 'full brights' and lights!
  23. You certainly would..... 'Norwegian Wood'?
  24. Sure the Borg may be out there, but I’ve always been more hopeful that there would be a benign ‘Federation of Planets’. 🖖
  25. Yes, vehicles can enter a parcel with no available prim allowance, I entered a full parcel with my car just yesterday, and even loitered for a few minutes. If the driver stands the vehicle would then disappear regardless of the land settings, but passing through is no problem at all. A full region is a different matter, a vehicle would not be able to enter.
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