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  1. hello to all I am Luna. I landscape around the SL grid to help bring happiness to others who would love a new vision outside there windows. I charge fair prices and i am always willing to negotiate . IM me anytime for any information on my projects or if you would like your land done. I work with all size lands!
  2. i know a few great places ! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ponsonby/-103/-56/41 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Star Gleam/170/77/33 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Playa de Olas/34/103/23 These are all fun places that last link is a golf course
  3. Namaste, How would you all like to come spend some time relaxing, letting go of the hard weeks energies Let us all get together for refreshments games and some Yoga to help release our minds. Refreshments will be served on the house, lets all socialize & relax Feel free to Join my• Lu's Yoga and Poetry• Group for more information UBER RIDE http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Emyniad/118/247/52
  4. I AM HAVING Grand Opening to THE WAREHOUSE on Friday Sept 4th 2020 !! The warehouse is a place to turn up on the weekends and even sometimes on hump day! I have a few Djs but I AM LOOKING To HIRE more DJs! If you are a Dj or you know a Dj IM me as soon as you can! after we speak and discus things I'm sure I'll hire you ! Mostly looking for Djs who are open to the genres : Hip Hop, R&B , Pop, Oldies (Motown) Rap, Trap, reggae & Soca All Djs welcome! IM me vamparia1 resident or message me on FB Drop on down Join the Group Explore & Experience ! For more info o
  5. just tired of exploring the awesome adventures of second life alone , IM me if ya wanna hang out hug n love
  6. Hey ya'll ! 🥰 Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Luna Lu here and willing to turn your blank land into your dream paradise! 🌾🌺🌼 Are you tired of looking on onto that boring blank land with maybe a few default tress in the distance?... Do you love nature and wish to look out to a water fall scene? Whelp! I am just the landscaper for you! I am affordable, fast ans accurate! I Feel to message me here or in world via note card so i can insure i receive your messages. I can complete your garden space within a day! Here are my Prices Below: These are estimate pri
  7. I am working on blueprints for homes here in SL and i a looking for a talented interior decorator who would like to work with me in this future business. I am already a landscaper on sl but now i've expand to building homes.
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